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Lehrer One-Name study

While attempting to locate further information on my direct ancestor Jacob Lehrer, I have looked at a lot of information on assorted Lehrer families and as such, for a number of years I have been doing a poorly executed one-name study for the Lehrer name. The intention of this page is to identify assorted Lehrer families and in the process I hope that some Lehrer researchers will be able to link into other family lines.

All records I could find of the Lehrer name up till the end of the 1600's have been put into WeRelate. There appear to be some records of births and then marriages which could be the same people but without a clear connection I have not connected them. Where I suspect links I will put that information on the relevant pages.

My focus is to include all information from the first recordings of the Lehrer name through to 1900 but that will not be achieved quickly.

More Lehrer information

Lehrer's not living in Germany are familiar with the question, "did you know that in german your last name means teacher?" Further information on the Lehrer name can be found on the Lehrer surname page.

Only the furthest back known ancestor of any Lehrer families are listed on this page. What that means for your Lehrer research is that if your research goes back far enough your ancestors are possibly on WeRelate however someone has connected them to their parents and possibly further. Hopefully as this project moves forward and yours moves backwards, further connections will be discovered.

There are a few other websites with specific information for different Lehrer families some of which correspond to families which are listed on WeRelate and others which are not here yet. There is a lot of information on these sites which can be added to WeRelate.

Gershon Lehrer's webtree and link to his blog.

Descendants of Hersh Lehrer by Neil Emmer

Family information by Chick Lehrer Descendants of Johannes Lehrer.

Avi Lehrer's Descendant Tree of Yosef Yehuda Lehrer

Ruben Lehrer by Nona Orbach

Lehrer families from Poland from www.geshergalicia.org

Google Map

This Google map shows the location of the first known ancestors for the earliest recordings of the Lehrer surname.

The map has colour coded pins to show different time periods,

- Yellow before 1600, 
- Light Blue between 1600 and 1650 
- Dark Blue between 1651 and 1700 

The map still needs a lot of work to be done for the time period between 1651 and 1700.

Based on this map the Lehrer's came from the Rhineland and then spread mostly into Wurrtemburg before dispersing elsewhere.

Before 1600

There are not many known recordings of the Lehrer surname before 1600. All known recordings are all located in close proximity to each other in lands either side of the Rhine river.

Strasbourg - Horborg

Johannes Lehrer 1549 - 1616 From Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, he died in Horborg, Haut-Rhin, Alsace. With the Alsace location it is possible that later, known families throughout the Rhineland are related to, or descended from Johannes.

Landau, Pfalz, Bavaria

Georg Lehrer and Sibilla About 1575

Hanss Lehrer and Anna Schnurren About 1590

While I have not uncovered a clear connection between the above, early Lehrer families From Pfalz, Bavaria, it is highly likely that they are all related and there is also a possibility that they are all related to the Hanss Lerer and Anna as they all attended the same church for baptisms and weddings.

Hornberg, Baden, Germany

Johann Lehrer Born about 1596 Married 1631

1600 - 1650

Remember that during this time, particularly around, todays southern German states where the majority of recorded Lehrer family events where occurring, the thirty years war (1618-1648) was being fought and Lehrer's spread throughout Wurrtemburg.

Hanss Lehrer and Margaretha 1602. Their son Johannes Wolfgangus was christened in Sindelfingen, Wurrtemburg.

Ulrich Lehrer and Barbara Zillenbaur 1603. Marriage in 1628, Bayern, Germany

Matthias Lehrer and Eva 1604 - 1696 From Reichenbach, Bayern, Germany

Jacob Lehrer His daughter Catharina Lehrer married in Tenningen in 1624.

Hanss Lehrer His daughter Catharina married in Esslingen in 1638.

Petrus Lehrer 1632 - 1688 Glöckelberg

Bartholomaeus Lehrer The son of Bartholomaeus Lerer married in Wurrtemburg in 1668.

Petrus Lehrer and Catharina 1643 Their son Matthaeus was christened in 1643 in Peterswalde, however I am not certain that I have located the correct Peterswalde.

Margaretha Lehrer 1639 - 1690 Margaretha's married name was Edler and she was a widow when she died in Altenstadt.

Daniel Lehrer and Elisabeth Their daughter Anna Elisabeth was christened in Stuttgart in 1647

Jacob Lohrer and Ursula Jacob and Ursula had a daughter, Barbara Lehrer born in Fitzlingen in 1648 and married in Erdmansweiler in 1659.

Hanss Lehrer and Anna Hanss and Anna's children were christened in Neunstetten throughout the 1640's and 1650's.

1650 - 1700

A large number of germanic Lehrer families around the world today can trace their origins to families within this time period. A lot of work is still required for this time period but the four families on the map are listed here.

Hanss Lehrer and Anna Fleug Hanss and Anna had a number of children christened in Deufringen during the 1650's and into the 1660's.

Mattheus Lehrer and Anna Catharina Margaretha 1654 - 1721, School master in Otisheim, Germany.

Jacob Lehrer and Ursula 1658 - 1722 Jacob and Ursulla had a son named George.

Birkenwald, Bas-Rhin, France

Jacob Lehrer and Elisabeth Hennau 1670 - 1729 From Birkenwald, Bas-Rhin, France. This line moves into Dabo, France and is reasonably well documented.

Christianus Lehrer and Eva Riedinger About 1670 It seems likely that Jacob (above) and Christianus were related. They both ended up living in Birkenwald, Bas Rhin with their families.

Source:Stammbaum der Lehrer This very relevant source document is listed as, Descendants of Jacob Löhrer, fl. 1660 in Dachtel, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Descendants (Lehrer) lived in Calw.

1700 - 1750

1750 - 1800

Johann Lehrer and Katharina Wolf About 1823 From Deckenpfronn, Schwarzwald, Wuerttemberg, Germany

After 1800

It is going to be a long time befoe I focus on the time period after 1800 because of how much work is still required in the previous time periods and also the number of Lehrer's then gets rather large and it will be a massive task to be considered after I retire in 30 or 40 years. At the moment the pages listed with the furthest back, known Lehrer relative being in this time period have been added to WeRelate by other people and so they are listed here to help other Lehrer family researchers.

Mordechai Lehrer and Sara Landau About 1900 - World War II. A Jewish family from Poland.