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  • Polish Letter Writing Guide - This guide is for researchers who do not speak Polish but must write to Poland for genealogical records. It includes a list of sentences you would use in a letter about genealogical records and Polish translations of these sentences.
  • Jewish Records Indexing-Poland - Searchable database of indices to 19th century Jewish vital records from current and former territories of Poland.
  • Genealogy & Poland - A guide for researching your family's history dating back to different times and places in contemporary Poland.
  • Debica (Dembitsa), Poland, The Shtetl - A memorial monument for the Jews who lived and died in the Shtetl Debica (Dembica-Dembitz) near Krakow, Poland.
  • PolishRoots - PolishRoots covers all areas that were historically part of the Polish Commonwealth, from the 16th through the 18th centuries, throughout the years of partitions by Prussia, Russia, and Austria, through its rebirth in 1918, subsequent domination during World War II and post-War occupation, to its present freedom and struggle for independence through the latter 20th Century.