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I am a Luxembourg-American (with Dutch-Irish roots) in Germany. I am passionate about genealogy and am working towards becoming a professional genealogist. I am a volunteer with and thoroughly enjoy my work there. I gladly do record look ups for Germany and Luxembourg as well as give general advice.

I also work with the project headed by Georges Eicher. He created a website and set up the project to transcribe Luxembourg records (starting with the North) and, through three distinct phases, link all birth, marriage, and death records to create one big family tree. The project includes bordering towns and counties in today's Belgium and Germany. The project is centered on the Diekirch canton of Northern Luxembourg and does not include records from Luxembourg City (due to a shortage of volunteers). If you're interested in helping out, let me know! :) We're always looking for more volunteers.

I'm new to this site and hope to help it grow and become a success. If you have any questions about Luxembourg or German genealogy, I'd love to help. :)

I have proven my lines to the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, England, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Native America, and the Netherlands.

According to the surnames, I probably have ancestry from the following additional countries: Finland, France, Norway, Scotland, Wales.

My Brick Walls

I'm looking for the parents of Benjamin F. Caldwell, b. abt. 1823 in Illinois.

Also looking for his wife and her death date/place: Lydia, b. abt. 1832 in Ohio. Family legend says her last name was Hendrieux, but we have not been able to substantiate this. Some researchers believe her last name to have been Hendrick or Hendryx. Again, I have not seen a source as of yet.

My Great-Great-Grandparents


Arthur Reed Smith, b. 1890 in Massachusetts. Later changed his name to MacGregor. Mostly English.

Doris A. Ketchum, b. 1897 in Michigan. Mostly English.

Edward John Klontz, b. 1896 in Minnesota. Both parents from Luxembourg.

Suzanne Marie Bastien, b. 1896 in France. Unsure of ancestry; supposedly French and French Canadian

Peter Christian Bøye, b. 1873 in Denmark, changed his name to Boyd. Both parents from Denmark.

Johanne Frederikke Hesselberg, b. 1888 in Denmark. Both parents from Denmark.

William Sherman Friend, b. 1904 in Washington. Supposedly Swedish and Native American with some German, English, and Scottish.

Jóhanna Rósenkranza Hafliðason, b. 1908 in Canada, passed away 2008. Both parents from Iceland.


Robert Henry Powers, b. 1883 in Pennsylvania. Irish and French Canadian with some English.

Mable Clara Conover, b. 1887 in Washington. Dutch, English, and supposedly Norwegian.

J. J. "Jack" Feeney, b. 1887 in Nebraska. All grandparents from Ireland.

Ethel Jessie Moore, b. 1896 in Colorado. Unsure what ancestry: probably English/Scottish.

Thomas Emmett Thurston, b. 1869 in Missouri. Mostly English and Scotch-Irish.

Mary Myrtle Slater, b. 1882 in Missouri. Unsure of paternal ancestry: mother's family German.

Izaak Pieter Nicolaas, b. 1889 in the Netherlands. Both parents from the Netherlands.

Adriana Uiterlinden, b. 1885 in the Netherlands. Both parents from the Netherlands.

My Main Lines

My Luxembourg line starts with Johann "John" Klontz who emigrated around 1888 from Binsfeld, Luxembourg to Iowa. This line goes back to parts of Belgium and Germany that, at one time, belonged to Luxembourg.

My main Dutch line is the St. Nicolaas line. Around the turn of the nineteenth century the "St." (Sint) was dropped from the name making it just Nicolaas. My earliest ancestor is Teunis Pietersz St. Nicolaas from Barendrecht. The family probably came from the village of St. Niklaas in today's Flemish Belgium and thus got the name St. Nicolaas.