Jansen in Gramsbergen, Overijssel, Netherlands

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Gramsbergen, Overijssel, Netherlands


In this farmhouse called Evers in De Oldenhof close to Gramsbergen lived Jan Evers (1744-1836) in about 1780/1790. Foto was taken in 1975.

In 1811 when due to the reorganisation of the vital records-administration all Dutch heads of families had to register their official familyname as from that time. Jan Evers (1744-1836) had from 2 marriages at least 6 living children in that year. All took the familyname Evers or Everts except the second son from his first wife, living in Staphorst, Overijssel, Netherlands who took the name Van Der Haar. From both marriages there were two sons called Hendrik. I suppose, to distinguish between the both of them, the second one was called Hendrik Jansen instead of Hendrik Evers. So all descendents of Hendrik Jansen (1789-1852) bear the familyname Jansen.

Further, the full cousin of Jan Evers, Jan Alberts (1751-1828) took Van Der Haar as familyname.

And another full cousin Zwier Gerrits (1767-1825) had as familyname Kiefte due to the name of his father's farm.

The common grandfather of these cousins was Jan Everts (1683-bef 1769). His father was Evert Hendriks Haarman (ca1650 - aft 1718) and there we see the name Haarman or Van Der Haar back.

All male descendents should have been named Van der Haar, but after 1811 they were called: Van der Haar, Evers, Everts, Jansen and Kiefte. All one family

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