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              ===JIM TARBET===

My Tarbet line immigrated to the colonies from Ayr, Ayrshire Parish, Scotland,and starts with HUGH born 1667 Ayr Scotland, and his son Hugh the Elder also born Ayr, Ayrshire Parish, Scotland. The Tarbets resided first in PENNSYLVANIA, owning land, Taking part in community affairs, and were occasionally involved in public offices. TARBET'S were involved in every major conflict of this country from the French-Indian war, the revolutionary war, Civil War all the way up to and including the current conflict in Afganistan. Over the years the spelling of the name has been transcribed as TARBET, TORBETT, TORBET, TORBITT, AND TORBIT,and other less used variations. The Tarbet's migrated out of the North East heading west into OHIO, ILLINOIS and points further west, and others headed south into VIRGINIA, and the CAROLINAS before turning West to MISSOURI, ARKANSAS, ALABAMA, and TEXAS. Their westward movement did not stop until they came to the Pacific Ocean, and TARBET's are found in CALIFORNIA, ORAGON and WASHINGTON STATE.

RELIGION IN the early years the TARBETS were Presbyterians, then over the years we find TARBETS as Methodists, Baptists, Quakers, Mormans, and other religeous groups. The TARBET clan has been extensively studied, Researched and written about over the years. And because of their involvement in their communities, states and country have left Plentiful records of their existance and activities for future researchers to find.