Mullender in Dongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands

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Dongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands

During the French occupation around 1795 two brothers: Albert Engberts and Pijbe Engberts both were working at different sawmills around Dokkum, and also in Groningen. Albert Engberts joined the Dutch fleet in about 1795 and never came back again. His three sons were left home. One died young, the other died in the Napoleon wars and the third, Tjipke Alberts stayed in Friesland and settled in Morra. I never found a record where he should have taken Mullender as his official Name, but in the official records his children were called: van der Meulen, Meulenaar, Mulder and Mullender. So the name Mullender survived. Today there are only a few families left. There is no connection with British, French and American families called Mullender.

Pijbe Engberts went to Groningen and lived also a few years in Halte-Vellage, close to the Ems-River in Germany. His children are called De Vries.


Sape Tjipkes Mullender (1835-1918) with his granddaughter Sjoerdje Wissiena Mullender (1911-2000)

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