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Early Settlers listed in alphabetical order, with Hildebrand map location (if located), date of acquisition (from Hildebrand map or Chalkley's reference) and other identifying information from Chalkley's (if referenced), and some include link to WeRelate family:


Gabriel Alexander (Beverley Manor, 423 acres in Beverley Manor, 27 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's), (b. bef. 1720, d. bef. 6 March 1779, Augusta County, Virginia), is a brother of James Alexander (listed below) may be related in some way (perhaps a cousin) to Robert Alexander, listed below. More research is necessary.

James Alexander (Beverley Manor NE, 819 acres in Beverley Manor, 27 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's) (b. est. 1715-1725, prob. Ireland, d. 1778, Augusta County, Virginia), brother of Gabriel Alexander, above.

Robert Alexander (Beverley Manor SW, 314 acres, 1747), (b. 1710, d. Nov. 1783, Augusta County, VA), son of William Alexander, married Esther Beard.

George Anderson (Beverley Manor NE, 411 acres, 1740), (b. abt. 1710, Ireland, d. 1788, Augusta County, VA), m. Elizabeth Crawford (abt. 1710-1788). George was a son of John Anderson and Margaret (unknown), and brother of John, William and James Anderson, who also migrated to Augusta County.

Rev. James Anderson (Beverley Manor NE, 1000+ acres, 1738), (b. 17 Nov. 1678, Glascow, Scotland, d. 16 July 1740), received a grant of 1,000+ acres (some sources claim the grant was from the Governor of Virginia), which was surveyed in late 1738. Rev. Anderson died shortly after the grant in 1740, and it is unclear if his children every took possession or possibly sold the property back to William Beverley, because 945 acres of this same land were later granted from William Beverley to Robert Moody (473 acres) and John Frazier (472 acres) on 22 February, 1749.

James Anderson (abt. 1720 Ireland, d. 1779, Augusta County, VA), son of John Anderson and Margaret (unknown), who died bef. 1740, prob. in Pennsylvania. His brothers George, John and William Anderson also migrated to Augusta County.

James Anderson (270 acres on branch of Cathey's River, lying in that part of Orange County called Augusta, on a branch of Cathey's River called "Anderson's Branch", &c., in consideration of the importation of five persons to dwell within this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia, whose names are: John Anderson, Jane Anderson, Esther Anderson, Mary Anderson, and Margaret Anderson," and the further consideration of five shillings—provided the "fee rent" of one shilling for every fifty acres be paid annually, and three acres in fifty be cultivated and improved within three years, 3 June, 1738 from "Annals of Augusta County, Virginia", by Joseph Addison Waddell), same as above.

John Anderson (Beverley Manor NE, 747 acres, 1739), (b. abt. 1712, Ireland, d. 1787, Augusta County, VA), married Jane (unknown). He was the son of John Anderson, Sr. and Margaret (unknown) and brother of George, William and James Anderson, who also migrated to Augusta County.

William Anderson (just outside Beverley Manor NE), received a patent for "400 acres on a branch of Cathey's River called Anderson's branch, corner to James and John Hogshead" on 1 December, 1740. (b. abt. 1718, d. bef. June, 1794 in Augusta County, VA), brother of James and John Anderson listed above.

Matthew Armstrong (Beverley Manor NE, 190 acres, 1749), (b. abt. 1715, d. 1781, Lincoln County, NC), married Mary 'Lillie' Beatty, daughter of John Beatty, Jr. (1701-1773)



Francis Beatty (Beverley Manor SW, 388 acres, 1741), (b. abt. 1707, Ireland, d. 1773, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina)

Francis Beatty (Beverley Manor SW, 160 acres, 1753), same as above.

James Bell "of Cathey's River" (Beverley Manor SE, 223 acres (400 acres on Hildebrand Map) in Beverley Manor, 1747 from Chalkley's), (b. 1710, Ireland, d. May 1751, Augusta County, VA), married Rachel McCune.

James Bell "of South River" (Beverley Manor SW, 600 acres in Beverley Manor, 27 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's), (b. abt. 1712/15, d. bef. October 1792, Augusta County, VA), married Sarah Love.

Joseph Bell (Beverley Manor NE, 280 acres, 1754 adjoining 230 acres also acquired in 1754)

Charles Berry (Beverley Manor SW, 326 acres, 1752), (b. abt. 1725, d. 1789), son of John Berry, immigrant from Ireland

Col. William Beverley (Beverley Manor NE, 2,050 acres, 1748), (b. abt. 1698, d. 28 February 1756), received the patent that became "Beverley Manor", which comprises much of what is now Augusta County.

John Bigham (Bingham) (Beverley Manor NW, 302 acres, 26 Feb. 1749 - from Chalkley's) Note: John Bingham is on some lists as also acquiring an additional 738 acres in 1749, but that appears to be in error as 738 acres was acquired by John Black (see next listing)

John Black "of Beverley Manor" (Beverley Manor SE, 738 acres in Beverley Manor, 31 May 1749), (b. abt. 1705, County Down, Ulster, Ireland, d. 9 Aug. 1759, Augusta County, VA), married Isabella Brown. (Note: this tract was originally surveyed for John Preston in 1738).

Robert Black (Beverley Manor NE, 200 acres, 1741), possibly the Robert Black that married Agnes Byers, daughter of William Byers and Elizabeth Cox, more research is necessary.

Thomas Black (Beverley Manor SE, 569 acres, 1739), possibly related to another Black family of four brothers (Anthony, James, John and Samuel Black), who lived in the Augusta County area.

Joseph Bloodworth (Beverley Manor NE, 2 Adjoining tracts of 650 & 350 acres, acquired in 1742 from William Russell), (b. abt. 1700, Possibly Maryland, d. Feb. 1743/44, Prob. Augusta County, VA).

Samuel Bradford (Brawford) (Beverley Manor SW, 200 acres, 1747), (b. 1719, prob. Ireland, d. Bef. 12 April 1789, Augusta County, VA)

Alexander Breckenridge, (Beverley Manor SW, two tracts of 245 & 112 acres, 1742), (b. abt. 1670 Scotland, d. bef. 23 Sept. 1743, Augusta County), married Jane Preston, sister of John Preston of the Calfpasture)

George Breckenridge (Beverley Manor SW, 540 acres in Beverley Manor, 17 Oct. 1747 from Chalkley's, corner of land of George & Robert Breckenridge (761 acres acquired in 1742)), (b. abt. 1722, County Derry, Ireland, d. bef. 29 Sept. 1790, Wythe County, Virginia), son of Alexander Breckridge and Jane Preston.

James Breckenridge (1742, # of acres not listed) (b. 1724, d. perhaps 1744, shortly after acquiring land). James was also a son of Alexander Breckenridge and Jane Preston.

George Breckenridge & Robert Breckenridge (Beverley Manor SW, 761 acres, 1742, corner of land of George Breckenridge (540 acres acquired in 1747)) George Breckenridge and Col. Robert Breckenridge were brothers, both sons of Alexander Breckenridge and Jane Preston.

Robert Brooke (Beverley Manor SW, 500 acres, 1741)

James Brown, (Beverley Manor NM, 260 acres leased from William Beverley for 61 years, in 1751, part of Beverley's 1,550-acre "Mill Tract", but not shown on the Hildebrand Map), (b. abt. 1729, d. aft. 1784), son of Maj. John Brown, listed below.

John Brown (Beverley Manor NW, 300 acres in Beverley Manor (shown as 310 acres on Hildebrand Map), Beverley Manor patent line, 4 Feb. 1748 from Chalkley's) (known as "Maj. John Brown", b. Est. 1705, prob. Scotland or Ireland, d. Bef. 19 June 1770, Augusta County, VA, married Margaret Dunlap).

  • Note: This is a different John Brown than "Rev. John Brown" who came to Augusta County abt. 1753, after graduating from Princeton College in 1749, and married Margaret Preston, daughter of John Preston and Elizabeth Patton.

John Brown (Beverley Manor NW, 100 acres, 1765), same as above.

Thomas Brown "of Beverley Manor" (Beverley Manor SW, 225 acres in Beverley Manor, 5 April 1749 from Chalkley's), (b. abt. 1727, d. bef. 19 October 1786, Augusta County), son of Maj. John Brown, listed above.

John Brownlee (Beverley Manor SW, 444 acres, 27 May, 1742), acquired from Finley McClure. John was a brother of Alexander Brownlee, listed above.

John Buchanan (Beverley Manor SW, 784 acres, 1741) and (from Benj. Borden, heir, executor to John Buchanan. Testator agreed in his lifetime to sell to J. B. (John Buchanan) £3; part of 98,100 acres, beginning on the creek corner to Jno. Edmiston; 100 acres, 19 March 1747 from Chalkley's)

John Buntin (Beverley Manor SW, 320 acres, 1772), (abt. 1720 in Ireland, d. 1803, Mercer County, Kentucky), had earlier acquired a 225-acre tract in the Borden Tract and moved to Beverley Manor in 1772.

Dennis Bryne (Beverley Manor NE, 567 acres, 1740)



William Caile (Kaile) (Beverley Manor NW, 86 acres, 1806), (b. abt. 1760, Burlington County, New Jersey, d. 19 August 1846, Augusta County, VA), son of David Kaile (Caile), who acquired a portion of James Lockhart's original 624-acre patent in Beverley Manor.

George Caldwell (Beverley Manor SE, 405 acres, 1740), Need additional information on this family.

James Caldwell (Beverley Manor SW, 600 acres, 1738), (b. bef 1714, prob. Ireland), purchased 600 acres in Augusta County 20 Feb. 1738 on Christian's Creek. Appointed Constable in 1743. Wife Mary, Children: Jean, Agnes, John, Mary, Sarah and Samuel. This MAY be James Caldwell, son of William Caldwell and Elizabeth Porter, b. 1705, more research is necessary to prove.

James Callison (Two tracts listed consecutively in Chalkley's: - 1) Beverley Patent SW/NW, from William Beverley, 276 acres in "Beverley Manor", corner William Ledgerwood, 2) from William Beverley, 230 acres on "Nutt's Creek" in "Beverley Manor", 28 Feb. 1749), (b. abt. 1722, County Armagh, Ireland, d. bef. 16 Jan. 1789, Augusta County, VA).

Alexander Campbell (Beverley Manor SW, 559 acres, 1744, near land of D. (David) Campbell (110 acres) acquired in 1749)

Andrew Campbell (Beverley Manor SE, 260 acres, 1773).

David Campbell (Beverley Manor SW, 466 acres, 1741), according to Phil Norfleet (and proven by records in Chalkley's), this was "White David Campbell" ,(b. 08 Mar 1705/06, Drumboden, Near Londonderry, Ireland, d. 19 Oct 1790, Augusta County, Virginia), who married Mary Hamilton (1716-1801), who was the son of John Campbell and Grace/Grisel Hays. There was another David Campbell, referred to as "Black David Campbell" , (b. 1710, prob. Drumaboden, Kilmachrenan, County Donegal, Ireland, d. Nov 1753, Augusta County, Virginia), m. Jane/Jean Cunningham on 04 Mar 1739/40, prob. in Augusta County, Virginia, who was the son of Alexander Campbell (b. abt. 1685, Londonderry County, Ulster Province, Ireland, d. 1758, Augusta County, Virginia), who acquired a 106-acre tract adjoining "White David" Campbell's land in 1749 (listed below).

D. (David) Campbell (Beverley Manor SW, 110 acres, 27 Feb. 1749/50, adjoining 106 acres of David (prob. "Black David" Campbell and Alexander Campbell (559 acres) acquired in 1744). This is shown in Chalkley's records to be "White David Campbell", same as above.

David Campbell (Beverley Manor SW, 106 acres, 28 Feb. 1749/50, adjoining 110 acres of David "White David" Campbell and Alexander Campbell), This is "Black David Campbell" (b. 1710, prob. Drumaboden, Kilmachrenan, County Donegal, Ireland, d. Nov 1753, Augusta County, Virginia), son of Alexander Campbell, listed above.

James Campbell (Beverley Manor NE, 819 acres in Beverley Manor, 27 Feb. 1749 from Chalkley's), probably James Campbell, son of Patrick Campbell, listed below. Need additional information on this family.

John Campbell (Beverley Manor SE, 325 acres, 1749), probably John Campbell, son of Patrick Campbell, listed below. Need additional information on his family.

John Campbell (Beverley Manor SW 247 acres, 1749, shown as 325 acres, 1745 on Hildebrand Map, appears to be John Campbell, son of James Campbell, Sr. of Beverley Manor that acquired the nearby 570-acre Beverley Manor patent of James Davis in 1746.

Patrick Campbell, Sr. (Beverley Manor SW, 1546 acres), (b. abt. 1696, Ireland, d. 17 March 1767, Augusta County, VA)

Patrick Campbell, Sr. (Beverley Manor, 212 acres, 21 February, 1738, from William Beverley; Wm. Thompson's line; Samuel Bradford's and John Mitchell's lines; corner John Ward; corner Charles Campbell. Crossing Christian's Creek and South River, from Chalkley's), same as above.

Patrick Campbell (Beverley Manor SW, 234 acres, 1771, close to acquisitions by Patrick Campbell (SW, 1546 acres in 1738) and William Campbell (no date or acreage listed) This is Patrick Campbell, Jr., son of Patrick Campbell, above.

Robert Campbell (Beverley Manor NW, 350 acres, 23 July 1740), (abt. 1712, Antrim, Ireland, d. 1768, Augusta County, VA), son of John Campbell and Grace Hay and brother of "White David" Campbell.

Robert Campbell (Beverley Manor SW, 53 acres, 1749), (b. est. 1700-1714, d. 1777, Augusta County, Virginia)

David Caruthers (Beverley Manor SE, 200 acres, 1773), (b. est. 1750, d. bef. 27 May 1816, Augusta County), probable brother of James Carothers, listed below.

James Caruthers (Beverley Manor SE, # of acres not listed, bef. 1773), (b. est. 1739, prob. Tyrone, Ireland, d. 1825, Cumberland County, PA), had land adjoing his brother, David Caruthers on McCord's Draft in Beverley Manor, prior to 1773. (Note: not shown on Hildebrand Map).

James Carr, (Beverley Manor NE, 473 acres, 1739), see James Kerr

Charles Carter, early survey as follows: (76) 10 ber ye 7, 1738, survey for Col. Charles Carter, beginning at a White Oak and Hiccory, corner to Col. Carter on ye Flat Grounds ye Mount Run. Ys was laid off for a for ye said Carter called ye Horsepen and contains 465 acres. (Note: this land was apparently in an outlying area of the Beverley Patent in old Augusta County, perhaps neighboring another County, and not in Beverley Manor or in the Borden Tract)

William Cathey (Beverley Manor NW, 466 acres, 1738), (b. abt. 1711, Ulster, Northern Ireland, d. 1746, Augusta County, VA), son of James Cathey, he died unmarried in Augusta County.

  • Robert, William & John Christian (Beverley Manor SW, 1614 acres, 1739), as follows:

John Christian (b. 1715, Ireland, d. 19 Nov 1779, Augusta County, VA), m. Margaret Wilson (b. 1719), son of Gilbert Christian and Margaret Richardson.

Robert Christian (b. abt. 1712, Ireland, d. abt. 1790, Augusta County, VA), m. Isabella Tiffens, eldest son of Gilbert Christian and Margaret Richardson.

William Christian (b. 1720, Ireland, d. 1776, Augusta County, VA), son of Gilbert Christian and Margaret Richardson, m. Mary Campbell, daughter of Patrick Campbell. Referred to as "Maj. William Christian" in some records.

George Clinebell (Beverley Manor SW, 2 tracts: 116 acres and other tract located nearby with acreage not listed), [note: name listed as "Clinehill" on Hildebrand Map], (b. 1754, d. 1826 in Augusta County).

Casper Coiner (Beverley Manor NE, 344 acres, 1806), see Casper Koiner.

George Coiner, (Beverley Manor NE, 100 acres, 1805), see George Koiner.

John & Mary Cook (Beverley Manor SW, 212 acres, 1749), adjoining land of Patrick Cook, acquired in 1740

Patrick Cook (Beverley Manor SW, 580 acres, 1740), adjoining land of John & Mary Cook acquired in 1749, (b. bef. 1720, d. bef. 15 Feb. 1747/8, Augusta County, VA), married Jane Young, daughter of John Young and Anne Houston.

David Coulter (Beverley Manor SE, 237½ acres, 1807), (b. 1748 in Augusta County, d. 1818 in Rockbridge County, VA), son of John Coulter, listed below.

James Coulter (Beverley Manor SE, 300 acres, 1771)

John Coulter (Beverley Manor SE, 250 acres, 1772), (b. 1720, Ulster, Ireland, d. bef. 17 June 1788 in Augusta County, VA), was father of David Coulter, listed above.

Andrew Cowan....Wm. Beverley To Andrew Cowan, Farmer, £8.4.8; 243 Acres, Near Borden's Path. Proved, 19th August, 1747

James Cowan...John Buchanan, Yeoman, To James Cowan, £18.10.0 Current Money Virginia; 374 Acres in B. M. In Patrick Campbell's Line; Reed and Moor's Land; Col. Patton's Land. Witnesses, Andrew Cowen, Robert Foyle, James Trimble. Acknowledged, 18th February, 1746. [P.258]

John Cowan (Beverley Manor SW, 202 acres in Beverley Manor, 5 April 1749 from Chalkley's) (b. abt. 1715, County Down, Ireland).

William Cowan (Beverley Manor NW, 200 acres in Beverley Manor on 20 November 1771, from Robert Beverley), possible brother of Andrew Cowan, who had land adjoining this tract as early as 1746.

Rev. John Craig (Beverley Manor NE, 335 acres, 1742) (b. 21 Sept. 1710, Ireland, d. 21 April 1774, Augusta County, VA).

Robert Craig (Beverley Manor NE, 178 acres, 28 Feb. 1749 as verified in Chalkley's, Volume III, pg. 650 (all transactions on page are from 1749) (b. bef. 1722), m. Grizzell, little is known of this family, need additional info/research.

James Crawford (Beverley Manor NE, 401 acres, 1747), (b. 1719, d. abt. 1750, Augusta County, VA), married Elizabeth Robertson.

Robert Crockett (Beverley Manor NW, 322 acres, 1740), (b. 1707, Bantry Bay, Kenmore Parish, Ireland, d. Bet. 1746 - 1747, Augusta County, VA), m. Margaret Davis (b. bet. 1707-1709, d. Bet. 1770 - 1790), daughter of George Davis and sister of Robert Davis, who married Anne Pickens. After Robert Crockett's death, his widow Margaret married 2nd, John Ramsey, sometimes refered to as "John Ramsey of Calfpasture" , Augusta County and later Four Mile Creek, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

David Cunningham (Beverley Manor SW, 226 acres, 1749, and an adjoining tract of 150 acres, acquired in 1771), (b. abt. 1716, Ireland, d. bef. 17 March 1778, Augusta County, VA), son of James Cunningham. More information needed on this family.

John Cunningham (Beverley Manor, 2 lots in Staunton, Nos. 1 and 7; also woodland lots Nos. 2 and 3, 50 acres each. Delivered Francis Beaty, 1762. "Livery by latch of the door", from Chalkley's, 27 Feb. 1749), (b. abt. 1708, prob. Ireland/Scotland, d. abt. 1773, Augusta County, VA), son of James Cunningham, married Sarah Davis.

John Coningham (Cunningham) of Staunton, ordinary keeper (Beverley Manor, from Wm. Beverley (by Lewis and Madison), 107 acres, part of Mill Tract; 1550 acres joining the town whereon Court House stands; corner James Brown's leased land; James Miller's line; Col. Lewis's lot, 99-year term, 1750, 5 April 1750 from Chalkley's (incorrectly shows as 1760 in transcript)), probably same as above.

Robert Cunningham (Beverley Manor bet. SE/SW maps, 483 acres, 1742 (date listed as bet. 29 Feb. 1739 and 1744 on some lists, from Chalkley's)), (b. abt. 1710, prob. Ireland), son of James Cunningham, more information needed on this family.

William Curry (Beverley Manor SW, 360 acres in Beverley Manor, from Chalkley's, 27 Feb. 1749), (b. 1690, County Antrim, Ireland, d. aft. 1748), he married Sarah Young, daughter of John Young and Anne Houston.



Charles Dalhouse (Beverley Manor NE, 414 acres, 1749), (b. Abt. 1725, d. Bef. 18 November 1760, Augusta County, VA)

James Davis (Beverley Manor SE, 570 acres, 1738), (b. bef. 1720, d. 1796 in Knox County, Tennessee), m. Mary (unknown). His son, Maj. William Davis married Catherine Pickens, daughter of Andrew Pickens and Nancy Anne Davis.

Nathaniel Davis (Beverley Manor SW, 150 acres, 1749), (b. bef. 1723, d. bef. 15 Oct. 1765, when he was killed by Shawnee Indians in Augusta County, VA)

Robert Davis (Beverley Manor NW, 300 acres, 1742, adjoining 105 acres, date appears to be 1742), (b. abt. 1700, Northern Ireland, d. abt. 1770, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina), married Anne Pickens (b. abt. 1702, d. abt. 1750), daughter of William Pickens and Margaret Pike.

John Davison/Davidson (Beverley Manor SW, 785 acres, 1738), (abt. 1709, Shankill Parish, County Armagh, Ireland, d. 1749, Anson County, North Carolina), m. Jane Margaret Legacorry, 1727 in Shankill, Ireland.

Samuel Davison (Davidson) (Beverley Manor SE, 353 acres, 1739), may be related to John Davidson (b. abt. 1709, Ireland, d. 1749, Anson County, North Carolina) who married Jane Margaret Legacorry. More research necessary.

Daniel Dennison/Danston (DeAusistone/Dem_stone (sp?) on Hildebrand map) (Beverley Patent NE, 300 acres from William Beverley, 10 April 1739 from Chalkley's)

David Doak (Beverley Manor SW, 100 acres, 1755, adjoining 300 acre tract acquired earlier in February 1746 from George & Robert Breckenridge and also adjoining tract of Samuel Doak (647 acres, 1741) and Samuel and David Doak (220 acres acquired in 1806). (b. bet. 1705-1710, Ireland, d. 2 Oct. 1787, Montgomery County, VA), brother of Samuel Doak, listed below, and son of Samuel Doak, Sr. (b. abt. 1670, Ulster, Ireland) and his wife Elizabeth.

Samuel Doak (Beverley Manor SW, 647 acres, 1741, adjoining land of John Doak (no date or acres listed) and David Doak (100 acres acquired in 1765) and Samuel and David Doak (220 acres acquired in 1806). Samuel Doak was the brother of David Doak, listed above and son of Samuel Doak, Sr. (b. abt. 1670, Ulster, Ireland) and his wife Elizabeth.

Samuel Downey (Beverley Manor SW, 80 acres), (b. 1722, d. 1773, Augusta County, VA, married Martha McPheeters, daughter of William McPheeters and Rebecca Thompson.

William Dunlap (Beverley Manor NE, 100 acres, 28 February 1749), (b. bef. 1723, d. abt. 1773, Augusta County, Virginia).



David Edmiston (Beverley Patent NE, 350 acres, 1739), (1690-1751)- refered to as David "Turk" Edmiston. He took the Oath of Importation on 24 July, 1740 with wife Isabella and children, Jesse, John, William, Rachel, David and Moses Edmiston.


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