Person:Robert Davis (83)

m. Bet 1695 and 1700
  1. Israel DavisBet 1695 & 1715 -
  2. Robert DavisAbt 1700 - Abt 1770
  3. Margaret DavisBet 1707 & 1709 - Bet 1770 & 1790
  • HRobert DavisAbt 1700 - Abt 1770
  • WAnne PickensAbt 1702 - Abt 1750
m. Abt 1721
  1. Margaret DavisAbt 1721 -
  2. William DavisAbt 1730 - Abt 1797
  3. Agnes DavisAbt 1731 - Bef 1770
  4. Moses DavisBet 1732 & 1737 - 1804
  5. Robert DavisAbt 1735 - Abt 1790
  6. George Davis1736 - 1807
  7. Catherine DavisBet 1740 & 1745 -
  8. James DavisAbt 1746 - Bet 1805 & 1806
  9. John Davis - Aft 1777
Facts and Events
Name Robert Davis
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1700 Northern Ireland
Marriage Abt 1721 Irelandto Anne Pickens
Death? Abt 1770 Mecklenburg, North Carolina, United States

Robert Davis was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Robert Davis' land (Beverley NW, 300 & 105 acres, 1742) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 298.--13th August, 1747. William Beverley to Robert Davies, £8.9.3 farthings current money Virginia; 145 acres in Beverley Manor; corner to Capt. Brown, on Back Creek; the patent line. Witnessed and proved as above.
  • Page 543.--Same as to Robert Davis' deed. (listed with several deeds mentioned on 12th & 13th August, 1747. No acres listed)

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 142.—21st March, 1753. Robert Davis to John Brown, 300 acres; corner James Cathey, now Samuel Wallace; Beverley Manor line.

Information on Robert Davis

From Pickens website:

From research done by Mr. D. L. McWhorter of Bethel, North Carolina, in the Archives of the State of North Carolina, and in Mecklenburg Co. North Carolina.


Researched on the Pickens family by E. M. Sharp of Memphis, Tenn.


We know something of the Pickens family and the claims which are well substantiated that several brothers came to Bucks Co. Penn. with their parents who were William Henry Pickens and Margaret Pike Pickens. The brothers listed are: Thomas, Israel, Robert, John, Andrew, William and Gabriel. It is a well known fact that nearly all of those brothers or their descendants lived at some time in Augusta County, Virginia and later went to Abbeville County S.C. by way of the Waxhaw settlements in Mecklenburg Co. N.C. and Lancaster Co. S.C.

Tradition has always affirmed that they had some sisters, whose names were not later remembered, nor who they married. After long search and study of both facts and traditions it seems fairly well established that two of the sisters were: Anne Pickens who married Robert Davis and Lucy Pickens who married first Mathew Galaspey, and second, John Kerr.

Traditions in the Davis family affirm that they are connected with the Pickens family. Also in the Pickens family this same tradition prevails. It is known that there were several Later Pickens-Davis marriages, but the traditions state that there was a still earlier connection and that Anne Pickens, an older sister of the Pickens brothers was the wife of Robert Davis.

It will be developed in the following paragraphs that Robert Davis was one of the earliest settlers on the Virginia frontier, and that he went to the Waxhaw Settlements in N.C. and S.C. among the earliest pioneers, probably with the Rev. Alexander Craighead congregation who fled from the extreme frontier of Virginia in the Calf pasture area after the defeat of Gen. Braddock. Robert Davis died in 1770 and his will was probated in Mecklenburg Co. N.C. The original will and settlement papers are in the Archives of N.C. at Raleigh.

One account of the Davis family has been prepared by Mr. Robert Lemuel Davis of North Belmont, N.C. (Gaston County) which admittedly contains many errors, some of them glaring errors, but there is still a great kernel of truth in his genealogy. He states that Robert Davis was born in North Ireland, where he was married about 1727 to Anne Pickens. He also states that he was the father of 22 children, the oldest being William Davis who was born in 1730 in County Tyrone Ireland, that he came first to Augusta county Virginia and later to the Waxhaw settlements in 1741. He does not name all of the 22 children, claiming that many are unknown now. He does name, William, Mose, George, John and a daughter who married Robert Crockett. His treatment of the families of some of the sons of Robert Davis is also faulty. Therefore one must take his account as the work of an amateur who did not verify all of his facts and jumped to conclusions, based on tradition and certain data that seemed to fit into the traditions. Never-the-less there is always that element of truth in all tradition that can serve as a guide. Through the aid of Mr. Davis L. McWhorter, of Bethel, N.C. who is not a professional genealogist, but who has the professional attitude and technique we have the following facts.

ROBERT DAVIS * died in Mecklenburg Co. N.C. and his will is on record in Book C. Page 12. His will was signed on May 4, 1770, and was probated some months later.

Executors: Son, GEORGE DAVIS, and son, ROBERT DAVIS, and WIFE, not named.

Children named:

1. George Davis

2. Robert Davis

3. James Davis

4. William Davis

5. Moses Davis

6. Catherine Davis who married Robert Caldwell.

{ts note: number 6. Catherine Davis is crossed out}

Tradition states that Robert Davis was born in North Ireland, where he was married to Anne Pickens. Some of their children were born in Ireland, and they are said to have come to America abound 1735 or a bit earlier. The known facts in America about them are as follows:

Kegley's Virginia Frontier Records show that Robert Davis first received 400 acres in 1735 in South Garden, among the mountains of the Branches of Hardware River in Virginia. At that time all this territory was in Goochland County, and is located in what became the extreme southern end of Augusta county. The same year he received an additional 400 acres in the same location. This section is actually in the Branches of James and Roanoke Rivers.

Kegley, shows that in 1746 Robert Davis received a grant of 300 acres on the West side of the Blue Ridge. On Nov. 22, 1746, one James Davis, received a grant of 626 acres part of a larger grant of 8,100 acres on Catawaba river.

Kegley shows that in 1748 the Clerk's fee book in Augusta County, Va. shows that Robert Davis, along with many others, is "Not found". This, says Kegley, is an indication of how restless the pioneers were on the frontier, moving from place to place and the county officials unable, or unwilling to keep up with them.

Tradition states that one of the older daughters of Robert Davis married Robert Crockett, so we will bring in the Crockett records along with the Davis records. Kegley shows that Robert Crockett received a grant of 350 acres on Sept. 28, 1745 on Luney's Mill Creek. Prior to this however Robert Crockett had proved his importation with an affidavit in Orange Co. Va. as follows:

"Robert Crockett, for himself, Margaret his wife, John, Arshbell, Jane, Samuel and Robert."

Chalkley's Annals of Augusta county show the will of ROBERT CROCKETT dated Nov. 16, 1746. He named, Wife - Margaret, Sons: John Asbal, Samuel, Robert, James, Alexander, and Jane. Executors were Wife and ROBERT DAVIS. Witnesses were: Thomas Gillham, James McCorkle, Robert Bratton. Proved by all witnesses, Feb. 19, 1746.

ROBERT DAVIS seems to have lived a fairly quiet life while in Augusta as there are relatively few records of him. He did not trade lands, but witnessed a good many deeds for other people showing who his friends and neighbors were: James Lynn, Patrick Campbell, David Moore, James Crawford, James Caldwell, George Gardner, John Rutledge, James Trimble, David Steward, James Miller, John Hutchingson, James McCorkel, John Brown, James Cathey, John Crockett, Robert Bratton, Andrew Pickens, Robert McClenachan, John Ramsey,and others.

Of the above list of people it is known that those who are also to be found in the Waxhaw are: John Ramsey, John Hutchinson, Robert McClennachan, Robert Bratton, Andrew Pickens, the Caldwells, Crocketts, and others.

Chalkley, Vol. I. p. Aug. 20, 1746. Report as to a Road from top of Marsh Mountain to William Kings and then the court house. ROBERT DAVIS, Overseer, and those to be under him are: Andrew Pickens, Samuel Kincaid, James Young, Robert McClellan, Hugh Young, James Clark and many others.

Most other records of Robert Davis in Augusta are in connection with the settlement of the estate of Robert Crockett. A few years after death of Robert Crockett. His widow Margaret married John Ramsey. The following records are to be found:

March 18, 1746/7. - (169) John Archer required to deliver up to Catherine Quin her child, and James Carter and Ro. Davis, arbitrators.

Vol. III, p. 7 - Aug. 19, 1747, Robert Crocketts inventory, was made by Henry Gay, John Gay and Wm. Elliott.

August 3, 1747, Accounts of debts paid by Margaret Crockett, part of estate of Robert Crockett.

Vol. I, p. 56 - Nov. 18, 1752. John Ramsey and Margaret his wife, the late Margaret Crockett.

p. 59 - May 19, 1753 - Robert Davis, and Executor of Robert Crockett, is about to leave the Colony and begs to be released. John Ramsey who married Robert Crockett's widow is summoned.

p. 49 - Nov. 28, 1751 - Archibald Crockett, close Robert Bratton and James McCorkle as guardians. The above guardians complain that John Ramsey who married Margaret, relict and widow of Robert Crockett, father of Archibald are wasting the estate.

p. 51 - May 21, 1752 - Robert Bratton, guardian of Archibald Crockett, against Robert Davis and Margaret Ramsey for detaining part of the orphans estate.

After Robert Davis's statement that he was about to leave the colony in 1753, he was relieved and John Ramsey took over the duties. Further data pertaining to the Crocketts will be taken up in connection with Margaret as a possible daughter of Robert and Anne Pickens Davis.

NORTH CAROLINA list of applications for land grants, show that on October 1, 1751, the following applied for land:

Robert Davis - for 600 acres.

William Davis - for 300 acres.

Robert Caldwell - for 600 acres.

Andrew Pickens - for 800 acres. (See: N.C. Colonial Records. Vol. 4, p. 1250-51.)

North Carolina had a law granting land only to people who came into the colony to live on the land. Applications, however were received in advance of the actual removal. We have noted that in 1753 Robert Davis made the statement in Augusta county that he planned to leave the colony. It was about this date or the next year at the latest that he arrive in the Waxhaw Section, along with others from the same area in Augusta County. The land when granted was in the then constituted county of ANSON which included most of western N.C. Early Anson county records show the following:

ANSON COUNTY, MILITIA COMPANY: Year 1755. Had 61 officers and men.

Among those listed were:

Captain - Andrew Pickens

Lieutenant - Robert Ramsey

Ensign - John Crockett

Sgt. - Thomas Wright,

Sgt. - William Beard,

Sgt. - William King.

Corporal - Alexander Crockett.

Archibald Crockett, Andrew Nutt, George Davis, John Davis, John Pickens, John Linn, Joseph Pickens, Moses Davis, Robert Davis, Robert Crockett, Robert McClelland, Robert Caldwell, Robert Montgomery, William Davis, William Pickens and others.


"William Beard of Anson, sold to ROBERT DAVIS, for 30 pounds Virginia Currency, 300 acres on Waxhaw Creek. April 24, 1756. Witnesses: John Crockett, Robert Ramsey, Repentance Townsend."

On the very same day, Robert deeded part of this land as follows: "for natural love and affection for ALEXANDER CROCKETT, 202 acres."

ANSON MICROFILM: Feb. 22, 1754. William Pickens and Archibald Crockett were witnesses of a James Larrimore deed.

April 4, 1756, Robert Ramsey deed to JOHN DAVIS and MOSES DAVIS, all of Anson, for 35 pounds Virginia Currency, 380 acres on Waxhaw Creek, beginning at red oak, including Beard's corner. Witnesses: John Crockett, Repentance Townsend, Archibald Crockett.

NOTE: 17 years later, John and Moses Davis of Abbeville Co. S.C sold the same tract of land to Robert Davis of Mecklenburg Co. N.C. Repentance Townsend was living in Abbeville So. S.C. in 1790 census.

ANSON CO. RECORDS; Oct. 28, 1760. The sale of effects of the estate of JAMES McCORKLE (earlier in Augusta note) Buyers included: Jane McCorkle, ROBERT DAVIS, WILLIAM DAVIS, JOHN CROCKETT, James Barnett, Hugh Montgomery, James Gamble, John Linn, Samuel Thompson, ANDREW PICKENS, John Coffee, THOMAS DAVIS, MOSES DAVIS.

March 28, 1757 - JOHN PICKENS of Craven District, S.C. deed to Robert McClennachan, Esq. for 55 Pounds Virginia Currency, 500 acres on Waxhaw of Catawaba.

Witnesses: Andrew Pickens, Archibald Crockett, William Davis.

NOTE: This was a year after Capt. Andrew Pickens had died, and the Andrew who witnessed here, was the future General Andrew Pickens. John Pickens, was his uncle whose wife was Eleanor. The purchaser at sale of James McCorkle's estate, Andrew Pickens, was also the future Gen. Andrew. Note that James McCorkle was one of the quardians in Augusta Co. of some of the Crockett children.

Mecklenburg County, N.C. records show that JOHN RAMSEY, who had married Margaret Crockett, widow of Robert, moved to Mecklenburg later, and he was one of the first Elders of Providence Presbyterian Church, also his stepson Archibald Crockett. However John Ramsey remained in Augusta until around 1763.

Augusta Co. VA. Marriage Records: A few very early ones are still extant which give name of the groom only. They show:

1749-50 - JOHN RAMSEY (We know she was Margaret (Robert Davis?) Crockett.)


1. William Davis - b. ca. 1730

2. Margaret Davis - m. Robert Crockett ? By tradition.

3. John Davis - (not named in father's will, but other evidence proves him.)

4. Robert Davis

5. Moses Davis

6. George Davis

7. Catherine Davis m. Robert Caldwell {ts note: again this is crossed out, then hand written Catherine - m. Robert Caldwell.}

8. James Davis