Person:Robert Crockett (4)

Robert Crockett
d.Bet 1746 and 1747 Augusta County, Virginia
m. 1702
  1. Robert Crockett1707 - Bet 1746 & 1747
  • HRobert Crockett1707 - Bet 1746 & 1747
  • WMargaret DavisBet 1707 & 1709 - Bet 1770 & 1790
m. 1729
  1. John Crockett1730 - 1800
  2. Archibald Crockett1732 - Abt 1804
  3. Jean Crockett1733 -
  4. Samuel CrockettBet 1736 & 1739 -
  5. James CrockettBef 1741 - 1813
  6. Alexander CrockettBef 1745 - Bef 1784
  7. Robert Crockett, Jr.1745 - 1801
  8. Andrew CrockettAbt 1747 - 1835
Facts and Events
Name Robert Crockett
Gender Male
Birth? 1707 Bantry Bay, Kenmore Parish, Ireland
Marriage 1729 Orange County, Virginiato Margaret Davis
Death? Bet 1746 and 1747 Augusta County, Virginia

Robert Crockett was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Robert Crockett's land (Beverley Manor NW, 322 acres, 1740 (on Hildebrand Map)) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 333-36. 26-27 Feb. 1740 [1741]. William Beverley of Essex County, Gent., to Robert Crockett of Orange County, farmer. Lease and release; [consideration blank]. 322 acres in that part of Orange County called Augusta, in Beverley Mannor.. John Trimble's corner... (signed) W. Beverley. Wit: John Lewis, John Pickens, Richard Winslow. 27 Feb. 1740 [1741]. Acknowledged by Wm. Beverley, Gent. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 4, Dorman, pg. 57].
  • Pg. 101-103. Indenture -- day -- 1745 between James Patton and John Lewis, both of Beverley Mannor, county of Augusta, and Robt. Crockett of same... for five shillings.. sells 370 acres in Augusta.. lying on the Great River of the Calf Pasture.. beginning.. Thomas Gillam's line.. John Carey's land.. (signed) James Patton (seal), John Lewis (seal. Witnesses: James Carter, Thos. Lewis, Robert (X) Bratton. Recorded Orange County 20 July 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 39].

Acquisition of Land from A History of Rockbridge County, VA, by Oren Frederic Morton:

  • Robert Crockett acquired 370 acres in the Calfpasture area of Augusta County, VA for $41.15, later sold, 1760, by pioneer's sons—James (Martha) and Robert, Jr., (Janet), both of Mecklenburg county, North Carolina—to William Thompson for $200—295 acres sold by Thompson, 1767, for $166.67.

Disposition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 7-9. Indenture 23/24 Nov. 1743 between Robert Crockett and Margaret, his wife, of County of Augusta, of one part, and William McFeeters of county aforesaid.. For sum of sixty pounds current money of Virginia to them in hand paid.. sold unto sd Wm. McFeeters, by virtue of a bargain and sale to him thereof made for one year by Indenture bearing date the day next before the date of these presents, and force the Statuts of Transferring.. 322 acres in the County of Augusta, aforesaid in Beverley Manor.. beginning at land of John Trimble.. corner to Wm. Vaughn.. In witness whereof they the said Robert and Margaret, his wife, hath hereunto set their hands and seals the day, month and year first above written. (signed) Robert Crockett (seal) Margaret Crockett (seal). Presence of: John Smith, Junr., Robert Breckenridge, Wm. Hughes. Robert Crockett and Margrett, his wife, acknowledged this Release to Wm. McFeeters, Margret first being privately examined. Recorded 24 Nov. 1743. On Margin: "Deld to J. Bramham the 5th June 1745" [Orange County Deed Book 9, pg. 2].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's

  • Page 132.—20th March, 1753. John Crockett, son and heir of Robert Crockett, deceased, to James Moore. Delivered to order of William Taylor, attorney for Daniel Brought, 21st August, 1816. Lunie's Mill Creek, 350 acres. Teste: Robert and Mildred Davis and Archibald Crockett. Delivered 1816 to Wm. Taylor, attorney for Danl. Broughf.
  • Page 392.--6th August, 1766. James Crocket and Martha ( ), of Augusta County, and Robert Crocket and Jennet, of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, to William Thompson, £60, 370 acres on Great River of Calfpasture, corner Thomas Gillam's land, crossing Mill Creek; corner John Harry's land. Teste: Benj. Lowry, Thos. Stevenson, John Coffey. Delivered: Wm. Thompson, 24th June, 1784.

Will of Robert Crockett:

The will of Robert Crockett dated November 16, 1746 was proved February 19, 1747 in Augusta County, VA. It names wife Margaret; sons John, Archibald, Samuel, Alexander, Robert (under age) and James (under age); daughter Jean Crockett. Executors were wife Margaret and Robert Davis. Witnesses were Thomas Gillham, James McCorkle and Robert Bratton.

From Chalkley's Augusta County Court Orders: [unless otherwise listed]

  • March 20, 1753 - JOHN CROCKETT, son and heir of ROBERT CROCKETT, deceased, by deed to James Moore. Landon Luney's Mill Creek. Delivered to order of Wm. Taylor, Attorney for Daniel Brough, on Aug. 21, 1816. Witnesses to deed: Robert and Mildred Davis, Archibald Crockett.
  • May 21, 1752 - Robert Bratton, guardian of Archibald Crockett, against Robert Davis and Margaret Ramsey, for detaining part of the estate of orphans.
  • May 28, 1751 - Archibald Crockett chose Robert Bratton and James McCorkle guardians.
  • PAGE 108 -- 21st MAY, 1755 - John Ramsey's bond as guardian (appointed) to Samuel, James, Alexander and Andrew Crockett, orphans of Robert Crockett, with sureties Thomas Fulton, John Gay.
  • PAGES 80-84 - MAY 17, 1758. - (147) James Crockett, aged 17, orphan of Robert Crockett, chose Thomas Thompson guardian. Saml. Craig appointed guardian of Jane Bell, infant orphan of James Bell. Lettice Campbell, aged 14, orphan of Gilbert Campbell, chose George Campbell her guardian. Wm. McFeaters appointed guardian to Andrew Crockett, orphan of Robert Crockett.
  • AUGUST 19, 1758. - (198) John Ramsey intermarried with Margaret Crockett, mother of Alexr. and John Crockett. Caleb Harmon complains that he was bound by his guardian, Walter Davis, to Robert Reed, contrary to law; indenture set aside and Caleb chose John Bowyer his guardian. John Fitzwater, a witness from Culpeper.
  • 1758 - John McPheeters bond with James Phillips and Robert Campbell as security, as guardian of ALEXANDER CROCKETT, orphan of Robert Crockett.
  • August 10, 1761 - JOHN CROCKETT and Margaret McClenahan and ARCHIBALD CROCKETT and Mary ( ) of Anson County, N.C. convey by deed to James BEARD for 120 Lbs. 246 acres on Cowpasture, cornering on James Meassie. Witnesses: Samuel Crockett. DElilvered by Beard, June 1784.
  • June 19, 1764 - John Ramsey chosen guardian by Mary McDonald, 16, John McDonald 14, and court appoints him guardian for Francis, Hugh, Rebecca, William, Elizabeth and Samuel McDonald, all orphans of JOHN MCDONALD.
  • August 1767 - William Thompson and JEAN his wife to John CROCKETT, part of land formerly surveyed for Robert Crockett, deceased. Delivered to James, Oct. 1773.
  • Oct 10, 1774 - JOHN RAMSEY AND MARGARET, and ANDREW CROCKETT of Mecklenburg County, N.C. convey by deed to JAMES CROCKETT of Augusta Co. VA a tract on Calfpasture, known by name of early entry patented to MARGARET and ANDREW CROCKETT Sept. 5, 1749.
  • SEPTEMBER 1802. - McPheeters vs. Moffett--Involves land conveyed to Beverley to Crockett, 26th February, 1740. Copy of deed. Deed, Robert Crockett and Margaret to William McPheeters, 23d November, 1743. Deed Robert Crockett and wife, same. William McPheeters, demandant, is son of above William McPheeters. Deposition James McClery, taken in Fayette County, Kentucky, third Monday June, 1798: In the Spring of 1742 he settled in Augusta County within 3 miles of lands in dispute. He lived in Augusta until October, 1785. Deposition before Samuel Blair, J. P., J. Bell, Elij Poage, George Trotter. John Brownlee deposes in Augusta, 3d July, 1798, that he has lived where he now lives since 1st November, 1740; he has always been a member of that society, and is nearly related to John Moffett, the defendant. John Tate also deposes that he has lived where he now lives for 53 years in October last, and had been acquainted with the lands for two years before he came to live in the neighborhood. Captain Samuel McPheeters deposes at same time that he has lived in and near where he now lives since 1741. Mathew Wilson deposes at same time that he has lived near where he now lives 60 years. John Young lived on the plantation 55 years ago and upwards.
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