Person:Robert Breckenridge (3)

Col. Robert Breckenridge
m. Abt 1710
  1. John Breckenridge1712 - Bet 1740 & 1744
  2. Sarah Breckenridge1714 - 1791
  3. Col. Robert Breckenridge1720 - Bef 1773
  4. George Breckenridge1722 - Bef 1790
  5. James Breckenridge1724 - 1744
  6. Adam Breckenridge1726 - 1758
  7. Smith Breckenridge1728 - 1744
  8. Letitia "Lettice" Breckenridge1730 - Bef 1767
  • HCol. Robert Breckenridge1720 - Bef 1773
  • WMary PoageAbt 1732 - Bef 1758
m. Abt 1740
  1. Robert Breckenridge1754 - 1833
  2. Alexander BreckenridgeAbt 1755 -
  • HCol. Robert Breckenridge1720 - Bef 1773
  • WLetitia Preston1728/29 - 1797
m. 10 Jul 1758
  1. William Breckenridge1759 -
  2. John Breckenridge1760 - 1806
  3. Gen. James Breckenridge1763 - 1833
  4. Jane BreckenridgeAbt 1765 - Abt 1770
  5. Elizabeth BreckinridgeAbt 1766 -
  6. Preston Breckenridge1770 - 1819
Facts and Events
Name[1] Col. Robert Breckenridge
Alt Name Sheriff Robert Breckinridge
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1720 Ayrshire, Scotland
Residence[1] 1740 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Residence[1] 1740 Ireland
Marriage Abt 1740 Staunton, Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Poage
Other[1] 22 May 1740 Orange, Virginia, United Statesnamed in certificate of importation granted to his father which stated that family passed through Ireland and Philadelphia, PA on the way to VA
Other[1] 21 Nov 1753 Augusta, Virginia, United StatesSheriff of Augusta County
Military[1] 1756 Augusta, Virginia, United StatesCapt. of a company of Rangers incorporated with the 1st VA Regiment for an expedition against the Shawnee Indians
Marriage License 6 Jul 1758 Augusta County, Virginiato Letitia Preston
Marriage 10 Jul 1758 Augusta County, Virginiato Letitia Preston
Death[1] Bef 7 Nov 1773 Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia, United States[Will Probate]

Robert Breckenridge was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Robert Breckenridge's land (Beverley Manor SW, 761 acres, 1742, with his brother George Breckenridge) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. (Note: adjoining tract of Robert's brother George Breckenridge (540 acres, 1747) is highlighted in brown).


Robert Breckenridge's land (Beverley Manor SW, 245 acres, conveyed to him by his father, Alexander Breckenridge by his will of 1743) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • [From Chalkley's but acquisition apparently not listed in Orange County, Virginia deeds] Page 360.--28th November, 1749. William Logan, blacksmith, to Silas Hart, mason, John Smith's land. Robert Brackenridge, Elizabeth, wife of William, 400 acres on North River, Shannadore. Corner land formerly John Smith's; now Silas Hart's. Patented to Robert Breckenridge, 1st December, 1740, and conveyed by him to William Logan, 22nd July, 1745. Teste: James Brown, Robert Renick, William Anderson, James Sayers.
  • Pages 67-70. 25-26 Nov. 1742. William Beverley, Esq. of Essex County to George and Robt. Breckenridge of Orange County. Lease and release; for £25 current money. 761 acres in Beverley Manor... by the South River... George Breckenridge to have 300 acres on the north west and the remainder to Robt. Breckenridge. (signed) Wm. Beverley. Wit: James Patton, John Lewis, Samll. Gray. 27 9ber [Nov]. 1742. Acknowledged by William Beverley, Esq. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 7, Dorman, pg. 42].

Disposition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 156-156. Indenture 21 July 1745 between Robert Brakenridge of Augusta County and William Logan of same.. for five shillings.. sells 400 acres in that part of Augusta lying on the north side of Shannando Riv. and bounded.. John Smith's line.. (signed) Robt. Brakenridge (seal). Witnesses: John Lewis, Robt. Armstrong, Thos. Lewis. Paid ₤20 and release recorded 25 July 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 43].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA COUNTY. - 1748, August 22d--Robert and Adam Breckinridge, 400 acres, each, Blue Ridge, Tye, and James Rivers.
  • Page 179.--17th May, 1749. George Brackenridge to Robert Brackenridge. [Note: location of property or acreage not listed in Chalkley's transcription, more research needed].
  • Page 790.--28th August. 1750. John Maxwell to Robert Breckinridge, in Beverley Manor, Wm. Bev; corner Andrew Johnston, 28th August, 1750, 219-1/2 acres in Beverley Manor, part of 439 conveyed to John by Beverley.
  • Page 117.--21st March, 1753. Robert McClenachan to Robert Breckinridge. Buffalo Creek, opposite the Long Bent, Whiskey Hill, 242 acres by patent to McClenachan, 19th October, 1753. Delivered: James Lockhart. 9th February, 1758.
  • Page 153.--11th January, 1763. David Miller and Hannah ( ) to Robt. Breckinridge. £97.10, two tracts, 1st containing 190 acres, part of 2,900 acres formerly possessed by said David Miller on Buffelo Creek of Roanoke; corner land of said Robt. Breckinridge. 2d containing 35 acres adjoining above by patent, 7th August, 1761, on Buffelo Creek. Teste: Wm. Preston, Jno. Miller, Wm. Anderson, Pat. Sharkey, Francis Smith, Wm. Davis, Thos. McFarren. Delivered: Israel Christian, March, 1764.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 12.--8th February, 1745-6. George and Robert Brackenridge to Sameel Wilson, £50, 461 acres in Beverley Manor, part of 761 acres deeded to vendors by Beverley 26th day November, 1742; to George, 300 acres and Robert, the remainder. Deed recorded in Orange. Corner to George's land. Witnesses, John Smith, John Branham, Jr.; John McMaster. Acknowledged by grantors, 10th Feburary 1745. [Note: this tract comprises 461 acres of the 761-acre tract acquired in 1742, listed above in Orange County, Virginia records].
  • Page 23.--10th February, 1745-6. George and Robert Brackenridge to David Doack, £42, Virginia money; 300 acres in Beverley Manor, being the tract George now lives on. Ackonwledged by both, 10th February, 1745-6. [Note: this tract comprises the remaining 300 acres of the 761-acre tract acquired in 1742, listed above in Orange County, Virginia records].
  • Page 321.-[17 June 1752] - Andrew Lewis and Robt. Breckinridge (as above) to Robt. McClenachan. Lots No. 9 and 7 in Staunton. Livery as above. [Note: refers to following record:]
Page 315.--17th June, 1752. Andrew Lewis and Robt. McClenachan to Joseph Kennedy. By order of County Court, 28th November, 1751, grantors ordered to convey to purchasers of lots in the 25 acres conveyed to Augusta County by Beverley. Livery by handful of earth. Lot No. 5 in Staunton. Teste: Elijah McClenachan, John Melcomb, Ro. McCorkell.
  • Page 491.--20th April, 1754. Robt. Breckinridge and Mary to David Stewart and Robt. McClenachan, £9, 300 acres by patent to Robt. Breckinridge, 6th February, 1754; corner to a survey by James Bartone in Forks of Shanando, near Peaked Mountain.
  • Page 8.--18th March, 1758. Robt. Breckinridge to James Simpson, £35, 242 acres by patent, 19th October, 1753, on south side Buffelo Creek, opposite Long Berch, top of the Whiskey Hill. Delivered: Jno. Mathews, son of Richard, March 6, 1773.
  • Page 429.--21st August, 1760. Robert Breckinridge and Lettice to Alexander Gibson, £160, 219-1/2 acres in Beverley Manor, part of 439 granted to John Maxwell and 219-1/2 conveyed to Robert by John; cor. Andrew Johnson. Delivered: Alex. Gibson, May, 1761. [Note: Robert had re-married to Lettice after his first wife Mary had died, as record proves].
  • Page 383.—21st August, 1765. Robert Breckenridge and Lettice to Stephen Loy. £230 (paid by said Martin Loy), 245 acres in Beverley Manor conveyed to Robert, 17th May, 1749.

Will Abstract

Breckenridge, Robert. Probate Nov. 7, 1773.
Names wife Lettice and children: William, John, Alexander, Robert, James, Preston and Elizabeth.
[Source: Early Marriages, Wills and some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 53].

Processioning List of 1756, 1760 & 1765

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:
  • Vol. 2 - Page 179.--1756: Processioned in Capt. Israel Christian's Company by John Henderson and Wm. Baskins, viz: For Rev. John Craig, for Daniel Denniston, for James Wallace, for David Bell, for Robert Poage, for John Anderson, for Andrew Russell, for John Hutcheson, for Patrick McCollum, for James Coyle, for Geo. Anderson, for Robert Patterson, for Mathew Armstrong, for William Lewis, for James Lesley, for Archibald Hamilton, for John Poage, for Mr. Shodder, for Wm. Bell, for Wm. Wallace, for Robert McClenachan, for Alex. Wright, for Samuel Wilson, for John Cunningham, for Alex. McNite, for John Black, for Nathan Gililand, for John Bigham, for John Coulter, for John Buchanan, for Elijah McClenachan, for Robert Breckinridge, for Wm. Baskins, for Widow Crawford, for Joans Henderson, for Andrew Scott, for John Henderson.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 282.-[1760]-For John Buchanan, for Capt. Robert Breckinridge, for Col. Steward, for John Henderson, for Robert McClenachan, for James Bratton, for John Miller, for Joanes Henderson.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 383.--For James Neilly (on Goose Creek), Abram Ellis and Wm. Carelton present; for Wm. Caulton (Carelton?), on Lick Run; for Col. Wm. Preston, 1,590 acres where he dwells, on a branch of Buffelo Creek joining David and Michael Cloyd, Widow McDonald, James Robinson, Saml. Robinson, Joseph Snodgrass, David Mitchell, Wm. Snodgrass; for Cap. Robt. Breckinridge, 797 acres, where he dwells, on Buffalo Creek, joining David Robinson, John Neilly, Rob. Neilly, Arch. Graham.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's: [unless otherwise listed]

  • Vol. 2 - LIST OF MUSTERS [abt. 1742] - Capt. John Christian's List: John Christian, Captain; William Christian, Lieutenant; Fran Betty, Ensign; Jhn. Holms, Josep Read, Finley McClewr, George Camble, George Caldwell, Wm. Caldwell, Alex. Thompson, Jas. Caldwell, Isaac McCulough, Jas. Armstrong, Wm. Armstrong, Thos. Henderson, Wm. Henderson, Rob Conigham, Wm. Conigham, Thos. Black, Wm. Johnston, Joh Davison, And. Cowin, Jas. Moody, Jas. Willson, Niol. Leeper, Jno. Turk, Wm. Adams, David Mitchel, Rob. Ramsey, George Breakinsed, John Mitchel, Jas. Fulton, John Fulton, John Brownlee, Chas. Camble, Jas. Camble, Will Camble, Jno. Buchanan, Nathan McClewer, Jas. Robinson, Antho Black, Will Long, Thos. Bell, Jas. Bell, Jno. Black, Wm. Robinson, Thos. Shields, And. McCord, Thos. Beans, Arth. Hamilton, And. Scott, John Maxwell, Pat. Barney, Alex. Brackinsedg, Rob. Brackinsedg, [sic] James Brackinsedg, _____ McCoulough, Jas. Miler, Rob. McClenachan, Jno. Doacke, Sam Doacke, Patt Hayes, And. Boyd, Jas. Black, Alex. Fordice, David Steel, Moses Thompson, John Thompson, And. Russell, Rand McDonel, Hug Martine, Joh Robinson, Jas. Beans, Rob. Alexander, Ths. Lewis.
  • Page 67.--19th November, 1747. Robert Brakenridge qualifies guardian of Lettice Brakenridge, orphan of Alex. Brakenridge, with surety James Bell. Lettice chose her guardian. [Note: Letitia was a younger sister of Robert Breckenridge]
  • Page 161.--22d December, 1748. Will of Andrew Moore--500 acres to Alex. and Saml. Moore and their mother; James Moore, a cow; William Moore, 5 shillings; John Moore, 5 shillings; Quanten Moore, 5 shillings; David Moore, 5 shillings. Teste: Robert Breckinridge, George Henderson. 19th May, 1749, having been proved last February. Court proved by George Henderson, is now proved by Robert Breckinridge.
  • Page 161.--22d December, 1748. Will of Andrew Moore--500 acres to Alex. and Saml. Moore and their mother; James Moore, a cow; William Moore, 5 shillings; John Moore, 5 shillings; Quanten Moore, 5 shillings; David Moore, 5 shillings. Teste: Robert Breckinridge, George Henderson. 19th May, 1749, having been proved last February. Court proved by George Henderson, is now proved by Robert Breckinridge.
  • Page 360.--28th November, 1749. William Logan, blacksmith, to Silas Hart, mason, John Smith's land. Robert Brackenridge, Elizabeth, wife of William, 400 acres on North River, Shannadore. Corner land formerly John Smith's; now Silas Hart's. Patented to Robert Breckenridge, 1st December, 1740, and conveyed by him to William Logan, 22nd July, 1745. Teste: James Brown, Robert Renick, William Anderson, James Sayers.
  • Page 205.--30th November, 1749. Alex. Wright's bond as administrator of Jacob Kinder, with sureties John Harvie, Robert Breckinridge.
  • Page 751.--17th May, 1750. Benj. Borden to William Reagh, 230 acres on Hays Creek. Delivered: R. Breckinridge, 23d August, 1751.
  • Page 521.--11th July, 1751. Daniel Evans to Peter Evans, 400 acres on Waters of Roanoke called Cedar Springs, at a place called Naked Farm. Teste: James Neelly, Robt. Breckinridge, James Porteus. Delivered: Wm. Preston.
  • Page 430.--24th August, 1751. Andrew Johnston to David Stewart, Gent., 218-1/2 acres. From John Maxwell; corner Robert McClenachan (formerly John Madison's land); corner Robert Breckinridge (formerly John Maxwell's land). Teste: John Harman, Audley Paul, Pat. McCluskey, Mary Paul.
  • Page 382.--28th August, 1751. James Trimble's bond as deputy surveyor, with sureties Silas Hart, Robert Breckinridge.
  • Page 402.--28th November, 1751. George Breckinridge's bond as administrator of James Connelley, with sureties Robt. McClenachan, Ro. Breckinridge.
  • Page 139.--20th March, 1753. James McCorkle and Jane, to Elijah McClenachan, 1753, 370 acres in Beverley Manor; the graveyard in Wm. Nutt's line; corner Breckinridge; corner Wm. Nut; also 23-1/2 acres part of tract formerly Wm. Nut in Beverley Manor; line of McCorckle's former survey. Teste: Wm. Lusk, Ro. Breckinridge.
  • Page 518.--27th November, 1753. Robert Breckinridge's bond for collection of the County proportion, with sureties Robt. McClenachan, Andrew Lewis.
  • Page 7.--27th November, 1753. Robert Breckinridge's bond as sheriff with sureties Robt. McClenachan, Thos. Gorden.
  • Page 53.--22d May, 1754. Robert Breckinridge's bond as administrator, c. t. a., of Wm. Burke, with surety David Stewart.
  • Page 200.--2d July, 1754. William Burk's estate--Accounts. By Robert Breckinridge. October, 1754. Suit vs. Shildrick Brown, Hanover. To James Brown's account; to Henry Dick; to Peter Scholl, coroner for inquest. January, 1756. To John Burk, expense of trip over the mountain. August, 1754. To Wm. Burk, Jr., for expense. June, 1756. To Adam Ollar by judgment of Court.
  • Page 103.--25th March, 1755. Robert Breckinridge's bond for collection of County levy, with sureties John Brown, Robert McClenachan.
  • Page 104.--25th March, 1755. Same's [Robert Breckinridge's]] bond as sheriff, with sureties John Anderson, Robert Christian. [Note: immediately follows record above]
  • Page 165.--3d June, 1755. Saml. Wilson, plantationer, to Robt. Wilson, farmer, £55, 461 acres in Beverley Manor, part of 761 acres granted by Beverley to Geo. and Rob. Breckinridge, 26th November, 1742, and said 461 acres were sold by Geo. and Ro. to Saml., 8th February, 1745; corner David Doak.
  • Vol. 2 - [undated, abt. November 1757] Pages 196.--John Mathews and Sampson Archer elected Wardens. Glebe buildings reported unsatisfactory--suit to be brought. Robert Breckinridge chosen Vestryman, vice John Mathews, deceased.
  • Vol. 2 - 6 July 1758. MARRIAGES LICENSES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY. 1758--July 6, Robert Breckinridge. [Note: bride's name not listed].
  • Page 288.--20th November, 1758. John Bowyer's bond (with Robt. Breckinridge, Robt. McClenachan) for collection of County proportion.
  • Page 108.--3d January, 1759. William Lusk to James Lockhart, late sheriff, £166.13.0; mortgage of land where William lives, 200 acres, bounded by lands of Isaac Taylor, Daniel Lyle. James McClung, in Borden's tract; also thirds of 400 acres on James River, formerly belonging to Andrew Gahagan; Wm. Lusk, James Lockhart, Robt. Breckinridge obtained a judgment in General Court for lapsed law; also third of one other tract of 400 acres on Roanoke, formerly belonging to James Burk; also obtained by a like judgment in General Court. Teste: Jno. McCampbell, Wm. Tamson, Ronald and William Lockhart. Tomson (Thompson).
  • Page 69.--21st March, 1759. Jno. Scott to Robt. Hook, £18. Bill sale of a negro woman. Teste: Robt. Breckinridge.
  • Page 335.--21st November, 1759. William Preston's bond (with William Thompson, Robert Breckinridge) as sheriff.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 269.-[1759: Processioners appointed] - Alex. Crawford, Michael Hogshead, in Capt. George Moffett's Company. John Thompson and Alex. Stuart in Capt. Alex. Thompson's Company. Joans Henderson, Andrew Russell, in Capt. Robert Breakinridge's Company. Alex. Blair and John Melcom, in Capt. Daniel Smith's Company.
  • Page 51.--23d April, 1760. James Robinson and Sarah (James being eldest son and heir of George Robinson and one of the executors of said George) to William Preston, £50, 191 acres by patent to George, day __, 1740; corner John Buchanans land, now in possession of David Cloyd, on a branch of Buffelo Creek, a branch of Roanoke. Teste: John Neally, Robert Breckinridge, Francis Smith, Ann Smith, Michael Cloyd, James Thompson.
  • Page 432.--19th November, 1760. William Long's appraisement, by David Stewart, Robt. Breckinridge, Felix Gilbert.
  • Page 5.--17th February, 1761. Robert P.reckinridge's [sic] bond (with Jno. Ponge) as administrator of Pharaoh Ryley.
  • Page 2.--19th August, 1761. Robert McClenachan and Sarah, David Stewart and Margaret to Peter Braminer, of Augusta, £63, 300 acres granted to Robert Breckinridge by patent, 27th February, 1754, survey made by James Barton, in the Forks of James's River. Delivered: Peter Braminer, 18th December, 1783.
  • Page 146.--26th January, 1762. William Preston and Susanna to Mary Preston, £100, 520 acres on Great River of the Calfpasture; cor. to Kinkead's land, crossing the river and Ramsey's Creek, the land of Lockridge. Teste: Robert and Lettice Breckinridge (Brackenridge). Delivered: Wm. Preston, February, 1763. [Note: William Preston was the brother-in-law of Robert Breckenridge, the brother of his second wife, Letitia Preston].
  • Page 149.--4th February, 1763. John Thompson and Susanna to Henry Ferguson, £70, 109 acres on a branch of Glade Creek. Teste: Wm. Preston. Jno. Buchanan, Jno. Smith, Robt. Breckinridge.
  • Page 270.--23d June, 1763. Robt. Bratton's settlement of estate of James Dunlap, approved and recorded--Paid Hugh Wardlaw, Ro. Lusk, Lettice Breckinridge, Joseph Wahob (Wauchut), Jas. Simpson, Thos. Gillespy, Jos. Mays, Henry Cartmill, James Means, David Dryden, Jas. Burnsides, Thos. Vance, Archd. Clendenning, Lawrence Huntsman, Thos. Thompson, John Low. Received from Capt. Christian, being arrears due Capt. Dunlap. Received from Capt. Hog, due for pay. Received from George Jameson. Received from Capt. Hog, account of James Ramsey. [Note: Lettice is likely the second wife of this Robert Breckenridge]
  • Page 416.-[17 April 1765] - Augusta S. S. This day John Neeley, Jr., made oath before as he never said or reported that Margaret Cloyd, daughter of David Cloyd, was guilty of getting drunk; nor that Lanty Armstrong ever had any criminal conversation with her; nor that he had of his own knowledge the least foundation for reporting such things of her in case he had reported them. As witness my hand. John Neeley, Jr. Sworn before us April 17th, 1765. Robert Breckinridge, William Preston.
  • Page 416.-[4 May 1765] - This day Lanty Armstrong maed [s/b "made"] oath that sum time in the fall of the year 1764 the deponent and John Neeley, Jr., was conversing about Mrs. Margaret Cloyd, the deponent asked said Neeley if he was not going to be married--Mrs. Cloyd. Neeley replyed not; that she was not the gurl he took her to be; that he had seen her drunk sundry times and one in particular at his father's, and this deponent further sayeth not. Sworn before me this 4th day of May, 1765.--Lanty Armstrong. Robert Breckinridge.
  • Page 462.--21st August, 1766. Andrew Boyd's bond (with Andw. Lewis, Wm. Preston, Robt. Breckinridge, Wm. Ingles, Benj. Hawkins, David Robinson) as administrator of Alexander Boyd.
  • Page 503.--18th December, 1766. David Bryan's will, of Roanoke-- Executors, wife, brother William and John McClung; to daughter, Mary, infant; to son, William; to son, David; has sold tract to William Cox, deed to be made to him. Tcste: Thos. Barnes. Thos. Lloyd, Wm. Bryan. Proved, 18th March, 1767, by Barnes and Bryan. Elizabeth (her mark), the others refusing, qualifies, with Wm. Christian, Walter Crockett, Robt. Breckridge.
  • Page 500.--18th March, 1767. Robert Breckinridgc's bond (with Malcom Allen, Richd. Woods) as guardian (chosen) to Robert Sayers, orphan of Alex. Sayers.
  • Page 428.--Return of privy examination of Lettice, wife of Robert Breckinridge, dated 5th August, 1767, as to deed dated 21st August, 1765. to Stephen Loy.
  • Page 509.--23d August, 1767. David Stewart's will--To wife Margaret, and to her oldest daughter, Mary Pall, 1 tract lying over James River, 100 acres; to son, John; to daughter, Sebing (?), 219-1/2 acres purchased from Andw. Johnston; to daughter, Elizabeth, tract on Round Oak and part of a lot in Staunton (no buildings on it) between Saml. Cowdon and me, and the lot that Jno. Stuart now lives on to be sold; to son, John, plantation testator lives on with 2 negros, goot from Greor formerly Patrick Martins. Executors, George Mathis and Wm. Lewis. Teste: Joseph Ray. Proved, 19th March, 1767, wholly in testator's handwriting. Executors refuse. Administration granted George Mathews and Andw. Lewis, who qualify with Sampson Mathews, Robert Breckinridge.
  • Page 256.--2d February, 1768. Jacob ( ) Lorton and Lydia ( ) to James Bane, £100, 560 acres by deed from James Patton 2d February, 1754, on Toms Creek, a pine by the Beaver Dams; corner Jacob Harmon's land; corner to the Price's land. Teste: William Preston, Robert Lusk, George Dair, Thomas Tosh, Daniel McNeill, Robert Cowan, John Buchanan, Francis Smith, Robert Breckinridge, Thomas Loyd, Peter Wright. Delivered: Jacob Sciler, 29th March, 1773.
  • Vol. 2 - [undated, appears to be abt. 1767-1769] - Page 464.--Wm. Bowyer chosen Vestryman vice Col. Buchanan, deceased; Thos. Madison chosen Vestryman vice Cap. Israel Christian; Cap. Peter Hog chosen Vestryman vice Maj. Robt. Breckenridge. Christian and Breckenridge have refused to subscribe to the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England. 22d November, 1769: Vestry met. John Poage resigns Vestryman. Cap. Alex. McClenachan is chosen Vestryman vice Jno. Poage, and takes all the oathes, including conformity to the doctrine, &c. Felix Gilbert is chosen Church warden by the Vestry. James Lockhart is chosen Church warden by the Rev. Mr. Joanes.
  • Page 315.--7th October, 1766. Jacob ( ) Brown and Agness ( ) to Thomas Tosh, £20, 100 acres by deed from James Patton, deceased, on West Fork of Roan Oak. Teste: John Buchanan, Robert Breckinridge, David Robinson, Thomas Barnes, William Preston.
  • Page 266.--5th March, 1768. Daniel ( ) McCormick and Anne ( ) to Joshua McCormick, £30, 110 acres, part of a tract conveyed to Daniel by William Preston on North Branch of Roanoke, Frederick Smith's line; corner said Daniel McCormick. Teste: William Preston, Robert Breckinridge, Arthur Campbell, Joseph Cloyd. Is. Christian, Wm. Crow.
  • Page 319.--11th March, 1768. David Robinson and Annable to Francis Smith, £440, 300 acres (two hundred of which is part of 400 conveyed to David by George Robinson 29th November, 1749, and the remaining 100 acres known by name of the Saw Mill place was reconveyed by William Graham to said David Robinson, on Buffelow Creek, branch of Roan Oak; corner Robert Breckinridge; corner Thomas Moore. Teste: Mathew Ralston, Wm. McMullen, James Hutcheson. Delivered: Thos. Madison, by Francis Smith's order, March, 1772.
  • Page 246.--19th November, 1768. William Crow and Margaret ( ) and Thomas to Ninian Minzies & Co., of Richmond, merchants, £322.1, two tracts on Craig's Creek, patented to James Patton, 1750, and conveyed to John Smith, and by John to William and Thomas Crow, 15th October, 1765, 195 acres; also 273 acres; also slaves, household goods and furniture, mentioned in a mortgage to David Stewart and Robert Breckinridge, 1760. Teste: Archer Mathews. Sampson Mathews. Robert McClenachan. Delivered: Ninian Minzies, 22d August, 1773.
  • Page 46.--23d May, 1769. Thomas Ogle, of Roan County. N. C., to William Murphy. £40, 67 acres on Little River, a branch of New River. Teste: Wm. Fleming, Thomas Madison, Andrew Lewis, Robert Breckinridge, Is. Christian, Gent.
  • Page 245.--14th June, 1769. Francis Kidd's estate appraised, by Robert Breckinridge, Bryan McDonald, John Nelly--Consists only of one silver watch.
  • Page 375.--25th June, 1769. John Buchanan's will--Lands on Reed Creek called Anchor and Hope, and 500 acres on New River where Adam Harman lived; to sons, James, William, and John (all under 30); to wife and children, tract where Walter Stewart lives; to daughter, Mary Boyd, wife to Andrew Boyd; to three youngest daughters; to George Wilson; to relative, James Buchanan, merchant in this county. Executors, Col. Andrew Lewis, Col. Wm. Preston, and nephew Wm. Campbell. Teste: John Smith, Robt. Breckinridge, Wm. Thompson, Jno. McClellan. Proved, 16th August, 1769. Preston and Campbell qualify; and 23d February, 1818, the will not having been recorded a certified copy is now ordered to be spread on record.
  • Page 233.--16th August, 1769. William Preston and William Campell's bond as administrators of John Buchanan (with William Thompson, Robert Breckinridge, William Christian, Patrick Campbell, John Mills, David Robinson, John Taylor).
  • Page 234.--26th August, 1769. William Preston's bond (with Robert Breckinridge, John Mills, David Robinson, Wm. Campbell, George Skillern, John Taylor, Patrick Campbell) as executor of James Patton.
  • Page 325.--4th November, 1769. George Darr's estate, appraised by Robert Breckinridge, John Nelly, Joseph Cloyd.
  • 1770, Jan 31 - Waterson v. Robt. Breckenridge (Botetourt). 400 acres on main bra. Jas. riv. patd. by Wm. Lusk Aug. 7. 1761. q. r. cultivn. &c. Have this petn. entd. right now the former being erroneously entd. for 400. on S. bra. No. riv. Shena[ndo]. Qu. county? Botetourt. Documents of Thomas Jefferson
  • Page 519.--23d June, 1770. Stephen Loy and Mary ( ) to William Bowyer, £150, 245 acres whereon Stephen now lives, which he purchased of Robert Breckinridge and joining Alexander McClenachan, Andrew Scott. Robert McClenachan, David Stuart and Elisha McClenachan. Teste: G. Jones, Lew Bowyer, Wm. Madison, Michael Bowyer.
  • Page 538.-[undated, appears to be bet. March-August 1777] - Land conveyed by Beverley to Alexander Breckinridge, recorded in Orange, and by Alexander's decease intestate became vested in his eldest son and heir, George Breckinridge, who conveyed same to Robert Breckenridge 17th May, 1749, and by Robert and Lettice, his wife, to Stephen Loy. 21st October, 1765.


Robert Breckinridge ( -1773) came from Pennsylvania to settle in Botetourt County, where he served as Sheriff, Justice and Lieutenant Colonel of the Militia.

According to an old newspaper article: "From Robert descended the branch so illustrious as statesmen, orators and divines."

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    3. Letitia PRESTON (John1) was born in 1729 in Ireland. She married Col. Robert Breckinridge on July 10, 1758 in Augusta Co., VA. She died in March, 1797.
    Letitia moved from Botetourt Co., VA to Fayette Co., KY in May 1793 with all the children except James.
    Col. Robert BRECKINRIDGE was born in 1720 in Ayshire, Scotland. He married Mary Poague circa 1740. He died in 1772 in Fincastle, Botetourt County, Va.
    Robert Breckinridge is named in a certificate of importation on May 22, 1740 that was granted to his father by the Orange County Court which also stated that the family came from Ireland to Philadelphia, PA and then to VA. He became Sheriff of Augusta Co., VA on November 21, 1753. Robert began military service in 1756 in Augusta Co., VA and was the captain of a company of Rangers which was incorporated with a detachment of the 1st VA Regiment for an expedition under Col. Andrew Lewis against the Shawnee Indians.
    Children of Letitia Preston and Col. Robert Breckinridge were as follows:
    19. i. William BRECKINRIDGE, born May 2, 1759; married Mary Gilham.
    + 20. ii. John BRECKINRIDGE, born December 2, 1760 in Staunton, VA; married Mary Hopkins Cabell.
    + 21. iii. James BRECKINRIDGE, born March 7, 1763 in Botetourt County, VA; married Ann Selden.
    22. iv. Jane BRECKINRIDGE was born circa 1765. She died young.
    23. v. Elizabeth BRECKINRIDGE, born circa 1766; married Samuel Meredith.
    24. vi. Preston BRECKINRIDGE, born March 17, 1770; married Elizabeth Trigg.