Person:John Brown (480)

Maj. John Brown, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA
d.Bef 19 Jun 1770 Augusta County, Virginia
  • HMaj. John Brown, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VAEst 1705 - Bef 1770
  • WMargaret DunlapAbt 1710 - Aft 1792
m. Abt 1727
  1. Thomas Brown, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VAAbt 1727 - Bef 1786
  2. James BrownAbt 1729 - Aft 1784
  3. Elizabeth Brown1731 - 1808
  4. John Brown, Jr.Abt 1750 -
  5. Hugh Brown, of the Cowpasture, Augusta County, VAEst 1755 to 1760 - Bef 1791
Facts and Events
Name Maj. John Brown, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1705 Prob. Scotland/Ireland
Marriage Abt 1727 to Margaret Dunlap
Death? Bef 19 Jun 1770 Augusta County, Virginia

John Brown was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Survey in Orange/Augusta County, VA

From "Hume's Old Field Book" of early surveys:

(17) May ye 9th, 1738, survey for John Brown beginning at Cathey's Kreek.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Image:BrownJohnBeverleyNW310 & 100acres.JPG

John Brown's land (Beverley Manor NW, 300 acres (310 on Hildebrand Map) 1748 & 100 acres, 1765) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 98.--4th February, 1748. Wm. Beverley to John Brown, 300 acres in Beverley Manor; Beverley Manor patent line, Robert Young. Teste: Moses Mann, Robt. Graham, Wm. Elliote.
  • Page 695.--28th February, 1749. Same (From William Beverley) to John Brown, Gent., lot No. 4 in Staunton and 50 acres in Beverley Manor, lot No. 1, Wm. Lewis's land. Teste: W. Russell, Jno. Pickins, Jno. McClure.
  • Page 142.--21st March, 1753. Robert Davis to John Brown, 300 acres; corner James Cathey, now Samuel Wallace; Beverley Manor line.
  • Page 144.--22d March, 1753. Same (From Robert Davis) to John Brown, 145 acres Beverley Manor; Patent Line; corner Cap. Brown, Back Creek.
  • Page 449.--23d May, 1761. Samuel Young to John Brown, £71, mortgage, 225 acres whereon Samuel now dwells, adjoining said John Brown, James Robert and Hugh Young. Teste: David Stewart, John Niell, Charles Lewis. (Note: the Samuel Young listed in this record was the son of Robert Young, who owned land adjoining John Young, as shown in the J.R. Hildebrand Map above).
  • Page 30.---28th August. 1762. Samuel Young and Jannet ( ) to John Brown. £108, 295 acres in Beverley Manor on Young's Mill Creek, conveyed by Robert Young to Samuel Young, adjoining land of said John Brown, John Young, Wm. McClintig, James Young; cor. Robet Young, Jr., Major Brown's old line. Delivered: Jno. Brown, 1764.
  • Page 373.--14th September, 1763. John ( ) Coulter and Isbell ( ) to John Brown and Thomas Gardner, £140, 210 acres in Beverley Manor, purchased by John Coulter from William Nutt, 28th November, 1750, on Mill Creek; Robert McClenachan's line, corner James McCorkle; corner to graveyard of John Breckinridge, who was murdered by the Indians; corner John Buchanan's land. Delivered: Thos. Brown, May, 1771.
  • Page 28.--23d May, 1765. Same (From Robert Beverley) to John Brown, £4.5.6, 100 acres in Beverley Manor. Delivered: Joseph Trotter, 2d December, 1785. (Note: this could possibly be John Brown, Jr., who was an adult by this time, although it probably would have stated "Jr." in the record).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 489.--19th August, 1752. John Brown, Gent, and Margaret, to Samuel Wilson, lot 4. Lot 4 in Town of Staunton and lot No. 1 of wood land; William Lewis' land. Livery by key of house on 1/2 acre, lot 4. Teste: John Buchanan, James McCorkall.
  • Page 836.--20th March, 1765. John Brown, gent., and Margret to Thomas Brown, £100, 145 acres. Delivered to Thomas Brown, 29th May, 1771.
  • Page 838.--19th March, 1765. John Brown and Margret to same (Thomas Brown), £100, 300 acres; corner James Cathey's, now Samuel Wallace's, Beverley Manor line.
  • Page 450.--__ March, 1768. John Brown and Margaret to John Trimble, John Finley, William McFetters, Jr., George Berry and Hugh Young, representatives or commissioners appointed by the congregation of the meeting house lately called by the name of Brown's by the approbation and under the conduct or the incumbency of the Rev. Charles Cummins, £1.5, 2 acres and a stone meeting house by a branch of the Meadow Run, a branch of Middle River of Shanandore, stone in the Glebe Road. Teste: James Brown, James Crow, Pat. Martin. Delivered: Wm. Moffett, 11th September, 1807.
  • Page 124.--15th August, 1768. John Brown and Margaaret to James Brown, £100, 295 acres in Beverley Manor on both sides of the Creek on which Gabert's Mill stands, conveyed by Samuel Young to John, adjudging William McCintage and others. Delivered: James Brown, June, 1769.
  • Page 231.--18th February, 1780. Patrick McDavid and Martha to John Handley and Gasper Snider, two-thirds of house and half lot in Staunton where Patrick now dwells. Page 234.--Part of the plantation Thomas Brown now lives on. Page 236.--Daniel McNare's land where he now lives. Page 241.--16th May, 1780. James Gamble and Agness to their son Robert Gamble. Page 247.--On Middle River where John Brown, deceased, formerly lived, and willed to Hugh Brown by his father, John Brown. Page 248.--20th November, 1779. Thomas Brown, son and heir of John Brown, to Hugh Brown.
  • Page 185.--16th March, 1784. James Brown, son of John Brown, deceased, to Hugh and John Brown. John died seised of 210 acres in Beverley Manor, and devised same to be sold, corner to graveyard of John Breckinridge, who was murdered by the Indians; corner tract purchased of William Null. Teste: James Curry.

Will of John Brown

  • Page 311.--__ _____, ____. John Brown's will--To wife Margaret; to son Thomas; to son James; to daughter Elizabeth Skillern; to son Hugh (infant), land adjoining the Meeting House; to son John. Land in Greenbrier to be divided between the 4 sons. Executors, wife Margaret and son James. Teste: John Poage, Jacob Lockhart. Proved, 19th June, 1770, by the witnesses. James Brown refuses to execute. Margaret (her mark) qualifies, with Thomas Brown, James Brown.

Records of John Brown in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 84.--14th May, 1746. George Hutchinson, of Augusta, yeoman, to James Clarke, wheelwright, £24.10.0; 380 acres in Beverley Manor, corner to land surveyed for John Brown. Witnesses, John Risk, James Brown, James Trimble. Acknowledged, 13th May, 1746, and Eleanor, his wife, relinquishes dower.
  • Page 461.--22nd February, 1749. Same (William Beverley) to Robert Moody, 473 acres in Beverley Manor, head of Long Meadow. Corner John Frazier. Delivered: Samuel Frazier, 11th November, 1773. Teste: Thomas Stewart and John Brown.
  • Page 642.--28th February, 1749. Same to same (William Beverley to Robert Young), 550 acres whereon he now lives. In Beverley Manor whereon Robert now lives. Corner in his former survey; corner William McClintock; corner Hugh Young; John Browne's line.
  • Page 32.--25th March, 1749. John Young's estate, Dr. to James C. Young, administrator: To funeral charges, £4. To cash, by Henry Downs, Capt. Danl. McAnare. Capt. John Brown, Hugh Young, Robt. Scott, Robt. Boyd, John Davis.
  • Page 388.--21st May, 1760. James Dunlap's appraisement, by Jno. Brown, Wm. McFeeters, Saml. Wilson--One negro man. (Note: James Dunlap was the brother-in-law of John Brown).
  • Page 103.--30th October, 1761. Patrick Inglish's will--Debts to Major John Brown and Samuel Moore to be paid first for reasons best known to testator; wife, Else, and his poor babes. Executors, John Brown and Saml. Moore. Teste: Geo. Wilson, Henry Maurray. Proved, 20th November, 1761, by Geo. Wilson, and recorded. Saml. Young qualified with Saml. Moore, William Wallace.
  • Page 325.--27th February, 1764. Jane Young's (wife of Saml. Young) confession of scandalous words. She said that Major John Brown's waggon drove by his son or sons did bring from the Meeting House, commonly called Brown's Meeting House, a waggon load of lime belonging to the Congregation. Teste: Robt. Wilson, Henry Cresswell, Thos. Brown, Jas. Brown. (Note: Thomas and James Brown were sons of John Brown).
  • Page 505.--22d August, 1767. Israel Christian and Elisabeth to William Bowyer, £150, one-half of lot No. 3, in Staunton, whereon William now lives and keeps store, purchased by Israel from John Stewart, he from Joseph Mais, and he from John Madison, Jno. Brown and Jno. Lewis, and they from James Brown, who purchased from Beverley; also one-half undivided moiety of 50 acres adjoining said town, now held by Israel Christian, Andrew Lewis, Wm. Preston and Thomas Lewis.
  • Vol. 1 - Vol. 1 - MAY, 1774 (A). - Brown vs. Brown.--Chancery writ dated 1st April, 1771. Robert Brown and Rebecca Brown, late Rebecca Gardner, formerly the wife of Thomas Gardner, deceased, and Francis Gardner, eldest son and heir-at-law of said Thomas Gardner, orators. In 1763, Thomas Gardner and John Brown purchased a tract of land from John Coulter, in Beverly Manor. Deeds were made in September, 1763. Shortly after, Thomas Gardner died intestate, leaving above widow and son and heir. John Brown entered and took possession by survivorship and died, devising the land to his sons John and Hugh, with provision that his son James should make a deed to his brothers. It is charged that John Brown and Thomas Gardner agreed there should be no survivorship. Prayer for division. John, Jr., was younger brother of Hugh Brown. Hugh was infant at his father's death. John was not 15 years old at his father's death.
  • Page 327.--17th October, 1780. Robert Gray and Margery ( ) to William Coffey, of Amherst County, on South Mountain near Reid's Gap on Back Creek. Teste: Robert Stewart, David Horbison. Page 329.--Part of the plantation Major John Brown formerly lived on. Thomas Brown to John Brown.
  • Page 169.--13th June, 1788. John Handley and Margaret, of Augusta, and Gasper Snider and Margret, of Rockingham, to Anthony Mustoe and William Chambers, conveyed to Samuel Wilson by John Brown. August, 1753, and to grantors here by Patrick McDavid and Martha, his wife, daughter of Samuel Wilson, 18th February, 1780.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 24, 1792. - (210) On motion of Elizabeth Brown, adminixtratrix, &c., of Thomas Brown, Margaret Brown, executrix of John Brown, deceased, is required to give security to save the estate of Thomas Harmless by reason of his being security for Margaret, and John Brown becomes security.