Person:William Christian (11)

Maj. William Christian
b.1720 Ireland
d.Bef 17 Aug 1779 Augusta, Virginia
m. 1703
  1. Mary ChristianAbt 1704 - Aft 1764
  2. Robert ChristianAbt 1712 - Bef 1794
  3. Capt. John ChristianAbt 1718 - Bef 1779
  4. Maj. William Christian1720 - Bef 1779
  • HMaj. William Christian1720 - Bef 1779
  • WMary CampbellAbt 1728 -
m. Abt 1743
  1. Patrick Christian1744 - 1808
  2. Margaret Campbell Christian1745/46 - 1790
  3. Gilbert Israel Christian1747 - Abt 1812
  4. Elizabeth ChristianAbt 1748 -
  5. Mary Christian1750 -
Facts and Events
Name Maj. William Christian
Alt Name Capt. William Christian
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1720 Ireland
Marriage Abt 1743 Augusta, Virginiato Mary Campbell
Alt Death? 1776 Augusta County, Virginia
Death[1] Bef 17 Aug 1779 Augusta, Virginia

William Christian was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Robert, William and John Christian's land (Beverley Manor SW, 1,614 acres) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. Additional land (180 acres) acquired in 1765, by William Christian is adjoining to the southeast.

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 427-29. 29 Feb. 1739 [1740]. William Beverley of Essex County, Gent., to John Christyes, Robert Christyes and William Christyes of Orange County. For £42.8.5 current money. 1,614 acres, part of 118,491 acres... near the middle of Christyes Creek... [History of patent as in deed of Beverley to Moffet]. (signed) W. Beverley. Wit: Geo. Robinson, James Cathey, Robt. Turk. 28 Feb. 1739 [1740]. Acknowledged by William Beverley, Gent. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 3, Dorman, pg. 28]. (Note: since William Christian was old enough to acquire land in 1740, he was most likely born no later than 1720 - some estimates give his birthdate as 1725, but he would have been only 15 years old when the 1,614-acre tract was acquired in 1740).

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 443.--16th August, 1753. Same (from Thomas Paxton) to Wm. Christian. Lot 8 in Staunton, conveyed to Thomas as above. Delivered: Israel Christian, 17th February, 1757. Livery by key of the house.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 516.--17th November, 1757. William Christian and Mary to George Willson, £30 lot 8 in Staunton, sold by County Court to Thomas Paxton and by Paxton to William, 16th August, 1753. Delivered: George, August, 1758.

Will of William Christian

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 75.--25th September, 1776. William Christian's will--Executors, "my brothers, Robert and John Christian and Capt. George Moffett"; to son, Patrick, 269 acres whereon Patrick now lives, part of 1614 acres "whereof 538 acres were laid off for my share"; to William Christian (son to Patrick), land, 40 acres of 180 (80) acres; to son, Gilbert; to wife, Mary; the 3,000 acres to which testator is entitled by Proclamation 1763 to be divided between 3 daughters, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Mary. Teste: William Anderson, Patt. Christian, Wm. Scott. Proved, 17th August, 1779, by Anderson and Scott. Moffett refuses to execute; John Christian qualifies.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - List of Musters, 1742: No. 5 - Capt. John Christian's List: John Christian, Captain; William Christian, Lieutenant; Fran Betty, Ensign; Jhn. Holms, Josep Read, Finley McClewr, George Camble, George Caldwell, Wm. Caldwell, Alex. Thompson, Jas. Caldwell, Isaac McCulough, Jas. Armstrong, Wm. Armstrong, Thos. Henderson, Wm. Henderson, Rob Conigham, Wm. Conigham, Thos. Black, Wm. Johnston, Joh Davison, And. Cowin, Jas. Moody, Jas. Willson, Niol. Leeper, Jno. Turk, Wm. Adams, David Mitchel, Rob. Ramsey, George Breakinsed, John Mitchel, Jas. Fulton, John Fulton, John Brownlee, Chas. Camble, Jas. Camble, Will Camble, Jno. Buchanan, Nathan McClewer, Jas. Robinson, Antho Black, Will Long, Thos. Bell, Jas. Bell, Jno. Black, Wm. Robinson, Thos. Shields, And. McCord, Thos. Beans, Arth. Hamilton, And. Scott, John Maxwell, Pat. Barney, Alex. Brackinsedg, Rob. Brackinsedg, James Brackinsedg, _____ McCoulough, Jas. Miler, Rob. McClenachan, Jno. Doacke, Sam Doacke, Patt Hayes, And. Boyd, Jas. Black, Alex. Fordice, David Steel, Moses Thompson, John Thompson, And. Russell, Rand McDonel, Hug Martine, Joh Robinson, Jas. Beans, Rob. Alexander, Ths. Lewis.
  • Page 441.--16th August. Thomas Paxton to Francis Beaty, 1750. In Staunton, lot 11 conveyed to Thomas by Andrew Lewis and Robert McClenachan on behalf of County Court, 37th June, 1752. Teste: John Archer, W. Christian, Thomas Boyd, John Shield.
  • Page 331.--17th June, 1752. Beverley by &c. to Robert Moffet, planter, 490 acres. In Beverley Manor; corner James Patton's Mill place; William Long's line; James Bell's line; Wm. Christian's line; John Christian's line.
  • Page 25.--26th February, 1762. Francis Tyler to Israel Christian, £40, a negro slave Hanna. Teste: W. Christian, Charles Donelly.
  • Page 366.--18th May, 1762. William Armstrong and Mary ( ) to Joseph Kincaid, £100, 242-1/2 acres on South Fork of Christian's Creek, part of 485 acres, on which Wm. now lives, Wm. Christian's line. Acknowledged and privy examination. Delivered to Wm. Kinkaid, June, 1777.
  • Page 524.--18th August, 1762. Richard ( ) Kerr to Israel Christian, £64, 240 acres by patent deed from Col. James Patton to Richard Kerr, 18th November, 1752, on Welsh Run, a branch of Roan Oak. Teste: Wm. Christian, Thomas Barnes, Archibald Handley.
  • Page 544.--22d February, 1764. Henry Willson and Mary to John Taylor, £55, 230 acres in Beverley Manor on a branch of Christian's Creek; corner to the Christians' land; James Caldwell's corner, William Armstrong's line. Delivered: John Taylor, 1766. Teste: W. Christian, P. Christian, Wm. Means.
  • Page 704.--7th June, 1764. David Robinson and Annabale (Annabell) to Israel Christian, £80, 245 acres on Buffalo Creek of Roanoke, near Carvin's Creek, Wm. Graham's, about 20-24 acres is overlapped by Wm. Graham's patent and is excepted. Teste: Wm. Davis. James Robinson. David Bryan, Wm. Christian.
  • Page 298.--7th August, 1784. Robert Christian, Sr., and William Christian, son and heir-at-law of John Christian, deceased, to Gilbert Christian, son to William Christian, deceased, 299 acres whereon William Christian, deceased, lived. Teste: John Christian, G. Christian, Jr., Benjamin Richards.

Biographical Information on William Christian

DATE 17 AUG 1779
Will was proven in Augusta Co.

William Christian [Parents] was born in 1720 in Ireland. He died in 1776 in Augusta, Virginia. He married Mary Campbell in 1743 in Augusta, Virginia.

Mary Campbell [Parents] was born in 1727 in Sweet Ara, Donegal, Pennsylvania. She died in 1754/1821. She married William Christian in 1743 in Augusta, Virginia.

They had the following children:

  • M i Patrick Christian
  • F ii Margaret Campbell Christian
  • M iii Gilbert Israel Christian
  • F iv Elizabeth Christian
  • F v Mary Christian
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    4. William Christian married Mary Campbell. He served as a Capt. in the Augusta troops.
    His issue:

    A. Patrick, b. 21 July 1744, married Elizabeth Robinson
    B. Gilbert
    C. Elizabeth, married David Carson (she born 10 April 1748)
    D. Margaret, born 2 Feb. 1746, married Andrew Russel
    E. Mary, married John Creely.