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TitleCreatedLast modifiedbyWatchers
Ability to merge Mysource pages with regular sources29 Apr 20141 May 2014User:Jrich5
View the talk page - suppress when empty9 Feb 201410 Feb 2014User:Jrich4
Adding of Baptism/Burial date field on 'add person' page14 Jan 201514 Jan 2015User:Goldenoldie3
Add Source Citation buttons before and after each Citation ID30 Sep 201430 Sep 2014User:Woepwoep2
Cemetery pages only on burial location10 Nov 201211 Nov 2012User:Jhamstra11
Source matching during GEDCOM upload8 May 201227 Mar 2013User:Jrich11
Browse links for each part of compound (e.g., Norwegian) surname6 Feb 20146 Feb 2014User:DataAnalyst1
Link to Wikimedia images31 Jul 201130 Nov 2012User:AndrewRT10
Suggestions for improvements to Search10 May 201324 Nov 2014User:Jaques17249
Assertions21 Dec 201219 Aug 2013User:Jrm030639
Tweak to Duplicates Report4 Dec 20111 Nov 2012User:Jillaine9
Scraping of FindAGrave cemetery pages23 Oct 20122 Jul 2013User:Goldenoldie8
Upgrade MediaWiki8 Mar 20124 Oct 2012User:Samwilson8
Automatically delete "emtpy" pages for living people17 Nov 201110 Jun 2012User:Dallan7
Move Source Quality selection to Source page24 Sep 20116 Feb 2014User:Jrich7
Filter for "What links here"22 Jul 201114 Mar 2012User:Jrm030637
Change handling of edit conflicts3 Aug 20123 Aug 2012User:Jrich6
Ref Tag Improvement5 Sep 20115 Sep 2011User:Jrich6
Redirect MySource to Source20 Nov 201221 Nov 2012User:Dallan5
Sorting Facts/Events without dates8 Oct 20127 May 2013User:Samwilson5
Show all spouses in Search Results List19 May 20125 Oct 2012User:GayelKnott5
Disallow the deletion of spousal pages if the family page is watched26 Feb 201226 May 2013User:Jrich5
Content Language Neutrality via Wikipedia/Wikidata6 Jan 20146 Jan 2014User:Jrm030634
Improve dropdown Place search11 Nov 201221 Nov 2012User:Jdfoote14
Format Date Field10 Nov 201211 Nov 2012User:DataAnalyst4
Add a Title (Nobility) Event to Person pages3 Nov 201219 Dec 2012User:JBS664
Wikipedia in other languages16 Sep 20123 Nov 2012User:Ekjansen4
Variant Names5 Feb 20126 Feb 2012User:Dallan4
Button to print excluded people during gedcom import23 Jan 201224 Jan 2012User:Dallan4
Allowing picking of Green Boxes in merge22 Jan 201226 Jun 2014User:Janiejac4
Sorting marriages on person pgs11 Jan 201224 Jan 2012User:Moverton4
Create a 'delete' option for those of us who wish to delete a page.7 Dec 201130 Nov 2012User:AndrewRT4
Pruning Trees15 Nov 201116 Nov 2011User:Dallan4
Mark as visited8 Oct 20119 Oct 2011User:Jrich4
Streamline Add Person8 Oct 201111 Mar 2012User:Dallan4
Add "Description" field for the birth/death to the Family page22 Jul 201122 Jul 2011User:Moverton4
WeRelate API9 Feb 201328 Jul 2013User:JoshHansen3
Add child (to existing spouse) from Person page16 Dec 201217 Dec 2012User:Jrich3
Automate Family pages16 Dec 201217 Dec 2012User:Jrich3
Living place holders for FTE10 Nov 201221 Oct 2013User:AndrewRT3
Memorial in lieu of known burial5 Oct 201211 Nov 2012User:Jrich3
Permit renaming of images3 Jun 20123 Jun 2012User:Jhamstra3
Install ParserFunctions Extension26 May 201226 May 2012User:JBS663
Unknown in page titles9 Feb 20129 Feb 2012User:JBS663
Increase person limit3 Jan 201211 Nov 2012User:Jillaine3
Prevent double-clicks when renaming pages19 Dec 201119 Dec 2011User:Jrich3
Recently added or selected pages4 Dec 20116 Dec 2011User:Dallan3
Forgot your user name option4 Dec 20114 Dec 2011User:Dallan3
Sorting surnames on source pages13 Oct 201113 Oct 2011User:JBS663
Attaching the same source citation to multiple pages30 Sep 20111 Oct 2011User:Mksmith3
Color Name Box by State/Province of Birth28 Sep 20114 Jun 2012User:AndrewRT3
Capitalization consistency on Surname & Category pages7 Jul 201113 Jul 2011User:Dallan3
Search form to include gender9 Dec 201310 Dec 2013User:Woepwoep2
Relationship calculator9 Oct 201330 Dec 2014User:Trentf2
Prevention of Living People and 'Stealth' Living People1 Aug 201329 Aug 2013User:DMaxwell2
Add icon taskbar to Source Text and Notes boxes2 Jul 20132 Jul 2013User:Goldenoldie2
Random "search" on the Main Page10 May 201310 May 2013User:Khaentlahn2
Burials -- Order in Facts and Events6 May 20137 May 2013User:Samwilson2
Need an 'add' button to search results pg when I get zero results25 Mar 201325 Mar 2013User:Jillaine2
Move Person: pages to mainspace16 Dec 201217 Dec 2012User:Jdfoote12
Bug Fix: How parents are added in GEDCOM upload29 Nov 201229 Nov 2012User:JBS662
"with" displaying on Person pages where spouse is Unknown31 Oct 20121 Nov 2012User:Moverton2
Progress report22 Oct 201224 Oct 2012User:Janiejac2
Category Index13 Oct 201213 Oct 2012User:Janiejac2
Change the Google Plus Snippet so that it shows information1 Sep 20121 Sep 2012User:Jdfoote12
Page to delineate which image types are allowed31 Aug 201230 Sep 2012User:Dallan2
Unsourced category19 Aug 201211 Nov 2012User:GayelKnott2
EVENT page type5 Jul 20126 Jul 2012User:Amelia.Gerlicher2
Implied References from Transcripts13 Mar 201214 Mar 2012User:Jrich2
Images on non-Person pages30 Jan 201230 Jan 2012User:Mksmith2
GEDCOM upload: Location button6 Jan 20126 Jan 2012User:Janiejac2
Sound off page!!5 Jan 201212 Mar 2013User:Janiejac2
Images don't appear on pages when linked during upload3 Jan 20125 Jan 2012User:Dallan2
Make "→" section links work29 Dec 201129 Dec 2011User:Jrich2
Gedcom uploader living check19 Dec 201119 Dec 2011User:JBS662
Gedcom uploader surname checks19 Dec 201119 Dec 2011User:JBS662
Browse Pages - remove redirects30 Nov 20111 Dec 2011User:Dallan2
Add Event/Fact category "Civic"17 Nov 201117 Nov 2011User:Jhamstra2
Streamline Add Source29 Oct 20111 Nov 2011User:Dallan2
Website Button22 Oct 201124 Oct 2011User:Dallan2
Requesting Extension:Labeled Section Transclusion24 Sep 201125 Sep 2011User:Jrich2
On Compare pages, mark identical Persons23 Oct 201319 Nov 2013User:Robert.shaw1
"Return to Top" in watercooler would be helpful.28 May 201329 May 2013User:Jrich1
Bring coords in from wikipedia30 Nov 20122 Jul 2013User:Goldenoldie1
Check of new Family pages for recent marriages18 Oct 201218 Oct 2012User:JBS661
Enhancing the Children List on a Family Page14 Jul 201230 Sep 2012User:Pkeegstra1
Enhancing the "also located in" List14 Jul 201229 Nov 2012User:Pkeegstra1
Use a robot to change the contest page25 Jun 201225 Jun 2012User:Cthrnvl1
Thoughts on Silhouette Images26 Apr 201226 Apr 2012User:Janiejac1
On personal pages, add new type of event: loan (or so)23 Apr 201223 Apr 2012User:Diba1
Fix citations when source titles contain links28 Dec 201128 Dec 2011User:Dallan1
"No children" box for family pages3 May 201111 Nov 2012User:Jrich12
Page types
Where do i confirm my e-mail,unable to confirm where you told me to
Displaying Japanese Names properly
Using this website to search for early records
Naming Conventions in the absence of a Surname
Tool for checking consistency of data28 May 201130 Nov 2013User:DataAnalyst8
Place pages maps from Google
Sort by page title15 Jun 201112 Sep 2011User:Janiejac6
Exclude unused MySources in Gedcom upload20 Jun 201129 Jun 2011User:Amelia.Gerlicher5
Bug fix needed:Parents not displaying on pedi-map or family page3 May 20113 May 2011User:JBS665
Match MySources in gedcom upload19 Jun 201128 Jun 2011User:Mksmith4
Transcript namespace page - Source box3 May 20115 Jan 2012User:Dallan3
Bold merges of watched pages in recent edits27 Apr 201127 Apr 2011User:JBS663
Put AFN into a source field30 Jun 20111 Jul 2011User:Dallan2
"Edit Section" link22 May 201118 Jun 2011User:Dallan2