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Have you discovered a fascinating page? Did it make you laugh or cry? Please take some time to nominate that page. Why nominate a page? Because, it's like a virtual pat on the back, a way to recognize hard work. Also, featured pages are a wonderful example to those just starting out with WeRelate. A page from the list will be featured on the Main Page each week.

So, let your voice be heard, nominate a great page today!

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Week of May 23rd:

Person:Dorothy Burn (1) Following the suggestion for more females here is one of mine.

Future Featured Page Candidates

Please add pages from the nominations below to this "short-list" of candidates for future Featured Pages. Please only add pages that are well-sourced (i.e. - no "red links"), and meet the "Criteria for Genealogy Well-Done Status", listed below (pages should be "cleaned-up" before they are added):

Person:Elias Bishop (2) - lots of interesting images attached

Person:Charles Schonour (2) -- has some scanned images attached to sources -- know there are many more like this, but this is one I found

Here are some of the criteria previously established for Genealogy Well Done Status.

Need a few NEW candidates to this list (need some new material): Thank you!

[Please insert new Featured Page Candidates Here]:

Person:George Boone (11)

Person:Rachel Varney (2) - another female

Need more Featured Candidates please!

[Need more Featured Page Candidates Please!]

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