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My Paternal Grandparents and Great-Grandparents

My Maternal Grandparents and Great-Grandparents

Parents of my Aunts and Uncles

My Favorite and Prominent Relatives

My Girlfriend's Great-Grandparents

My Girlfriend's Favorite and Prominent Relatives

Various Curious People and Families

Other Websites for My Family

I would like to acknowledge here websites which record subsets of my family and the families of the spouses of my siblings.

My Family

Spouses of my Siblings

User and MySource Pages

Railroads and Interurbans of West Michigan

(During a key period in the development of Michigan and the American Midwest, the railroads were the crucial linkages mediating that development. Since World War II they have lost that role to the interstate highways, and I would welcome a similar project to tie interstate exits to WeRelate places.)

Calvin College

Dordt College

Charter Members of Christian Reformed Church Congregations