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I have resigned as a site administrator. I will be seeking ways where my efforts will genuinely help make free wiki-style genealogy into a viable alternative for individuals and groups.

My activities with the wider WeRelate database are now limited to keeping two promises that I made to the community in the past:

  • Restoration of atypical surname forms (toponyms and patronyms generally) where I moved the last name to the suffix field. This occurred while exploring the subsequently aborted effort to extend conventions to cover names outside the scope of existing WR policy (generally in the pre-1300 time period).

I believe that I have addressed almost all examples of the above two situations, but I probably missed a few. I will address any that remain if advised by e-mail. I may continue to make use of WeRelate for my personal genealogy research while it remains convenient.

I am no longer pursuing transcript annotation and citation standardization, associated with the WeRelate Transcription of the Savage Dictionary. I have some Python scripts related to automatic processing of this material, and will make them available to responsible individuals who may request them.

--jrm03063 00:30, 7 March 2014 (UTC)