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Over a year past, I resigned as a site administrator. I remain pleased with that decision, as I am now truly free to work where my interests lie.

I have resumed work on the WeRelate Transcription of the Savage Dictionary. My effort is focused on detection of problems and annotation of the transcript with links to WeRelate's collected set of Person pages.

I had hoped that my efforts with Savage would not involve me in the wider Person page sphere (the previous experience there was so delightful...). Unfortunately, as I've been working through Savage, I have been surprised to find duplication and connection defects on a near daily basis. Those problems aren't compatible with my transcription effort - so I pretty much have to fix them.

Another sort of thing I often do is to add an empty person page (when missing) when Savage refers to a husband for which we only have a corresponding family page. That allows me to hook the corresponding Savage reference to the WR tree.

I am NOT doing a wholesale addition of content from Savage to WeRelate.

--jrm03063 00:55, 11 November 2015 (UTC)