Place:Romney Marsh Liberty, Kent, England

NameRomney Marsh Liberty
Located inKent, England
See alsoShepway Lathe, Kent, Englandlathe (administrative division) of which the hundred was a part

The Corporation or Liberty of Romney Marsh, although within Shepway Lathe, possessed its own Quarter and Petty Sessions (separate from the county).

"A liberty was an English unit originating in the Middle Ages, traditionally defined as an area in which regalian right was revoked and where the land was held by a mesne lord (i.e., an area in which rights reserved to the king had been devolved into private hands). It later became a unit of local government administration.
"Liberties were areas of widely variable extent which were independent of the usual system of hundreds and boroughs for a number of different reasons, usually to do with peculiarities of tenure." (Source:Wikipedia)

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