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Old Chester


Data. 1810 Census records in PA for Cowan Heads of Household
Data. 1800 Census records in PA for Cowan Heads of Household
Data. Cowan's in the 1790 PA, US Census
Data. Cowan Tax Records for Air and Dublin Townships, Bedford County, PA
Data. Cowan Census Records, Cowans Gap and Vicinity
Data. Cowan Census records, Franklin County, PA
Data. 1860 Cowen Census Data for Franklin and Fulton Counties, PA
Data. 1786 Franklin County Tax Records, Antrim Township not Cowan specific
Data. Franklin County, 1786 Tax List not Cowan specific
Data. 1753 Cowan Tax Records for Sadsbury Twp, Chester County, PA


Data:Cowan Land Warrants Old Chester PA
Document:Will of Harmon Dick, Bedford County PA, 1825
Data:Miscellaneous Cowan Records before 1800 from Chester County Archives
Document. Will of Edward Cowan, Bedford County, PA, 1832
Document. Heirs of Michael Pote and Elizabeth Weiss, Bedford County PA, 1837
Transcript:Letter from D.C. Miller to kinsman John Cowan, Blue Springs, TN, 1865
Document. Abstract of will of Elizabeth Cowan, 1774, Chester County PA
Data. Cowans buried in Upper Octoraro Graveyard, Sadsbury, Chester PA, 1734-1751

Old Augusta

Data. Cowan Land Grants in Virginia, 1680-1815
Data. Cowan's in Chalkley's Chronicles
Data. Cowan's in Chalkley's Chronicles, date ordered
Data. Cowan's in Chalkley's Chronicles, name ordered
Transcript:Indenture, Eleanor Cowan to David Lewis Jr, Albemarle, 1765
Data. Albemarle County Road Orders mentioning "Cowans"
Albemarle Company of Militia, 1758
Cowan Baptisms by Rev. John Craig, 1740-1749

Old Kentucky

Data. Cowan Land Grants in Kentucky
Document. Will of John Cowan, Mercer County, KY, 1819


Documents:Mrs. Scott's Testimony in Drapers MSC
Documents:Thomas Carter Testimony in Drapers MSC
Document:Letter From Andrew Finis Cowan to Columbia Cowan, 1906, Extract
Document:In the Shadow of the Chillhowie
Document:JB Cowan to EH Cowan, March 1895
Document:JB Cowan to Unnamed Relative, March 1895
Document:JB Cowan to Unnamed Relative, April 1895
Document:Laura Cowan Blain to J. Max Cowan, 1916
Document:The Capture of Margaret Handley, 1779
Document:The Capture of Samuel Handley, 1792
Document:Sarah Cowan Maxwell to Margaret Allen Maxwell, before 1856
Document. William Cowan Castle's Woods Land Record, 1783
Analysis:Mrs Dunvant's version of the Major John Cowan story
Data:William Cowan and Samuel Handley
Document. John Cowan to James McKinney, Castle's Woods property, 1788

Smoky Mountains

Document. Andrew Cowan Service and Pension Record, War of 1812
Document. John Cown Petition for expenses, Volunteer Mounted Gunmen, War of 1812
Data. Petition Petition to Secure Lands by Citizens of Tennessee residents south of the Holston and French Broad, 1813
Data. Land Records for Robert Cowan (10)
Data. Cowan Marriages in Tennessee to 1825
Cowan Land Records Sevier and Blount County TN

Carolina Cradle

Transcription:Cowan Marriages in Rowan County, NC
Data. Annotated Index to Cowan Records in Rowan County, NC
Transcript:Cowans in US Census Records for South Carolina, 1790-1810

Savannah River

Transcript:Will of John Cowan of Chester, SC, 1837
Document. Will of John Cowan of Savannah River, 1792
Document. Will of Samuel Cowan of Savannah River, 1851
Document. Will of Hannah Cowan of Savannah River, 1815


Data. Ancestry Tree's Data for David Cowan=Jane Wright
Cowan Revolutionary War Pension Applications on Southern Campaigns