Albemarle Company of Militia, 1758



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Intermediate Source: Source:Woods,1901
Original Source:Hening's Statutes, VII, 203.


Albemarle Company of Militia, lately in actual service for the defence and protection of the frontier against the Indians, September, 1758.

Original OrderAlphabetical Order
First Last Rank/Notes First Last Rank/Notes Likely Person
James Nevill Captain Hugh Alexander
John Woods Lieut. John Biggs
William Woods Lieut. George Breckenridge
William Woods Ensign Henry Brenton
David Martin Ensign William Cartie
Andrew Greer Sergeant John Cowan
Charles Wakefield Sergeant Charles Crawford
William Martin Sergeant Langdon Depriest
Samuel Stockton John Depriest
Thomas Jameson David Gass Person:David Gass (2)
Hugh Alexander Adam Gaudylock
Robert Poage James Glenn
John Wallace Andrew Greer Sergeant
Adam Gaudylock Thomas Grubbs
Michael Woods Jr. Thomas Harbet
Bartholomew Ramsay Abraham Howard
Henry Randolph Charles Hughes
William Stockton Aaron Hughes
Michael Israel Matthias Hughes
James Kinkead Michael Israel
Thomas Harbet Thomas Jameson
Henry Brenton Alexander Jameson
Joshua Woods James Kinkead
Alexander Jameson Adam Lackie
Daniel Maupin James Martin
John Maupin David Martin Ensign
William Maupin William Martin Sergeant
Matthew Mullins Daniel Maupin
Samuel Woods John Maupin
William Whiteside William Maupin
David Gass John McAnally
Abraham Howard Alexander McMulen
Thomas Grubbs Robert McWhorter
John Cowan Michael Morrison
George Breckenridge James Morrison
William Poage Matthew Mullins
William Wakefield James Nevill Captain
William Cartie Robert Poage
Charles Hughes William Poage
Langdon Depriest Richard Pryor
Aaron Hughes Bartholomew Ramsay
John Depriest Henry Randolph
James Glenn James Robertson
James Robertson Lawrence Smith
Charles Crawford Samuel Stockton
John Biggs William Stockton
John McAnally William Wakefield
Robert McWhorter Charles Wakefield Sergeant
Richard Pryor John Wallace
James Martin William Whiteside
Michael Morrison Michael Woods Jr.
James Morrison Joshua Woods
Adam Lackie Samuel Woods
Alexander McMulen John Woods Lieut.
Lawrence Smith William Woods Lieut.
Matthias Hughes William Woods Ensign