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Analysis. Comparison of YDNA results for Desendants of the Pequea Creek Cowans
Analysis:Descendants of Mathew Cowan and Catharine Trousdale, YDNA Comparison
Analysis:Descendants of David Cowan of Sevier County, TN, YDNA Comparison
Analysis. Descendants of "Cowans Gap", YDNA comparison
Analysis. Descendants of Robert Cowan of Sullivan County
Analysis. Octoraro Creek Cowans and the Cowans of Cowan's Gap

Old Chester

Analysis. An interpretation of the Family Relations of the Cowan's of Cowan's Gap
Analysis: Children of Hugh Cowan of Octoraro Creek
Analysis:Henry Cowan of early Lancaster County, PA
Analysis:Father of David Cowan (15)
Analysis: Children of Hugh Cowan of Octoraro Creek
Analysis:Evidence for William Cowan (25) in Kentucky
Analysis: The work of Mrs. H.J. Dunavant
Analysis:Cowans of County Down
Cowans of County Down
Analysis. Issues with the Cowan's Gap Cowans

Old Augusta

Analysis: Vita Summary for Susannah Woods (6)
Analysis. Vita Summary for Robert Cowan (10)

Southwest Virignia

Analysis:Captivity Stories for Ann Walker Cowan, and Mary Walker Cowan
Analysis:Identity of Andrew Cowan of Castle's Woods
Analysis:Mrs Dunvant's version of the Major John Cowan story
Analysis:Parents of William Cowan of Castle's Woods and Blount County
Analysis: The work of Mrs. H.J. Dunavant
Analysis. Did the Cowan's of Castle's Woods come from Augusta County?

Smoky Mountain Cowan Tapestry

Analysis:Death of William Cowan, 1809
Analysis:DOB of Eleanor Cowan, daughter of William Cowan and Jane Walker
Analysis:Death of William Cowan, 1809
Analysis. The Two John Cowans of Blount County