Data. 1860 Cowen Census Data for Franklin and Fulton Counties, PA




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Extracted from Ancestry Census data for 1860


Family Group IDHOH?PONameLocationAgec. YOBPOBSex
A HOH Spursville John Cowen Dublin, Fulton,28abt 1832 PA Male
A Spursville Elizabeth Cowen Dublin, Fulton64 abt 1796 PA Female
B Spursville Blanch Cowen Dublin, Fulton, 2 abt 1858 PA Female
B Spursville Elizabeth Cowen Dublin, Fulton, 26 abt 1834 PA Female
B Spursville Orlanda Cowen Dublin, Fulton, 4 abt 1856 PA Male
B HOH Spursville James Cowen Dublin, Fulton, 36 abt 1824 PA Male
C Carrack Eliz Cowen Metal, Franklin, 36 abt 1824 PA Female
C Carrack H M J Cowen Metal, Franklin, 30 abt 1830 PA Female
C HOH Carrack Jno F Cowen Metal, Franklin, 30 abt 1830 PA Male
C Carrack Levi Cowen Metal, Franklin, 12-Feb abt 1860 PA Male
C Carrack Robt D Cowen Metal, Franklin, 4 abt 1856 PA Female
C Carrack S R Cowen Metal, Franklin, 2 abt 1858 PA Male
D In Bannon
Carrack Wm Cowen Metal, Franklin, 27 abt 1833 PA Male
X HOH Spursville William Cowen Todd, Fulton, 50 abt 1810 PA Male
X Spursville Clara Cowen Todd, Fulton, 10 abt 1850 PA Female
X Spursville David Cowen Todd, Fulton, 63 abt 1797 PA Male
X Spursville Emma Cowen Todd, Fulton, 8 abt 1852 PA Female
X Spursville Henry Cowen Todd, Fulton, 4 abt 1856 PA Male
X Spursville William Cowen Todd, Fulton, 6 abt 1854 PA Male
X Spursville Margaret Cowen Todd, Fulton, 102 abt 1758 PA Female
Y HOH Spursville Person:John Cowan (43)* Todd, Fulton, 70 abt 1790 PA Male
Y Spursville Elizabeth Cowen Todd, Fulton, 65 abt 1795 PA Female
Y Spursville Mary Cowen Todd, Fulton, 40 abt 1820 PA Female
Z Spursville James Cowen Todd, Fulton, 34 abt 1826 PA Male
Z Spursville George W Cowen Todd, Fulton, 12-Jun abt 1859 PA Male
Z Spursville Matilda Cowen Todd, Fulton, 30 abt 1830 PA Female
W HOH Spursville John Cowen Todd, Fulton, 35 abt 1825 PA Male
W Spursville Catharine Cowen Todd, Fulton, 21 abt 1839 PA Female
W Spursville Amanda F Cowen Todd, Fulton, 12-Jul abt 1859 PA Female