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Intermediate source: Searches of the Ancestry census data base 1790-1880, for the counties of Bedford, Franklin, Fulton, and Huntingdon, for surname variants "Cowan", "Cowin", and "Cowen". Age Categories correspond to what appears in Ancestry's search results. Finer levels of detail are usually available when specific entries are examined.


Cowan's Gap Cowans
Roaring Springs Cowans

County Formation

Census records for the Cowans of Cowan's Gap and vicinity can be found in at least four different counties. County boundaries vary considerably through time and records for some of the Cowan's gap Cowans can be found in all four counties, at different times. Sometimes this is because they moved from one area to another, but sometimes its just because the county boundaries changed. In some instances, it appears that some of them were enumerated by the census taker fro one County who inadvertantly strayed over the county line.

Bedford County was created on March 9, 1771.
Franklin County was created on September 9, 1784, from part of Cumberland County
Huntingdon County was created on September 20, 1787, from part of Bedford County. Its county seat is Huntingdon.
Fulton County was created on April 19, 1851, from part of Bedford County


County NameResidence (City, County, State) Free White Males under 16FWM 16 and overFree White FemalesAll other free personsSlavesNumber of household members
1790 Bedford County Census Edward Cowen (1) Bedford, Pennsylvania311 5
William Cowen (51)Bedford, Pennsylvania 11 2
Samuel Cowen (17)Bedford, Pennsylvania 41 5
1790 Franklin County Census Daniel CowenFranklin, Pennsylvania51410
Jean CowenFannet, Hamilton, Letterkenney, Montgomery, and Peters, Franklin, Pennsylvania 2 2
Robert Cowen Fannet, Hamilton, Letterkenney, Montgomery, and Peters, Franklin, Pennsylvania135 9


CountyNameResidence Number of SlavesUnder 16Over 25Total
1800 Bedford County CensusEdward Carran
person:Edward Cowan (1)
Hopewell/Woodberry, Bedford, Pennsylvania 7 2 11
Samuel Cowan Dublin/Air, Bedford, Pennsylvania 4 4 8
Franklin Daniel CowinFranklin, Franklin, Pennsylvania224
Hugh CowinMontgomery, Franklin, Pennsylvania227
HuntingdonNo Cowin's, Cowan's, or Cowen's


CountyName Residence Slaves Under 16 Over 25 Total
1810 Bedford County Censusperson:Edward Cowan (1) Woodberry, Bedford, Pennsylvania 7 2 12
Hugh Cowen Dublin, Bedford, Pennsylvania 5 3 10*
1810 Franklin CountyHugh Cowan Fannett, Franklin, Pennsylvania 8 2 13
William CowanFannett, Franklin, Pennsylvania 1 1
HuntingdonS Cowen West, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 5 2 7

*Entries do not add to sum shown in census


1820 Bedford County CensusDaniel CowanWoodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania 1113
Edward Cowan Junior Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania23 38
Edward Cowan JuniorWoodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania411 6
Jacob CowanWoodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania2 35
James CowanDublin, Bedford, Pennsylvania232310
John CowanLondonderry, Bedford, Pennsylvania6 28
William CowanWoodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania3 25
John CowanDublin, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania1 113
Franklin CountyThomas Cowan Antrim, Franklin, Pennsylvania 1 1
Peter Cowen Washington, Franklin, Pennsylvania No entries listed
Huntingdon CountyJohn Cowan Dublin, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 1 1 1 3


1830 Bedford County CensusJames CowanAyr, Bedford, Pennsylvania 355
John CowanAyr, Bedford, Pennsylvania5277
James CowanDublin, Bedford, Pennsylvania3255
Edward Cormer Junior
[Edward Cowen Junior]
Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania 6 2 8 8
Daniel Cowen Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania 2 3 5 5
Edwards Cowen Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania 4 2 8 8
Jaocb Cowen
[Jacob Cowen]
Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania 2 2 4 4
Hugh Cowen Londonderry, Bedford, Pennsylvania 1 2 3 3
John Cowen Londonderry, Bedford, Pennsylvania 8 4 13 13
Franklin County CensusSamuel Cowen Fannett, Franklin, Pennsylvania 2 2 4 4
Huntingdon CountyJames Cowen Dublin, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 3 3 6 6
John Cowen Barree, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 1 1 3 3
Joseph Crowen
[Joseph Cowen]
Shirleysburg, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania4 3 7 7


County Name ResidenceUnder 2020 thru 49Total WhiteTotal All
Bedford CountyGeorge CowenNorth Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvania461010
James CowenDublin, Bedford, Pennsylvania5277
John CowenAir, Bedford, Pennsylvania4377
Mary CowenAir, Bedford, Pennsylvania 355
Franklin CountyJoseph Cowan Mercersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania 8 2 10 11
Saml Cowen Metal, Franklin, Pennsylvania 6 2 8 8
Huntingdon CountyJames Cowan Cromwell, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 4 3 7 7


Fulton County Household AElizabeth Ceman
[Elizabeth Cowan]
Dublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1796Pennsylvania
Barbara Ceman
[Barbara Cowan]
Dublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1828Pennsylvania
Susan Ceman
[Susan Cowan]
Dublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1829Pennsylvania
John Ceman
[John Cowan]
Dublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1831Pennsylvania
James Ceman
[James Cowan]
Dublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1837Pennsylvania
Household BMary CowanTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1778Pennsylvania
Hugh T CowanTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1799Pennsylvania
Daria Cowan
[David Cowan]
Todd, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1804Pennsylvania
William CowanTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1806Pennsylvania
Franklin CountyHousehold\of Samuel CowanSamuel CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1792Pennsylvania
Mary CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1829Pennsylvania
John CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1829Pennsylvania
William CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1832Pennsylvania
James CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1833Pennsylvania
Catherine CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1838Pennsylvania
Elizabeth CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1840Pennsylvania
Household of Hetty AstonMargaret Cowan
Chambersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1800Pennsylvania
Household of Joseph V. CowenMay A CowenMercersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1794Maryland
Joseph V CowenMercersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1801Pennsylvania
Anna B M CowenMercersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1835Maryland
Margart CowenMercersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1837Maryland
Ellen CowenMercersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1840Maryland
Huntingdon CountyHouseold of James CowanSarah CowenClay, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1795Maryland
James CowenClay, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1796Maryland
Ann CowenClay, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1830Pennsylvania
James CowenClay, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1833Pennsylvania
Household of Jacob HarnishSarah CowenMorris, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1838Pennsylvania
Household of Jane CowenJane CowenTell, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1797Pennsylvania


Bedford CountyNo Cowan's, Cowen's or Cowin's listed
Fulton CountyWilliam Cowen's HouseholdWilliam CowenTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvania50abt 1810PennsylvaniaMale
David CowenTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvania63abt 1797PennsylvaniaMale
Clara CowenTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvania10abt 1850PennsylvaniaFemale
Emma CowenTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvania8abt 1852PennsylvaniaFemale
William CowenTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvania6abt 1854PennsylvaniaMale
Henry CowenTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvania4abt 1856PennsylvaniaMale
Margaret CowenTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvania102abt 1758PennsylvaniaFemale
Household of John CowenJohn CowenTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvania70abt 1790PennsylvaniaMale
Elizabeth CowenTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvania65abt 1795PennsylvaniaFemale
Mary CowenTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvania40abt 1820PennsylvaniaFemale
Household of James CowenJames CowenDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvania36abt 1824PennsylvaniaMale
Elizabeth CowenDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvania26abt 1834PennsylvaniaFemale
Orlanda CowenDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvania4abt 1856PennsylvaniaMale
Blanch CowenDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvania2abt 1858PennsylvaniaFemale
Household of Elizabeth CowanElizabeth CowenDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvania64abt 1796PennsylvaniaFemale
John CowenDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvania28abt 1832PennsylvaniaMale
Household of James CowenJames Cowen Todd, Fulton, Pennsylvania34abt 1826PennsylvaniaMale
Matilda Cowen Todd, Fulton, Pennsylvania30abt 1830PennsylvaniaFemale
George W Cowen Todd, Fulton, Pennsylvania 6/12 abt 1859 Pennsylvania Male
Household of John CowenJohn CowenTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvania35abt 1825PennsylvaniaMale
Catharine CowenTodd, Fulton, Pennsylvania21abt 1839PennsylvaniaFemale
Amanda F Cowen Todd, Fulton, Pennsylvania 7/12 abt 1859 Pennsylvania Female
Franklin countyHousehold AEliz Cowan Chambersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania 21 abt 1839 Pennsylvania Female
Household of John F CowenJno F CowenMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvania30abt 1830PennsylvaniaMale
H M J CowenMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvania30abt 1830PennsylvaniaFemale
Eliz CowenMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvania36abt 1824PennsylvaniaFemale
Wm CowenMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvania27abt 1833PennsylvaniaMale
Robt D CowenMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvania4abt 1856Pennsylvania
S R CowenMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvania2abt 1858PennsylvaniaMale
Levi CowenMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvania2/12abt 1860PennsylvaniaMale
Huntingdon CountyHousehold of Samuel CowenSamuel CowenBarree, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania56abt 1804PennsylvaniaMale
Mary CowenBarree, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania56abt 1804PennsylvaniaFemale
James CowenWest, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania13abt 1847PennsylvaniaMale


1870 Fulton County Census Household AJohn CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1831PAWM
Kate CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1839PAWF
William L CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1862PAWM
James L CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1864PAWM
Rebecca CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1867PAWF
John A CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1869PAWM
Elizabeth CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1795PAWF
Household BDavid CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1803PAWM
Elizabeth CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1834PAWF
Florance CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1851PAWF
Anna CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1854PAWF
Sarah CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1856PAWF
Martha CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1857PAWF
Household CSamuel CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1827PAWM
Elizabeth CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1827MDWF
Orlanda C CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1856PAWM
Alice CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1862PAWF
Eugene W CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1864PAWM
Charles W CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1866PAWM
Osgar L CowanDublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1868PAWM
Household of William ClineBlanche Cowan*Dublin, Fulton, Pennsylvaniaabt 1858PAWF
Franklin CountyHousehold of Joseph V. CowanJoseph V CowanMercersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1802PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
John CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1830PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
Hannah CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1831PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale
Elizabeth CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1856PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale
Robert CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1858PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
Samuel CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1859PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
Levi CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1860PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
Laura CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1865PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale
Ida CowanMetal, Franklin, Pennsylvaniaabt 1869PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale
Bedford CountyHousehold of George F. CowanGeorge F CowanMiddle Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvaniaabt 1817Pennsylvania Male
Sarah CowanMiddle Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvaniaabt 1823Pennsylvania Female
Allen CowanMiddle Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvaniaabt 1854PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
John CowanMiddle Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvaniaabt 1857PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
George CowanMiddle Woodbury, Bedford, Pennsylvaniaabt 1860Pennsylvania Male
Huntingdon CountyHousehold of James CowenJames CowenSpringfield, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1830PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
Sarah CowenSpringfield, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1835PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale
Millard CowenCassville, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1855PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
Eveline CowenCassville, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1856PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale
Jacob CowenSpringfield, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1859PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
Sarah CowenSpringfield, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1862PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale
Mary A CowenSpringfield, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1864PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale
Rhoda CowenSpringfield, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1867PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale
James CowenSpringfield, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1869PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
Household of John CowanJohn CowanDublin, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1823PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
Mary A CowanDublin, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1835PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale
Catharine CowanDublin, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1840PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale
Amanda F CowanDublin, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1861PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale
John R CowanDublin, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1864PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
Hugh D CowanDublin, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1868PennsylvaniaWhiteMale
Elizabeth CowanDublin, Huntingdon, Pennsylvaniaabt 1793PennsylvaniaWhiteFemale

*Blanche Cowan appears in the 1880 census in two places. First as age 22 in the household of George W. Chestnut, where she is listed as one of several servants. Second as age 22 in the household of Samuel and Elizabeth Cowan, where she is listed as a daughter. Children listed in the household of Samuel and Elizabeth match up well with children's names for this couple in the 1870 census. It looks like Blanche in the 1870 is in fact the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth, and that in 1880 she's been inadvertantly listed in two separate households. This may have been because while she was living in the Chesnut household, her parents still identified her as part of their own household.