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Original Source: From a letter dated "Tullahoma, Tenn, March 28, 1895," by Dr. Jas. B. Cowan, addressed to Dr. E. H. Cowan, Crawfordsville, Ind.) Intermediate Source: Source:Cowan, 1916 "In the Shadow of the Chillhowie"

Intermediate Source:From PD Cowan c1930 "In the Shadow of the Chillhowie", p12-13 (booklet)
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Indian Captivity Stories of the Cowan Family
Analysis:Captivity Stories for Ann Walker Cowan, and Mary Walker Cowan


"My father was Samuel Montgomery Cowan. My great-great-grandfather was Samuel Cowan. My great-grandfather was John. He was the eldest or second son, I am not sure which. He was a major in the Continental Army, in the War of Independence. The father, Samuel, and all his sons were in the army and fought to the end. My great-grandfather, as stated, was Major John Cowan. He was killed by the Indians at some point in East Tennessee. At the time he was killed, his wife, a daughter and son (my grandfather), James Cowan, were captured. The Indians adopted my grandfather into their tribe (Cherokee). He was only fifteen years old. His mother was taken by another tribe (Shawnee). His sister was killed. My grandfather was kept a year and made his escape. His mother was carried north, and kept seven years. Her maiden name was Walker. My grandfather had but one brother, John. He moved at an early day to Indiana. His son, Judge John M. Cowan, has visited my father and myself before the late war, at our home in Mississippi."