Document. Will of Edward Cowan, Bedford County, PA, 1832




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Original Source:Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Will Book 3, p. 21, year 1832. Abstract.
Intermediate Source: Ancestry Michael S. Caldwell's Genealogy Database as of 8 February 2011


Person:Edward Cowan (1)


Edward Cowen, Senior of Woodbury Township, Bedford County, Farmer.
To my dear wife Elizabeth: 2 cows, her bedstead & bed, 1 tin plate stove, 1 table, the house clock, 3 chairs, 6 tin cups & saucers, 6 knives & forks, 4 pewter plates, 1 chest, 1 skilled & 1 small pot. Also that she is to be provided a sufficient quantity of firewood and feed for the two cows during the winter and sufficient pasture for the same during the summer.
My children to whom I bequeath my mansion tract are to build my wife a small house on the tract, near a good spring, where she may reside as long as she remains my widow, with sufficient land for a garden.
To my two sons John and Samuel (and their heirs) the tract of land on which they now live, on the waters of Yellow Creek in Wheatfield Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, containing about 450 acres.
To my other children Jacob, Edward, Daniel, David, Michael and George Cowen; Elizabeth Lower & Catharine Kundig, and to the heirs of my eldest son William, deceased (namely Edward, Polly, George and Elizabeth Cowen), the mansion tract and premises whereon I now reside, containing upwards of 500 acres, which I value at $14.50 per acre.
Christian Kundig, intermarried with my daughter Catharine, has given me offense by his bad conduct. My daughter's bequests therefore to be held by my son David Cowen as trustee for her and for her children.
My son Jacob owes me some sawing which was to be done for me at his saw mill; I direct that the benefit thereof shall go to my sons who may reside in Bedford County at the time of my death, but none of it to my daughters.
I ordain my son David Cowen and George B. Spang to be executors of this will and testament.
Signed 18 April 1832
Edw. Cowen {Seal}
Witnesses: Lazarus Wareham; William Kissell; Daniel Harris