Data:Walker Tapestry



Walker Tapestry
YDNA. Walker

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Old Chester


Data:Walker Land Records in Lancaster County
Data:Walker Tax Records for Chester County, PA
Data:Map of Walkers in Chester County Tax Rolls
Data:Walker Wills for Chester County, PA
Data:Walkers Selling Land in Chester County From the Grantors Index
Data:Walkers Buying Land in Chester County From the Grantees Index
Data:Walker Deeds for Chester County, PA
Data:Map of Walker Deeds for Chester County, PA
Data:Walker Defendants in Chester County, PA
Data:Walker Victims in Chester County, PA
Data:Miscellaneous Walker Records in Chester County, PA
Data:Walker Marriage Records at First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, 1702-1745
Data:Walker Baptismal Records at Christ Church, Philadelphia, 1709-1760
Transcript:Index to Wills for "Walker" Cumberland County, 1750-1803
Transcript.Walkers in Chalkley's Chronicles


Document:Will of James Walker, Hopewell Twp, Cumberland Co., PA, 1750
Document:Marriage of John Walker and Mary Paynter, Kent, PA, 1685
Document:Captivity of James Walker, 1762

Old Augusta

Walkers in Chalkley's Chronicles
Data. Old Augusta Walker Tax Records
Document. Journal of James Walker (121)
Transcript:Land Grant to John Walker, Orange County, VA, c1750
Transcript:Walker vs Jones, Augusta, VA, 1810
List of Records for Alexander Walker in Chalkley's Chronicles

Southwest Virginia

Data. Walker Family in Southwest Virginia

New River Settlements

Transcript:Will of Alexander Walker, Botetourt County, 1771

Carolina Cradle

Document:Will of Samuel Walker, Caswell County, NC, 1797
Notebook:Extracts of Land Records Walker, Orange County, NC
Document:Will of William Walker, Orange County, NC, 1769
Data:Walker graves in Cemetery of Cross Roads Presbyterian, Alamance, NC
Document. Will of William Walker, Orange County, NC, 1769

Smoky Mountains

Transcript:Sale of land of John Walker, Blount County, TN, 1799 John IV's land auctioned to Samuel and Robert Walker
Transcript:Land Sale John Walker Sr to John Walker Jr, Blount County, TN, 1798