Data:Walker Baptismal Records at Christ Church, Philadelphia, 1709-1760



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Extracted from Old Christ Church Philadelphia, database online

Some of this data is also available through based on Source:Hildeburn, 1982 A quick comparison of a few records indicate that the two sources may differ significantly in dates recorded for each individual. The ancestry data base entry for Jane Walker, for example, shows her burial date as being several months prior to her birth. Presumably the Old Christ Church database is the more accurate of the two, but it is also less comprehensive.


Data. Walker Marriage Records, at Christ Church, Philadelphia


Baptismal Records

Walker, Ann Date:June 28, 1770 Date of Birth:March 23, 1770 Age Baptized: Father:Robert Walker Mother:Ann Walker Spouse: Relation: daughter
Walker, Benjamin
Walker, Elizabeth
Walker, Elizabeth
Walker, George
Walker, Hannah
Walker, Hannah
Walker, Jacob
Walker, Jane
Walker, John
Walker, Mary
Walker, Sarah
Walker, Susannah
Walker, William
Walker, William
Walker, William Allen
Walker, Alexander Staughton
Walker, Catharine
Walker, Mary Jane
Walker, William Ashley
Walker, William Crow
Marriage Records
Brown and Walker
Clayton and Walker
Deve and Walker
Gaubert and Walker
Hockenhull and Walker
Hodgson and Walker
Irwin and Walker
Kennedy and Walker
Kinsman and Walker
Malin and Walker Husband: Randal Malin Wife: Sarah Walker Date: November 7, 1761
McGlashan and Walker
Noble and Walker
Noble and Walker
Parsons and Walker
Parsons and Walker
Patton and Walker
Smith and Walker
Stone and Walker
Turnbull and Walker
Walker and Ashley
Walker and Bache
Walker and Bennet
Walker and Coleman
Walker and Cowgill
Walker and Davis
Walker and Findloy
Walker and Guirey
Walker and Hawthorne
Walker and Hoops
Walker and Johnson
Walker and Maag
Walker and Malin Husband: Jerman Walker Wife: Jane Malin Date: November 7, 1761
Walker and Marshal
Walker and Norris Husband: David Walker Wife: Mary Norris Date: December 14, 1711 Location: Christ Church Record Book Year: 1709-1800
Walker and Pain Husband: Ralph Walker Wife: Hannah Pain Date: April 2, 1749 Location: Christ Church Minister: Rev. Robert Jenney, L.L.D.

Record Book Year: 1709-1800

Walker and Robinson <td>Husband: James Walker<td>Wife: Mellesim Robinson <td>Date: September 30, 1765<td>Location: Christ Church<td>

Minister: Revd. Mr Duché<td> Notes: "L_marriages by License from the Governor." <td>Cross Reference: <td>Record Book Year: 1709-1800

Willard and Walker Husband: Benjamin Willard Wife: Rebeccah Walker Date: February 21, 1759
Willson and Walker Husband: Jacob Willson Wife: Sarah Walker Date: June 17, 1773