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Walker Pedigrees
Pedigrees for MCJW related kits in the Walker YDNA project


The FTDNA YDNA Walker Project is a very large project, with over 600 kits, organized in about 70 groups. Some groups, as defined by the project, are based on YDNA evidence suggesting a relatively recent common ancestor. These groups are typically identified by numbers (e.g., Group 1, Group 2...). Other groups are defined as sharing the same haplogroup, but containing no relatively close common ancestor (e.g., the E1b1 Group, which contains no kits sharing a relatively recent ancestor, but all of which are in the E1b1 haplogroup). Almost 49% of the kits are "isolated"---that is, the data does not show a relatively recent common ancestor for them among the other 600+ kits.

The following groups are discussed here because they include persons present within the broad area covered by the Tapestry Project, or in some cases, because they come up in the discussion of Walkers within the Tapestry Project.


The following Walker lineages (and associated YDNA Groups) are of broad interest within the Tapestry Project. Some of these lines have been conflated in various genealogical treatments. While many genealogists believe these lineages to be connected to a common patriarch, current YDNA evidence often refutes these interpretations.

WeRelate GroupFTDNA
Hawkins County Walker Line Group-18 Person:John Walker (286)
aka John Walker of Hawkins County
Loudon County to Washington County VA, to Hawkins County TN after the Revolution
Meadow Creek John Walker Line Group-27 Person:John Walker (193)
AKA Meadow Creek John (MCJW
Greene County TN after the Revolution
Natural Bridge Line of the Wigton Walkers Group-8 In Old Augusta (Bordens Grant) by 1750
Letterkenney Line Group-33 Three men, probably brothers (William Walker, James Walker, Robert Walker) in central Cumberland, PA.
Sylvanus Walker Line Group-2 In Kent County VA before 1700.
Lewis Walker Line Group-55 Person:Lewis Walker (3) arrived Radnor PA from Wales in 1688, d 1728
YDNA. Walker, Group 10 GR-10 Person:Edward Walker (24) Edward Walker of Duplin Co NC, SW VA, Sullivan County TN, Claiborne County TN
YDNA. Walker, Group 19 GR-19 Samuel Walker b 1780-90 d 1819 Iredell Co., NC,
Richard J Walker b 1769 Augusta VA d 1856 Texas MO
Thomas Walker b ca 1711 d 1768 Somerset, MD