Natural Bridge Line



The Wigton Walkers trace their descent from John Walker I and Jane McKnight of Wigton, Scotland. See Index for other Wigton Walkers, and Quick Wigton Walker Index for males in the first few generations. The primary source for this family, especially its history prior to about 1740, is Descendants of John Walker of Wigton Scotland, by Emma Siggins White, 1902


Source:White, 1902


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Walker Tapestry
Analysis:Robert Walker 1630-1690 Descendancy


The Natural Bridge Line of the Wigton Walkers traces descent from Samuel Walker and Jane Patterson of Natural Bridge Virginia. His descendants form the core of Group 8 of the Walker YDNA project. White 1902 identifies Samuel as the grandson of John Walker I of Wigton Scotland. It is not clear that this is the case. Others who also trace their ancestry to John Walker I show a different YDNA signature, and correspond to Group 33 of the Walker YDNA project.