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Lack Township, Juniata County, PA by AL Guss, in: Ellis and Hungerford, 1886.




The following lineage table is being used to vet the ancestry for a person whose YDNA has been tested, and is said to match the Walkers Creek line of Wigton Walkers. Entries are color coded according to where the person flourished (lived the majority of their life). Light Green=Ireland; Green= Pennsylvania, Khaki=Ohio, Gold=Iowa.

Person DOB POB DOD POD DOMPOM SpouseVetment
Person:Robert Walker (51) 1630 Sco 1690 Ire No Original Source documentation. Known primarily from Egles Notes and Queries; recent references to this person do not seem substantiatable.
person:James Walker (160) 1660 Sco 1725 Ire No Original Source documentation. Known primarily from Egles Notes and Queries; recent references to this person do not seem substantiatable.
Person:Robert Walker (52) bef. 1680 Ire PA Seeking original source documentation in Pennsylvania. There was a Robert Walker in the 1753 tax list for New Garden Township Chester County 1753, the 1754 Whiteland township in 1754, and the New Garden in 1756, but these seem to be too late to be Robert (52).
Person:Robert Walker (53). 1719 Ire 27 Nov 1792 Hampshire County, VA Jean-Jane Land records of Hampshire County (See Timeline. Letterkenny Walkers.) show that Robert Walker and wife Jean came to the area from Cumberland County PA. We still need independent confirmation that the wife of Robert (53) was in fact "Jean", but in general, these data are consistent with identifying Robert (53) as the father of Robert (54) who married Elizabeth Brice, and moved in 1802 to what became Portege County Ohio.
Person:Robert Walker (54). 1738 PA 19 Jun 1812 OH Elizabeth Brice 1783, 27 May: Will of Samuel BRICE of West Pennsborough, Cumberland Co., PA, named daughter Elizabeth, wife of Robert WALKER and her children. [Need to retrieve this.]Transcript:Pension Application of John Walker (285), R11054 identifies Robert (Index number =85) as his brother, father as Robert (index number 54), and that he was born in Cumberland County, and moved to Hampshire County, thence to Portege County Ohio in 1802.This confirms that the Walkers who settled in Portege County came to the area from Hampshire County (in 1802), and were previously living in Cumberland County.
Person:James Walker (103) 3 Jun 1767 PA 8 Jan 1848 IA Sarah Burnett Cackler (1874) "Recollections of a Pioneer Settler", identifies John, James, Robert and George as sons of Robert Walker who came to Stow, Summit County, OH in 1801. He also mentions a William Walker but does not identify him as a son. See Transcript:Recollections about Robert Walker of Stow, Summit County, Ohio
Person:Joseph Walker (47) 19 Sep 1819 OH 10 Aug 1893 IA Cloy Jane Powellson
person:Henry Walker (55)
Henry Allen Walker
20 Dec 1853 IA 18 Apr 1914 IA Carrie Lodeskie Scott Source: History of Johnson Co, IA 1836-1882 includes a vanity biography for Person:Joseph Walker (47), giving Henry Allen Walker as the son of Joseph Walker and Jane Powellson, and that he was born in Portege County, Ohio. This work also identifies several of Joseph's brothers, who's vanity bio's also indicate a POB in Portege County, Ohio
Scott Allen Walker 16 Feb 1893 IA 5 Apr 1934 IA Columbia Isabelle Powellson
Robert Joseph Walker 30 Sep 1926 IA 4 Jan 2003 IA Feb 1949 Ida Belle

The following shows the main line of vetment for the lineage corresponding to Kit 137216 associated with the Letterkenny Walkers

Image:YDNA Lineage for Letterkenny Walkers.jpg

Group 33

Kit Lineage Notes N Dis-Similarity
15110 Vernon Lee Allen (Walker) (1911-1969) 69 0.0% 0.0% 2.9% 1.4% 1.4% 2.6% 5.1% 3.7% 3.7%
97160 27 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 3.7% 3.7% 3.7%
153949 Adam Russel Walker (1790 to 1870) Died Lebanon In 4605 69 2.9% 0.0% 0.0% 1.4% 1.4% 2.6% 5.1% 3.7% 3.7%
72271 Alexander Walker b 1766 NC d 1810/1811 Caswell NC 69 1.4% 0.0% 1.4% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 2.6% 3.7% 3.7%
84743 Wm Donaldson Walker b 1847 KY d 1919 Greenville TX 69 1.4% 0.0% 1.4% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 2.6% 3.7% 3.7%
10874 Samuel Walker d Jul 1798 Caswell Co., NC 39 2.6% 0.0% 2.6% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 2.6% 3.7% 3.7%
137216 Letterkenny Walkers This line traces their descend to a family of Walkers who settled in Lancaster County sometime before about 1735. One member, person:Robert Walker (54), (Ancestor of YDNA test subject) was in Cumberland Co by 1738, and died in Stowe, Summit County, OH in 1812. Egle's Notes and Queries traces the lineage of these familiesback to a Robert Walker in Letterkenny Ireland, c1600, though the basis for this is unknown. 39 5.1% 3.7% 5.1% 2.6% 2.6% 2.6% 0.0% 7.4% 7.4%
52745 William Walker b 1770 Rockbridge Co, VA d 1824 OH This line is for William Walker the captive, also known as "William the Wyandotte", grandson of John Walker III of the Walkers Creek Line of Wigton Walkers. POB given in the lineage for this particular kit is in error, as John III, and his son John IV, father of William, were in Orange County NC at this time. William was CBI'd about 1776, in Castle's Woods VA, taken north, and eventually traded to the Wyandotte with whom he grew up. He became a respected leader among the Wyandotte. 27 3.7% 3.7% 3.7% 3.7% 3.7% 3.7% 7.4% 0.0% 7.4%
34222 Joseph Walker d 2 May 1846 Pike Co., IL 1794-1846; s:Maria Collins; P:James Walker=Esther Beard Alexander; gp:Joseph Walker=Nancy McClung 27 3.7% 3.7% 3.7% 3.7% 3.7% 3.7% 7.4% 7.4% 0.0%

Vetment Notes