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[somewhat reformatted to make relationships and events clear

Walker's administrator vs. Jones's administrator--O, S. 226; N. S. 80-- Bill, 1810. Bill filed in Albemarle, 1813, by:

Walter Leake, administrator c. t. a. of
Levi Jones,
Elizabeth Jones, his widow, and
Lain and
William Jones,
infants of Lain Jones. Elizabeth was Elizabeth Clayton.

William Walker and Elizabeth conveyed to Lain Jones a tract of land and all their interest in a deed by Orlando Jones to John Clayton, 1771. Lain Jones was only child and heir of Orlando Jones, who died testate. Will dated 4th May, 1804. William Walker and Elizabeth are both dead.

Defendants are, viz:

James, Andrew, Francis, Walker and Sally, his wife; [this should probably be :James, Andrew, Francis Walker and Sally, his wife;
Andrew Laird and Eleanor, his wife (late Walker);
Charles Mosly andJane, his wife, late Walker;
Francis, Josephus, Rebecca Walker, and Daniel Couch.

Copy of a former bill filed in Albemarle by William Walker and Elizabeth, his wife, shows that on 27th November, 1771, in contemplation of a marriage between Orlando Jones, deceased, and Elizabeth (oratrix), daughter of John Clayton, deceased, a marriage contract was entered into. Conveys 400 acres in Albemarle and certain slaves.

In February, 1793, Orlando died without issue by Elizabeth, who married Walker in 1793.

  • Deed 27th November, 1771, by Orlando Jones of Albemarle and John

Clayton of Gloucester. Marriage settlement. Recorded in General Court, 30th April, 1772.

  • Deed 19th May, 1795, by William Walker and Elizabeth

to Lain Jones, 400 acres in Albemarle. Recorded in Albemarle, June, 1795.

  • Bill of revivor filed by heirs of Elizabeth Walker, viz:
John Clayton,
Nicholas Davis,
Samuel B. Davis,
Timberlake V. Davis,
Catherine C. Meriwether,
Edith Clay,
Thomas Hughes,
Henry Hughes,
Susanna Hughes,
Jasper Clayton,
William B. Clayton,
Arthur Davis.
  • Deed 30th May, 1795, by Lain Jones of Albemarle to William Walker, mortgage. Recorded in Albemarle, June, 1795.
  • Bill by James Walker, administrator c. t. a. of William

Walker of Buckingham County.

  • Will of Orlando (Lain?) Jones dated 4th May, 1804. Sons, Orlando, Lain and William; wife. Recorded in Albemarle,

1805, 4th February.

Joseph Coleman deposes: Orlando Jones died 1793, leaving Lain Jones, father of Orlando, Lain and William.