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Intermediate Source:Ancestry, Grant Pinnex, extracted 23 June 2010

Samuel Walker, 583 acres of land in Orange County on Moon's Creek; Beginning at a white oak on Herman Husband's line and running along his line west 21 1/4 chains along his line to a hickory, thence west 40 1/2 chaines to a hickory beginning on Husbands line, then along his line south 50 1/2 chains to his corner, white oak sapling east 60 3/4 chains crossing Sandy Creek to Husband's Corner, a black oak, then sought crossing the creek along his line 87 chains to the first station, dated 22 February. [See Orange County file for map showing location of Herman Husband land - no where near Moons Creek in Caswell Co] Note: Year? it is logged in right below John Walker's deed: John Walker, Deed Book 12, page 56, dated January 30 1761 (grant #30) Samuel Walker, Deed Book 12, pge 56, dated unknown (grant #28) Mar. 6, 1762 John Walker Jr. gets 577 acres on Grant #4 Deed Book 12, pge 53.


Intermediate Source:Ancestry, Grant Pinnex, extracted 23 June 2010

April Court 1811 Book F. Caswell County, NC page 170 Sales estate of Alexander Walker decd. by Jethro Brown adm. to: Charles Brooks, Samuel WATT, Mary Walker, John WALL, Francis Smith, James Taylor, Rhodeham Loveless, James Knott, Garland Key, Thomas Payner, Leonard CERTAIN, William Kermichael, WILLIBY MUSTAIN, Japthah Rice, John Walker, William Morgan, Zere Somers, James COBB, James ORR, John Rice, Lewis CERTAIN, Signor Ahorn, William Berry, Wiley Sanders page 172 Env estate of Alexander Walker on 5 Feb 1811 by Jethro Brown From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. z