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Cemetery Census, Cross Roads Presbyterian, Alamance, NC, extracted 23 June 2010


PersonDOBDODNotes (mix of gravestone data, and data supplied by users of Cemetery Census)
John Walker 29 Dec 1736 29 Mar 1810 AE 73 yrs. husband of Nancy Ashford Walker. DOB from Pension application.
Aaron Walker abt 1761 11 Feb 1833 husband of Sarah Bird Walker. "In memory of... Aged 61 Years". Husband and wife stones.
John Walker 19 Mar 1770 7 Jun 1846 husband of Jennet Graham Walker
Jane Morrow Walker 1771 25 Jul 1843
Jennet Graham Walker 27 Nov 1773 16 Mar 1810 AE 36 ys. and 3 Ms. wife of John Walker. daughter of John and Frances Mebane Graham.
Hugh Walker 13 Dec 1776 30 Jan 1845
George Walker 14 Jun 1779 8 Feb 1816 In memory of...
Sarah Bird Walker 27 Jan 1779 6 Nov 1843 wife of Aaron Walker. Husband and wife stones.
James Walker 5 Jan 1784 14 Jun 1860 In memory of ... Aged 76 yrs. 5 mo. and 17 days 2 Cor. 4 Chap. 11 verse
Joshua Walker 24 Jul 1789 28 May 1824 In memory of...
Rachel Walker 1790 21 Jan 1868 spouse
Jane Ann Walker 16 Oct 1791 20 Jul 1852 In memory of... The mothhs of her affiction are ended, The days and the nights of her distress, We see her in anguish no more, She has gained her happy release
Catherine Walker 4 Aug 1794 3 Feb 1816 In memory of... Aged 21 yr. and 6 m.
Levi, M. D. Walker 1 Feb 1798 1 Sep 1844 Sacred to the memory of Levi Walker, M.D. Born in the Co. of Orange, N. C. Feb 1, 1798 and died in the Co. of Caswell Sept. 1, 1844. Aged 46 years and 7 months. In the spring of 1826 the degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred on him by the University of Pennsylvania. After which time he returned and settled himself in the County of Caswell where he lived beloved and died lamented.
Celia Walker 9 Mar 1801 7 Sep 1821 AE 20 yrs. 5 m"
John Graham Walker 25 Aug 1803 13 Dec 1879 son of John and Jennet Graham Walker. "Blessed are they who sleep in the Lord, With us their names shall live, Through long succeding years, Embalmed with all our hearts can give, Our praises and our tears"
Parthenie Walker 27 Nov 1805 11 Mar 1878 spouse
Freeman Walker 4 Nov 1807 25 Dec 1878
Elizabeth Walker 7 Feb 1809
John G Walker 10 Sep 1812 2 Feb 1888 Who was a member of this church 59 years, ruling elder 34 years "A precious one from us is gone, A voice we love is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled, God in his wisdom has recalled, The heart his love had given, And though the body moulders here, The soul is safe in Heaven"
Mary Ann Walker 26 Mar 1812 30 Oct 1871 spouse John G Walker "Funeral services conducted by Rev. A G Hughes from this text, selected by the deceased. But one thing is needful but Mary hath chosen that good part which shall not be taken away from her."
Christian Walker 5 Apr 1814 10 May 1842
Garrison Walker 1 Aug 1814 17 Apr 1890
B B, Dr. Walker 17 Nov 1815 28 Jan 1885 In memory of ... A true husband, a good father, a physician of remarkable credit, and above all, a most sincere and devoted Christian
James C, Doctor Walker 19 Sep 1815 12 Oct 1844 Sacred to the memory of Doctor James C. Walker who was born in Caswell Co. the 19th day of September, 1815 and died in Rockingham Co. on the 12th day Oct. 1844. He completed his classical education at the University of North Carolina in June 1838 and the degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred upon him by the University of Pennsylvania on the 12th day of April 1844. This marble marks the spot where repose his mortal remains. His superior medical attainments, his amiable and social qualities are deeply engraved on the memory and affections of all who knew him whilst a life of rectitude governed exclusively by the precepts of the Bible affords the most confident assurance that his spirit redeemed and regenerated-----
Parthenia Walker 28 Feb 1815 24 Jun 1888 spouse
Lucinda J Walker 27 Jan 1819 6 May 1893 spouse
Sarah Walker 11 Sep 1820 3 Aug 1853
Mary C Walker 12 Mar 1823 25 Dec 1891 spouse Dr. B B Walker
Harriet Walker 19 Apr 1824 7 Sep 1844 In memory of ... Aged 19 Yrs. 4 mo. and 19 days
Aaron J Walker 9 Aug 1833 23 Feb 1853 In memory of...
Nancy Cathren Walker 3 Dec 1837 8-Oct-05 spouse
Frances Walker 30 Jun 1841 4 Jun 1842
Margaret L Walker 22 Aug 1841 15 Jul 1850 In memory of ...
William J Walker 28 May 1845 2 Sep 1880 In memory of... a beloved elder of the church "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
Laura J Walker 15 May 1849 27 Aug 1888 daughter of Dr. B B and M C Walker
Sarah Jane Walker 6 Mar 1850 17-Jul-22 Thy memory shall ever be a guiding star to heaven
Barbara Walker 17 Sep 1851 23-Feb-23
Rachel Vincent Walker 8 Jul 1853 25-Apr-27 spouse
Gabriel Lea Walker 29 Mar 1854 6-Mar-05
Ida Theresa Bason Walker 20 Sep 1855 24-Jul-24 spouse
Benjamin Franklin Walker 15 Jan 1856 1 Feb 1902 adjacent to Bettie H Walker
Emma C Walker 15 Apr 1858 11 Oct 1862 daughter of Dr. B B and M C Walker
Jefferson D Walker 20 Apr 1861 24 Apr 1880 Remember youth as you pass by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now, so soon will you be, So prepare for death come follow me.
Bettie Henry Walker 10 May 1864 11-Mar-37 adjacent to Benjamin F Walker
Mary E Walker 16 Aug 1864 7 Oct 1862 daughter of Dr. B B and M C Walker
Robert Garrison Walker 1 Nov 1865 17-Feb-17 They are not lost but gone before on monument with wife, Ida Walker
Ida Aldridge Walker 18 Feb 1869 21-Jun-04 spouse
Iola Walker 20 Oct 1879 31-Oct-60
Mark Smith Walker 30 Mar 1887 14-Jul-78
Joseph G, Rev. Walker 13 Apr 1889 26-Jul-45 He lived the Gospel he proclaimed
Maud Walker 11 Feb 1891 15-May-19 spouse
Harvey Currie Walker 17 Feb 1893 23-Jul-57 Pfc Co. M 321 Inf. WW I"
Effie Nicks Walker 5 Mar 1894 9-Dec-77
Irma Walker 26 Jun 1894 21-Jan-52
Olive Jones Walker 19 Dec 1895 19-Mar-84 spouse
Sallie Florance Walker 13 Feb 1895 28-Feb-83
Hazel Fox Walker 1924 1985 Mother
Ann Kearns Walker 1933 1998 In loving memory
Infant Walker 18 Aug 15 son of M S and Maud Walker
Ben Walker 12 Oct 16 18-Jan-23 son of M S and Maud Walker
Ruth S Walker 6 Sep 18 10-Sep-01 Departed this life
Sarah Lou Walker 20 Dec 27 30-Nov-30 daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey C Walker
James M Walker 29 Feb 1864 son of W A and S T Walker "Aged 20 yrs. 2 ms. 14 ds"
John Walker 26 Nov 1811
John Walker infant
John Walker infant
John Wellons Walker 3 Sep 1862 son of W A and S T Walker "Aged 5 yrs, 10 ms, 13 ds" "Weep not dear parents, Disturb not my rest, My Saviour has called me, He loved me the best"
Josh Walker 5 Apr 1820 AE 1 yr. 7 m"
Nancey Walker 11 Apr 1843 In memory of...
Nancy Ashford Walker 13 Oct 1798 wife of John Walker. Closeup of death year.