Transcript:Land Grant to John Walker, Orange County, VA, c1750



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Intermediate Source:The Northern Neck Grants to Lewis, Jacob and Henry Pence extracted 23 October 2012.
Original Source: The original warrants and surveys for the Northern Neck Land Grants are in the Library of Virginia in Richmond. The warrants and surveys for the grants to Lewis, Jacob and Henry Pence are filed under their names. [Richard Pence]... obtained copies of the Hawksbill Pence files, but short descriptions of the warrants and surveys relating to them [are] given in Peggy Shomo Joyner, Abstracts of Virginia s Northern Neck Warrants and Surveys, Frederick County, 1747-1780, Vol. II (Portsmouth, Va.: 1985), 120


Henry Pence, in his own right and as assignee of Adam Pence, both assignees of John Walker of Augusta Co., Va. (in warrant of 4 Jan. 1749/50) and of Orange Co., Va. (in survey of 17 Mar. 1750); grant for 474 acres at Rich Mountain and the head of Hawksbill adjoining John Price, John Nicholson, Jno. Baylis and Jacob Okerboker [Offenbacker]. In October of 1760 John Walker sold to Adam and Henry Pence and Adam relinquished his right to Henry.


John Walker apparently received a land warrant 4 Jan 1749/50 for a portion of the land later entered by Henry Pence. Pence used assignments from Adam Pence, and John Walker, in addition to authorization "in his own right". Pence's total grant was for 474 acres. It is not clear how much of this came through assignment from John Walker. The intermediate source of the above does not indicate the actual date on which Henry Pence exercized these assignments. The survey of 17 March 1750 may have been carried out for Walker, in which case, Walker would have actually taken possession of the land. Alternatively, Walker may not have actually taken the land up, but simply assigned his warrant to Pence, who used it to obtain the specific parcel.

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Walker obtained a warrant for an unknown amount of land. He sold this to Henry Pence, and Pence exercised to acquire land in the Hawksbill watershed. It is not obvious that Walker was the original settler on this land. He may or may not have had anything to do with the specific parcel, other than the fact that he had a warrant entitling him to a certain amount of land "somewhere" in Orange county.

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Blue spot marks location of Luray, VA,
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