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Phillips in Texas This is a great example of how Jackson info could be indexed.
Earliest Known Jackson Ancestors List of links to earliest known Jacksons I have found (pg needs work)
User:Janiejac/Jonathan Hughes and Abigail Jackson Timeline For study to determine the location of births of their children.

Disambiguation. Cash McDonalds in Texas
Disambiguation. James Jackson and Mary Fitz Randolph
Jackson Ledger Transcriber's Notes

AL: Jackson in Alabama Lots of Alabama Jax info from Beth TO WORK ON
AR: Jackson in Arizona empty page.
AK: Jackson in Arkansas empty page.
KY: Jackson in Kentucky list of KY Jackson marriages
KY: Jackson in Kentucky, United States empty pg.
IA: Jackson in Iowa link to well researched rootsweb chart for Jacksons.
IL: Jackson in Illinois, United States empty page!
IN: Jackson in Clark, Indiana Jackson marriages for Clark County, table format
MO: Jackson in Missouri same as above

VA: Northern Neck, Virginia Research Guide This is Craig's page.
VA: Northern Neck Proprietary: Its Proprietors and Virginia Land Grants Craig's.
VA: Virginia Research Guide I've added info to this page.
VA: Jackson in Virginia, United States table with counties with dates of formation. See also next link.
VA: Jackson in Virginia not a table; text and links
VA: Jackson in Surry, Virginia Misc Jax info.
VA: Jackson in Loudoun, Virginia List of Jackson families posted to WeRelate.

VA: Data:Jackson's in Chalkley, 1912-1913 part of Tapestry data.
VA: Data:Jackson's in Chalkley, 1912-1913, Page 2, K -X
VA: Notebook: Jackson's of Old Augusta from Janiejac misc Jax info.
VA: Samuel Jackson in Virginia, Augusta/Land TRANSCRIPTION of Augusta Co deed Samuel Jackson & David Caruthers.
VA: Augusta, Virginia Court Record for Morris vs Morris, 1805 genealogical info revealed by this court record. The talk page for this record has Quolla's reasoning for naming this type of article: Talk:Augusta, Virginia Court Record for Morris vs Morris, 1805 Quolla would probably go with a title like "Record. Augusta County Court Record for Morris vs Morris, 1805". Would fall under 'Data' or 'Documents'.
VA: Jackson in Virginia, Augusta Wills Thomas William Similar purpose as court case above; study of Jacksons mentioned in two wills. This is a corrected title; a redirect from orig.

VA: Prince William Jacksons Quolla set up this tapestry page for me to use and I had sort of lost it. Go back to learn how to use this.
VA: Jackson in Prince William, Virginia A Study of Jacksons in PWC
VA: Talk:Jackson in Prince William, Virginia Study of 5 Samuel Jacksons
VA: Samuel Jacksons of Stafford and Prince William, Virginia Can this be combined with other study page above?
VA: TimeLine for Jackson in Prince William, Virginia Copy of my google doc for all Jacksons mentioned in PWC. wonder how dif this is from above article?

VA: Inhabitants of Dettingen Parish, Prince William, Virginia Landowners in Dettingen Parish PWC
VA: Timeline.Lynn in Prince William, Virginia

VA: Jackson in Fairfax, Virginia has info on Capt. Jax. VA: Jackson in Fauquier County, Virginia, United States minor pg.
VA: Jackson in Isle of Wight, Virginia misc sourced Jax info
VA: Talk:Jackson in Isle of Wight, Virginia conversation with Beth Gay.
VA: Jackson in Loudoun, Virginia, United States empty page
VA: Jackson in Rockbridge, Virginia just a bit of Jax info
VA: Jackson in Rockingham, Virginia Jackson vital records
VA: Jackson in Washington, Virginia 3 Washington County, VA marriages

WV: West Virginia Research Guide
WV: Jackson in West Virginia I don't know which Jax is on this pg!
WV: Jackson in West Virginia, United States empty page.

NC: Jackson in North Carolina, United States Table of all counties with dates of formation. This can be a link to all the NC Jackson in county pages. This is considered a 'Shared Research Page'; see the talk page.
NC: References for Carolina Cradle Tapestry listing of source materials.
NC: Data:Carolina Cradle more Tapestry info
NC: Data. People owning land in Anson County, NC, 1749-1766 list of land owners from Brent Holcomb
NC: Data. Jacksons in the Carolina Cradle NC Jax deeds by Brent Holcomb. Could this be combined with above?
NC: Study. William and James Jackson in North Carolina This could be in a 'Notebook'. This pg NEEDS FORMATTING! {br} NC: Jackson in Anson, North Carolina, United States Bob Mitchell & I; bit of history and misc early Jax info.
NC: Disambiguation. Stephen Jackson of Anson, NC and Early Craven Co., Cheraw District and Chesterfield Co., South Carolina Study of 4 Stephen Jax research by Bob Mitchell.
NC: Disambiguation. Jacksons of Anson, NC and Early Craven Co., Cheraw District and Chesterfield Co., South Carolina The external links on this page need to be changed to internal links. Could this pg be combined with the page above?
NC: North Carolina Research Guide
NC: Jackson in Wilkes County North Carolina unfinished research
NC: Jackson in Warren, North Carolina, United States Jax in 1790 census
NC: Jackson in Northampton, North Carolina, United States Jax in 1790 census
NC: Jackson in Pasquotank, North Carolina, United States 1790 plus later census records
NC: Jackson in Cumberland, North Carolina, United States Jax marriages in Cumberland County plus 1790 census Jacksons.

NJ: Jackson in New Jersey List of NJ counties and random Jackson info.
NJ: Jackson in Mercer County, New Jersey mostly Trenton, Mercer Co. info.
NJ: Quakers of Randolph Township, Morris County,New Jersey History as it pertains to John Jackson, s/o Quakers James Jackson and Rebecca Hallett. NEED TO LINK JOHN'S RECORD TO THIS PG.

NY: Jackson in New York, United States Empty page!
NY: Jackson in Queens, New York These unknown Jax burials should be worked! TODO!
NY: Jackson in New York empty pg.

OK: Jackson in Oklahoma minor pg.

PA: Jackson in Pennsylvania A LOT could be done here!

SC: South Carolina Research Guide
SC: MySource:Janiejac/Survey of May Graveyard by Hugh Albert Jackson This is source pg only and should but does not go to the cemetery page. I think I created a cemetery page but cannot find it :(

TN: Jackson in Tennessee "Shared Research" page; mostly Carter Co.
TN: Jackson in Tennessee, United States empty page!

TX: Disambiguation. Cash McDonalds in Texas
TX: [[Jackson in Texas] empty page.

UT: Jackson in Utah links to Wm. H. Jackson painter.