Talk:Augusta, Virginia Court Record for Morris vs Morris, 1805


Hi Janie

I'd probably place this under "Data." or "Documents.", as "Analysis." is intended to be some sort of genealogical evaluation of information, ie--your analysis of some set of data., or why you think something. In anycase, I'd probably go with a title like "Record. Augusta County Court Record for Morris vs Morris, 1805"

One can organize things just about anyway one wants. As of late I've been inserting a section near the top for "Source", which in this case would give your source of information (Chalkley), and perhaps a link to an electronic source for the material.

I've also taken to includeing a sectin "Related", to include links to any person articles, or other pertinent information that you want people to be able to get to when they read this item. The purpose of this is to help tie things together, so that when someone comes across the article, they have a way of seeing why you've added it.---that is, they can get to the relevant person pages, or other related discussions.

Q 12:29, 27 October 2010 (EDT)