This is My Sandbox, where I can try out Wiki-code to see how it works.

  1. this is the first level (using standard WIKI coding with "#")
    1. this is the second level (but without the "a.")
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      2. another item at the third level (but without the "ii.")
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  2. returning to the first level (at least this is properly numbered)
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    2. another item at the second level (again, would rather see the "b.")
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THIS is some very clever HTML coding (thanks to Jennifer [JBS66]) to more clearly accomplish the above indenting:

  1. First level
    1. Second level in
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    3. Back to the Second level in
    4. Another Second level in
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This an easy link back to my User Page, and this is a quick link to my User talk Page

Setting up a link to the Digital Library

This is a link to the christening record of one of my Fifth Great-Grandfather's grandsons (i.e., my first cousin five times removed), Gottfried Quaas, son of Andreas Quaas Jr. and Rosina Friedel.
Number 24 on Page 202 (top or bottom) of Wintersdorf Church Record

Transcribed Census Data

Source: 1900 Census, WV, Fayette Co., Claremont, ED #20, Sheet 4B []
Name Sex Race Age Birth Place Dad's BP Mom's BP Occupation Real $ Notes
Tucker, Patrick M W 27 WV England Scotland Coal miner Rents several of his neighbor's are also miners
Tucker, Maggie F W 19 WV NY NJ . . 2 of her 4 children are still living
Tucker, Bernard M W 10 mos WV WV WV . . .
1900 Fed. Census . . . . . . . . Claremont, Fayette, WV
Line 54, Dwelling 67, Family 68 . . . . . . . . .

This table format was modified from Ronni.

Jun 6, 1841 - United Kingdom Census

Name Male Female Occupation In County
William Henry Blatch 45 Farmer Y
William Henry Blatch 20 Y
Frank Blatch 8 Y
Mariann Blatch 45 Y
Elizabeth Blatch 15 Y

Class: HO107; Piece 386; Book: 19; Civil Parish: Nutley; County: Hampshire; Enumeration District: 11; Folio: 2; Page: 7
This table format was modified from Btomp


Note: The position of this picture can be on the left, right or centered by changing "|left" in the Wiki-code.

It can also easily be made larger or smaller by adjusting the "|200px" part of the Wiki-code.


Watercooler question about links from an image. (I tried to do this unsuccessfully from my class picture):

"Can you link to an outside page from your profile using a small image? I know images have [[ ]] in Wiki, but I know the html code. Here is an example of that code, but I have not yet uploaded an image or anything. I wanted to get it right before I decided to actually do it.

<a href=""><img src="noname.gif" width="40" height="60" alt=""></a>

In html, the code above would make an image clickable without any text showing."

These are examples of my current solution:

Clickable Non-Image




My Suggestions for some additional information about the WeRelate effort

WeRelate is a community-based genealogy site, which means that the information available at this site is created more by a community than by an individual. The emphasis at this unique site is on sharing your family tree, collaborating with your cousins on your family history research and learning more about your genealogy interests from informed contributors. This community effort uses Wiki-principles (and code) and is intended to lead to creating more interesting and more accurate information about those people and families, who have prepared and paved the way for you and your family.

Of course, casual visitors to WeRelate will easily be able to freely “take” from this site, but the altruistic expectation is to provide an opportunity for those who do genealogy for the love of it to freely “give” at this site. The “takers” will be able to click on the “Connect” button and find information about their ancestors on the internet using the most intelligent genealogy web crawler available. As the site is developed, users will probably find unique information about their ancestors on WeRelate.

There is a not-so-subtle distinction between family history and genealogy, which is based on whether you are interested in documenting the answer to the question, "Who am I?" or tracing a person's pedigree using archival records. With a Wiki-based program, the former invites embellishment of the individual's identity, whereas the latter leads to questions about whose source is best.

There is a PBWiki website set up for details about our class reunion activities at Madelia Reunion.

These are two approaches to searching for classmates coming on board:

  1. Click on Wiki --> Logs --> New User --> and Browse the list to try to recognize someone's name.
  2. Click on Connect --> using Keyword "reunion and bio" --> and User --> and then, Browse the list.

To read the bios of your other classmates, click on one of the links in the table below:

George Arduser Harold Baker Harvey Blume Lucille Borchert Jim Breiter Don Cady Larry Davis Connie DeVoll
Engel Engelson Anita Evenson Rich Gladen Sharon Guyer Charles Helling Carol Hoeft Pat Hoeft Allen Ihrke
Ellen Jensen Beverly Kannemann Carole Kelsey Maynard Kelsey John Knutson Mary Lou Kolbe Dominic Kunz Ethel Laingen
Larry McCabe Sandra Miller Lee Mitchell Garry Mussmann Ed Mutsch Vivian Nesterud Karen Osborne Darrell Pace
Waldemar Peterson Rachel Pygman Don Quass Don Rice Russell Riley John Rusten Glenda Scharbach Barb Strom
Elaine Tarrant Sharon Thormodson Lee Tiedeken . . . . .

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