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This is my bio for my class reunion

Personal – I married Barbara (She went to RI School of Design and became a potter) during my junior year of college and we had three girls. They are now two women and one man – an informative and inspiring story for another time. The oldest, Betsy, is living in Idaho, has two sons, is a registered nurse and is a divorced single mom. The middle daughter, Lydia, lives in the Boston area with her husband (a Political Theory PhD). They have no children. She splits her time between her first career as an early-music soprano and her more recent and much more intensive career as a Chiropractor. My youngest son, Kris, is a restoration carpenter, living with his partner in western Mass. They have two children, a daughter and a son. Barbara and I were divorced in 1982.

In 1983, I married Margaret, who has two children, a daughter, Shani, and a son, Daudi. Margaret graduated from William & Mary and is a lawyer, no longer practicing. She spends all of her discretionary time working with me to elect Democrats. Shani works in Boston on the development staff of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. Daudi is in LA trying to break into the audio recording industry as a recording engineer.

As many do, we retired to Maine to have some leisure to kayak, canoe, hike, travel, etc. etc. We have carved out a life with no “leisure” but full of large and rewarding challenges (the kayaks and canoes, for example, have not been in the water for two years). One of our latest challenges: we are working to help one of our two US Congressmen, Tom Allen, defeat US Senator Susan Collins. This is a tough race. Watch it to see if Congressman Allen prevails!

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