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This is My Homepage

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First, a little about my background

My name is Don Quass. Quass (or Quaas) is a German, Polish, and Russian word; an ingredient in borsch (fermented rye flour sort of like sour cream) and a fermented (carbonated) drink. Three of my paternal Great-Great-Grandfathers were German. I have visited my dad's ancestral village in Heukendorf, Sachsen, Altenburg, Thuringia, which is about 50 miles Southeast of Leipzig. All four of my maternal Great-Great-Grandfathers were English. We have also visited my mother's ancestral village in Flixton of East Riding, Yorkshire, England.

You can visit my paternal Grandfather's page by clicking on Grandpa Quass, or you can visit my maternal Grandfather's page by clicking on Grandpa Greenley. On either of those pages, you can walk up my pedigree chart by clicking on the button toward the upper right, which looks like a small pedigree chart. You can also move around in the tree by clicking on the family or children links in the box on the right (i.e., below the pedigree chart button).

I grew up in Madelia, MN and clicking on my bio will enable you to read more about my life. After I was married and while we were going to graduate school in Madison, WI, we became very involved in family history research; digging through the stacks of the Historical Library there, tramping through cemeteries in WI and IA, and visiting small town court houses and newspaper offices.

We have recently returned to our townhouse in Oakdale, MN, from our one-year mission in the Headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Special Projects Zone of the Family and Church History Mission, where we handled unsolicited donations (documents, photographs and artifacts) to the Church Archives. I'm looking forward to resuming the privilege of serving as a Sealer in the St. Paul Temple. We enjoy linking our families together, especially for eternity.

My list of Surnames

The list of surnames (linked to eight Great-Great-Grandfathers) from my five-generation pedigree chart is Quass, Vaughn, Nehls, Brunko, Greenley, Hinde, Wilkinson and Varker.

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