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This is my bio for my 50-year high school class reunion

50 years!! Wow, how time flies.

My wife Catherine (Kitty) and I have been happily married for (47) Forty-seven years, and have raised (7) Seven beautiful children; Craig, Jeff, Todd, Rochelle, Tim, Eugene and Lisa, who are no longer children. Five of the Seven are married, and our two youngest boys, we believe are confirmed bachelors. To date, we have (12) Twelve grandchildren and (1) One very special great-granddaughter.

  • Our eldest son is retired from the Air Force and living in Bellevue, NE where he continues to work at Offit AFB as a civilian. His wife is employed by the school district in Bellevue.
  • No. two son is living in Albuequerque, NM and is a Crane operator.
  • No. three son lives in Rosemount, MN and is employed by Pepsi-Cola. His wife is employed by Wells Fargo.
  • Our oldest daughter is a stay at home Mom and is also self-employed as an accountant for several small businesses. Her husband is an engineer at Dow Chemical, Inc.
  • Our two youngest boys (the bachelors) live together in Rosemount, and are both machinists.
  • Our youngest daughter is a Registered Nurse, and works at an Invitro Fertilization clinic in Minneapolis. Her husband is a Chiropractor, and has his own practice on Hennepin Ave. in South Minneapolis.

My wife (Kitty) just retired from the City of Apple Valley, where she worked as a checkout clerk for over twenty-five years. The majority of my years of employment were spent as a maintenance machanic and over the road trucking. In my late fifty's, I decided to give up wrenching and took a position in a warehouse with General Electric Co. in Eagan, MN until I took full retirement at age 65.

My wife and I love the outdoors, and now that we're both retired, we plan to do more fishing in the north country. Of course, our first priority is to continue to spoil the grandchildren as much as we are able to.

On March 2, 2007, I had the misfortune of suffering a heart attack, which has slowed me down just a bit. However, after having an angiogram & angioplasti, my Cardiologist informs me that, in due time, I will as good as new. As for the everyday aches and pains, I believe our ancestors forgot to take them along as they passed away; consequently, we are left with them as well.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in September.

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