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This is our picture and my bio for my high school class reunion

Following graduation from high school I worked for the Madelia Telephone Co. for a year, I was amused to see the ISP name for the company is MADtelco, things might have changed by now but the name would have been quite appropriate for the time that I worked there.

I attended Mankato State for four years, completing a Bachelor of Science degree. I continued my education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where I received my Masters Degree. I also worked on a Doctorate at the University of Idaho, Moscow where I completed all the course work for the PhD but dropped out with an ABD degree (that’s all but dissertation). I also did additional course work at St. Johns, St. Ben’s, Bemidji State and Moorhead State and analytical chemistry research at Wayne State University in Detroit ( during the race riots yet!).

I married Aida Hershberger of Long Island, N.Y. and over the years we managed to produce four children, three girls and one boy. All four are independent as evident by their participation in different sports and activities and graduating from different universities. Two now work in computer related jobs, one in personnel training and one medical doctor, specializing in psychiatry. Our oldest, Mary, gave us our first grandchild, Ethan. Theresa, our third oldest, has two children, Sebastion and Charlotte. Our three grandchildren manage to keep us busy and I can’t imagine how those with many grandchildren can meet all the demands placed on them.

After graduation from Mankato State I began a long and varied teaching career. I began at Granite Falls moved on to Brainerd and then to Roseau. I also managed to put in some time in adjunct and short term employment. I taught General Chemistry at North Dakota State University in Fargo and at St. Cloud State University. I also worked on radiochemistry analysis for the Dept of Energy at the Nevada Test Site, 70 miles northwest of Las Vegas, monitoring biological samples of exposed employees and analyzing filters from sites where depleted uranium ammunition was used. We enjoyed the southwest and enjoyed living in Las Vegas which we found consisted of two cities, the Gambling-Sex industry and a regular city with UNLV, churches, museums, slums, etc. Most visitors see The Strip and Downtown but little or nothing of the regular city. The many National Parks, State Parks and Bureau of Land Management areas in the region make it a great region to visit.

We now live on a small lake, for the last ten years, in WI. One of over 900 lakes in Washburn county, yes many are small and the landscape consists mostly of rolling hills and forests. We enjoy the lake and do our part to try and maintain its quality, volunteering to take samples for analysis and working to get lake improvement grants.

My other avocations include gardening, wild flowers and vegetables, and working with wood projects. I’m a voracious reader with subscriptions to the Nation, the New Yorker, Harpers, the Lowdown, the Spectator, Sierra, Organic gardening, Atlantic, Church and State and a few others. In addition I usually have two or three, usually fiction, books that I’m working on. I’m presently serving as the Vice President of our lake association and a current member of the Planning Commission for the town.

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