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Our picture and my bio for our class reunion in 2007

I graduated from Madelia High School in May 1957 along with the rest of you. I stayed on the family farm until Oct. 1958, when we had a farm sale and I moved to Hanska in March 1959. After some major surgery in Aug. 1960, I started working at a hardware store, where I learned a few trades; electrical, plumbing, repairing lawn mowers & repairing snow blowers.

In the spring of 1963, I went to work as a carpenter building houses until 1967, when I went back to hardware store work. After recovering from another major surgery in Jan. 1968, I went back to work at the hardware store until the spring of 1975, when I went on my own doing repair work. And I’m still doing repair work.

In 1977, I built my own house in Madelia and lived there until I sold it in 1988, because I married Grace in 1987 and we moved to Arkansas. We lived in Green Forest until 1996, when we had an auction and moved to Tennessee for 3.5 years. Then, we moved back to Green Forest in Oct. 1999 and are still living in the same place. Although Social Security benefits promoted our divorce in 2001, Grace & I still live together.

In the last couple of years, my health has deteriorated, so I have to slow up with the repair work & lawn mowing.

I have not been to any class reunions since graduation, and look forward to seeing you all.

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