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This is my bio for my class reunion in 2007

After graduation I worked on the family farm with my parents. In 1959 I started to work at Tony Downs in Madelia doing construction work and also helping on the farm. In December 1961 I was drafted into the army, where I served as a supply clerk for two years. Upon returning home I resumed work at Tony Downs as a forklift operator and continued to help with the farm work.

In the fall of 1965 I started work at Doughboy Turkey plant in Madelia as shipping foreman, also this same year my brother and I purchased the family farm from our parents. January 1968 I began work at the Madelia Telephone Co. as a technician.

In June of 1979 I married Mary Lueder, an elementary teacher at Madelia grade school. Her home town is New Ulm. We then designed, built, and landscaped our home on the farm adjacent to my home farm. I continued to play amateur baseball from 1955 to 1997 in Madelia and area towns, most of the time as the pitcher, when not pitching I played one of the infield positions.

In 1997 we dissolved our partnership in the family farm, and Mary and I enrolled our share of the farm in the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP). Under this program the land is seeded to native grasses and forbs. This is a perpetual agreement so the land has to stay in native prairie permanently.

In December 2000 I retired from the Madelia Telephone Co. after 33 years there. We spent many years vacationing at Rocky Mountain National Park, hiking in the mountains and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Since retiring we spend much of our time caring for our prairie and traveling to native prairie sites still remaining throughout the state, where we study and identify the native plants. There are more than 300 species of grasses and forbs in the native prairies of Mn. We currently have only eight grasses and approximately 20 forbs in our prairie at this time. I still enjoy hunting, fishing, and being outdoors enjoying nature. We also do volunteer work at St Mary's church and school.

The best thing about being 65 is still having good health and being able to enjoy life and do the things I want and enjoy doing. I have no regrets about being over 65.

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