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This is my bio page for our 50-year class reunion

After marrying Sandra Miller, the love of my life in 1958, I graduated from Mankato State in December,1961, with double majors in chemistry & business administration, and went to work as a petroleum chemist for Northwestern Refining Company, (now Ashland Oil), in St. Paul Park, MN. On June 1, 1966, I moved to H. B. Fuller Company, St. Paul, MN, working originally as an adhesive chemist. I was fortunate enough to get different responsibilities every few years until retirement in 1998, as an officer of the Company. I got to travel the world in a couple of my positions with Fuller, so was able to see many places that I would not have otherwise.

Sandra has filled you in on our children and grandchildren, so I won't bore you with redundancy. Needless to say, we greatly enjoy them all, and are fortunate to have them all live within 25 miles of us. We lived in Roseville for 24 years. It was a good place to raise our family. In 1992 we built a house in the countryside about 3 miles out of Stillwater. Sandra was the champion of the move, as I was reluctant, but now this is 'Kelsey's last stand'. We both love it here, and I do Sandra's bidding when it comes to her gardens. (When Momma's not happy, nobody's happy.)

I have been retired for 9 years now, and the time has flown by. We both keep busy doing a fair amount of volunteer work. I do some volunteer work for the DNR, the PCA, the local Soil & Water Conservation District, am an election judge, and serve on the Washington County Board of Adjustment and Appeals. I think the favorite of both of us is packing food for the needy at Second Harvest, which is the largest supplier in Minnesota to food shelves all around the state. It is also very big nationwide. I do make time to play 27 holes of golf per week with other retired buddies from Fuller. I don't fish as much as I used to, but still hunt, especially pheasants and turkeys.

We are both fortunate to be in good health. I did wear out a hip (congenital defect exacerbated by running for 33 years), and had it replaced on January 15,2001. Unfortunately, I picked Sandra's birthday for the surgery, fool that I am. We have our aches and pains, but don't we all? It certainly beats the alternative! I haven't found anything good about being over 65, but it isn't bad either.

An aside to Don, re his letter jacket. I finally parted with mine about 3 years ago.

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