Person:William Porter (73)

William Porter, Jr.
m. Bef. 1730
  1. John Porter1730 - Bef 1804
  2. Jane 'Gean' Porter1731 - 1814
  3. Margaret PorterAbt 1733 - 1795
  4. Mary Porter1736 - 1814
  5. William Porter, Jr.abt 1740 - 1804
  • HWilliam Porter, Jr.abt 1740 - 1804
  • WMary Bowen1748 - 1820
m. 1763
  1. Agnes Porter1765 - aft 1841
  2. Lily Porterabt 1767 - abt 1828
  3. William Porter1771 - 1852
  4. Mary Jane 'Jean' Porter1773 - 1859
  5. Mary Porterabt 1778 -
  6. John Porter1778 - 1837
  7. Joseph Porter1782 - 1852
Facts and Events
Name William Porter, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1740 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Marriage 1763 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Bowen
Death? 10, May 1804 Goshen, Rockbridge, Virginia, United States[Will Recorded in Rockbridge County]
Will? September 1804 Rockbridge County, Virginia[Will Bk. 2, 1797-1806, Reel 22, pgs. 381-383]


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Some additional information for Wm. Porter Jr. (73)

William Porter Jr. was a soldier in the Continental Army for three years. It is believed he served in the same company as his brother-in-law, John Bowen (VA. ensign 12th VA. 10 Sept. 1777; Regt. designated 8 VA., 14 Sept. 1778. Lt. 8 Feb. 1781 and served to June 1783)". On May 15, 1781 "Mary Porter, wife of William Porter, soldier in the Continental Army" was allowed 369 pounds by the Virginia Colony. No reason was given for this large sum of money in the records but passed down in the family, it is said she knitted socks, mittens, scarves and probably supplied various supplies for the Army. She had 7 or 8 children at that time.

Chalkley's Vol.l : (330) Mary Porter, wife of William Porter, a soldier in the Continental Army, allowed £360 for her and her children.

Also: Chalkleys Vol.l: JULY 18, 1786. (80) Elijah McClenachan allowed £3 for boarding William Porter, a Continental soldier, when in the smallpox.

William Porter Jr. died 10 May, 1804 probably in Rockbridge County where his Will was proven. It was drawn 9 Sept. 1803 and proved 4 Sept. 1804. It is not known where he is buried.

William Porter Jr. and Mary Bowen Porter had 13 known children but her tombstone says " mother of nine sons and five daughters". Perhaps, a son, whose name is not known, died before his father and is therefore not named in his father's will. The name, Eli Porter, from one family list may have been the ninth son.

After William Porter's death, eventually, all of his land was sold to comply with the terms of his will. On September 3, 1810, Mary Porter, widow of Wiiliam, sold to Daniel Stickler a tract of land which he had purchased from William Peoples (Deed Book A, p. 276). This land was in the original Borden Tract and was about fourteen miles northwest of Lexington. In 1843, Stickler sold this property to Wm. Wilson. The house was remodeled into a resort hotel and became known as the "Wilson Spring Hotel" and was used as a summer resort for many years. The house was located at the eastern entrance of Goshen Pass, well back against the mountain behind it. It is about three hundred yards from the highway and the Maury River. At a small island in the river just across the highway is a sulphur spring which was the attraction for the hotel.

Not all of the children are shown on William Porter's page. Children were: Agnes,Lily, William, Jean(Jane), Mary, John,David, Charles, Joseph, Elizabeth, Stephen, Samuel and Reese. Most of this family migrated to Tennessee. All children were born in what became Rockbridge County.

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