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Old Chester

person:Alexander Porter (7)New Castle County, DEElizabeth Culbertson
person:Alexander Porter (8)lived in Sadsbury Township, Old Chester County, PA, 1730
person:Benjamin Porter (7) Ann Campbell
Person:Benjamin Porter (9)
Person:David Porter (17)
Person:George Porter (16)
person:James Porter (37) 1699 1778
Person:Josias Porter (2)
Person:Nathaniel Porter (16)
Person:Rachel Porter (3)
person:Samuel Porter (38) bef 1730 James (37) Eleanor GIllespie Briefly lived in Old Augusta, but returned to PA about 1751, where he lived in Druomore Twshp, Lancaster County.
Person:Stephen Porter (4)
Person:William Porter (75)

Old Augusta

See:Records in Old Augusta for Porter

DOBDODDOM SpouseFatherMotherPatriarchNOtes
Person:Adam Porter (1) 1742 1823 1766 Delilah Tevis
Person:Adam Porter (2)No Records 1776 1851 Adam (1) Delilah Tevis Identified as a son of Adam (1) in Ancestry records
Person:Agnes Porter (12) Person:Agnes Porter (12)
Person:Agnes Porter (14) No Records
person:Ann Porter (10) 1767 Adam Porter Delilah Tevis
person:Ann Porter (11) 1803 William (67) Frances Sharp
person:Boyed Porter (1) 1797 William (67) Frances Sharp
person:Daniel Porter (19) person:Daniel Porter (19) Adam Porter Delilah Tevis
person:David Porter () Mary Porter,
maiden name unknown
Probably the same person as Daniel Porter.
Easter Porter
Person:Easter Mackey (1)
person:Emelia Porter (1) 1774 Adam Porter Delilah Tevis
Fanny Porter
person:Frances Sharp (9)
c1778 1796 William (67) JOhn Sharp Ann Boyd -
person:James Porter (52) 1802 William (67) Frances Sharp
person:James Porter ()
person:Jane Porter (16) 1737 1814 c1754 Samuel Black William (70) Jane Porter
person:John Porter (141) 1786 1853
person:John Porter (155) person:Sarah Summers (9)
person:John Porter (142) 1799 William (67) Frances Sharp
person:Joshua Porter (2) 1782 1824 Adam Porter Delilah Tevis
person:Lewis Porter (1) Adam Porter Delilah Tevis
Lydia Porter
person:Lydia Moore (29)
person:Margaret Porter (18) 1772 Adam Porter Delilah Tevis
person:Margaret Porter (13) 1733 1795 c1755 John Mitchell (170)William Porter (70) Jean
person:Mary Porter (126) 1782 Adam Porter Delilah Tevis
person:Mary Porter (129) 1810 William (67) Frances Sharp
person:Mary Porter (139) 1791 Edward Bickerstaff Only the single record identified. It shows her marry8ing Edward Bickerstaff in 1791. It might be that "Porter" is her married name, though there's nothing specific to indicate that. Mary [Bowen] Porter (126)'s is a possible candidate, but her husband, William, lived until 1804, so this is unlikely.
Mary Porter
Maiden name unknown
person:Daniel Porter (19) There may be a confusion between wife of David Porter and Daniel Porter. David and Daniel are probably the same person, listed in error in Chalkley's Chronicles.
person:Patrick Porter (1) c1756 Susannah Walker
Person:Peter Porter (9) 1778 Adam Porter Delilah Tevis
person:Rezin Porter (1) 1769 Adam Porter Delilah Tevis
person:Robert Porter (37) 1768 Adam Porter Delilah Tevis
person:Samuel Porter (38) bef 1730 James (37) Eleanor GIllespie Briefly lived in Old Augusta, but returned to PA about 1751.

Sarah Porter
person:Sarah Summers (9)
Person:John Porter (155)
person:Sarah Porter (67)
Person:Thomas Porter (38) Thomas Porter Lived in Orange County
Person:Thomas Porter (62) William (70) Lived in Old Augusta
person:William Porter (70) 1710 1782 Jean
Person:William Porter (67) 1771 1796 Fanny Sharp William (73) Mary Bowen
person:William Porter (97) 1801 William (67) Frances Sharp
person:William Porter (73) Mary Bowen William (70) Jane

person: Porter (xx)

*Where the phrase "No Records" is entered, no records have been found in Chalkley's but presumably exist in sources not yet examined. HOw we "know" that this person lived in Old Augusta has not been determined, and so has not been verified.

New River


person:Samuel Porter (20)
person:Patrick Porter (1) Susannah Walker c1756

Carolina Cradle