Person:Thomas Lewis (45)

Thomas Lewis, of the Bullpasture, Augusta County, VA
m. 1715
  1. Samuel Lewis1716 -
  2. Thomas Lewis, of the Bullpasture, Augusta County, VA1718 - 1790
  3. Gen. Andrew Lewis1720 - 1781
  4. Alice Lewis1722 -
  5. Maj. William Lynn Lewis1724 - 1812
  6. Margaret Lynn Lewis1726 -
  7. Anne Lewis1728 -
  8. Col. Charles Lewis, of the Cowpasture, Augusta County, VA1735/36 - 1774
  • HThomas Lewis, of the Bullpasture, Augusta County, VA1718 - 1790
  • WJane Strother1731 - 1820
m. 26 JAN 1748/49
  1. Capt. John Lewis1749 - 1788
  2. Margaret Ann Lewis1751 - 1834
  3. Agatha Lewis1753 - 1836
  4. Jane Thompson Lewis1755 - 1790
  5. Andrew Lewis1757 - 1810
  6. Thomas Lewis, Jr1760 - 1847
  7. Mary Lewis1762 - 1829
  8. Elizabeth Lewis1765 - 1829
  9. Anne Lewis1767 -
  10. Frances Lynn 'Fannie' Lewis1771 - 1845
  11. Charles Lewis1772 - 1832
  12. Sophia Lewis1775 - 1860
  13. William Benjamin Lewis1778 - 1825
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Lewis, of the Bullpasture, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? 27 APR 1718 County Donegal, Ulster Province, Ireland
Marriage 26 JAN 1748/49 Virginiato Jane Strother
Death? 31 Jan 1790 Rockingham County, Virginia

Thomas Lewis was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 160-162. Indenture 22 Feb. 1745 between John Lewis of Beverley Manor of County of Augusta of the one part and Thomas Lewis, son of the foresaid of other part... for five shillings.. sells 740 acres of land in Beverley Manor lying on Lewis's Creek (being part of a tract of land containing 2,071 acres).. bounded.. John Preston's field... (signed) John Lewis (seal). Witnesses: Robt. Poage, Andrew Lewis, William Lewis. Paid ₤10.. release recorded 25 July 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 43].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Thomas Lewis (entered by Andrew Lewis) acquired 200 acres in the Bull Pasture at the foot of the mountain, 19 Jan. 1754,
  • Page 8.—38th February, 1754. Thos. and Andrew Lewis, 200 acres of land joining Harcklas Wilson on the cow pasture and two 200 surveys near John Shaw's land, two 200 acres joining Lewis' line near head of Bull Pasture, and two 200 surveys near foot of mountain, north sid« of Bull pasture not far from Bodkin's land, and 200 acres joining George Wilson, and a survey of the Reed Hole and towards Hicklin's land, and 200 acres at a small meadow between the Warm Springs and Jackson's land, and 200 acres about 5 miles from the Warm Springs near the path from said Spring to Harden's land on the mountain, and one survey on Cedar Run near a survey made on said Run, and 200 acres in the Calf Pasture joining the west and north lines of Samuel Gay, and 200 acres on a ridge near Dunlap's old place where Meek made some improvements. Robert McClenachan.

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Power of Attorney from William Beverley

Because of the large amount of work in conveying land to early settlers (especially in outlying areas like the Calfpasture), William Beverley appointed a few trusted elders to assist him in conveying land to other settlers. Thomas Lewis was one of those he granted his power of attorney to transact land on his behalf, as listed in the following record:
  • Page 434.--12th June, 1753. Power attorney, Beverley to Thomas Lewis and John Madison to convey lands in Calfpasture, 1753. Teste: John O'Neal and John (his mark) Furnish, Peter Scholl, Wm. Lusk, Wm. Burk, Wm. Frazer.

Records of Thomas Lewis in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Charles Lewis vs. Layton Yancey--O. S. 24; N. S. 8--From Rockingham. Copy of deed 22d October, 1797. Charles Lewis and Ann of Rockingham to Layton Yancey; on South River, Shenandoah, adjoining said Yancey, corner Maggots land; recorded October Court, 1797. Layton Yancey married a sister of Charles Lewis and was his guardian, Charles's father having died in 1790 when Charles was 17 or 18 years old. John Yancey was Layton's brother. Answer sworn to 16th June, 1801. Copy of Thomas Lewis's will of Rockingham, dated 15th October, 1789. Proved in Rockingham, February Court, 1790. Funeral service to be read by Peachey Gilmore, as it is found in Clark's Reformed Liturgy. Distressed son and his family; daughter McElhaney, daughter Gilmer; late brother General Andrew Lewis; brother William Lewis of Sweet Springs; son-in-law Col. Stuart; son-in-law Layton Lancey and his wife, Fanny; unmarried daughters, Ann and Sophia; daughter Agathy Stuart; son Thomas, who has rendered himself incapable of maintaining himself by his own miscondict and follies; son-in-law John Stuart; nephew William Lewis, son of William Lewis of Sweet Springs; sons John and Andrew; daughter, Jean wife of Thomas Hughes. John, Andrew and Jean are excluded on account of their vices. Infant sons, Charles and William; grandsons, Thomas and Charles, sons of John Lewis; granddaughter, Elizabeth; daughters, Margaret Bowyer, Mary McElhaney, Elizabeth Gilmore.