Person:Samuel Walker (55)

Samuel Walker
d.bef 1798
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Walker
Gender Male
Death? bef 1798


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Document:Will of Samuel Walker, Caswell County, NC, 1797
Notebook:Extracts of Land Records Walker, Orange County, NC


This Samuel Walker settled on Hogan's Creek in what was then Orange County, NC, probably during the 1750's, and certainly by 1766 when his daughter Elizabeth married Noah Cobb. [1]

Descendant YDNA tests show that he matches closely with John Walker III of the Walkers Creek Branch of the Wigton Walker line. Since John III settled in this same area, the presumption is that they are closely related. Samuel and John also match closely with descendants of the Path Valley Walkers, who settled in Cumberland and Dauphin Counties in PA, by 1734. Some of these Path Valley Walkers also made their way to the Carolina Cradle, probably at the time of the French and Indian War. How all of these Walkers relate to each other is not yet known.


Samuel Walker (Abt 1730 Bef Jul 1798)Eleanor (Aft 1730- Aft 1800)
Elizabeth Walker (3 May 1749-Bef 1808) = Noah Cobb (27 Apr 1739-Bef Dec 1808)
Samuel Cobb (26 Feb 1768-Sep 1835) = Susanna Swift (Bef 1770-Bef 1810)
Noah Cobb (Abt 1782-Aft 1850 = 1) Nancy Walker (Abt 1792-Bef 1833 =2) Jane Dill (Abt 1805-?)
Samuel Walker (Aft 1751-Bef 1797)
Elinor Walker (Abt 1754-?)
James William Walker (Abt 1756-Oct 1823) = Elizabeth 'Betsy' Elliott (Abt 1760-Aft 1860)
Samuel Walker (Abt 1783-Bef 1871) = Nancy
James E. Walker (Abt 1785-Abt 1870)
Robert Lee Walker (Abt 1786-Bef 1850)
William J. Walker (Abt 1788-Abt 1872) = Elizabeth Smithwick (Bef 1802-?)
Margaret Walker (Abt 1791-Aft 1872) = James Graham (Bef 1791-?)
Cyrene 'Sena' Walker (2 Feb 1792-Bef 1870)
Matthew Moore Walker (1 Jan 1795-6 Dec 1857) = Hester Ann Moore (11 Jul 1795-11 May 1842
John Egbert Walker (4 Jul 1800-Aft 1870)
Joseph Marion Walker (Abt 1803-?) = Sarah 'Sally' Baker Hallum (12 Oct 1801-?)
Ellender Walker (Abt 1805-?)
Jane 'Jean' Walker (Abt 1770-?) = Robert King (Abt 1765-Abt 1835)
Rebecca King (13 Jul 1792-11 May 1870) = Phillip Walker (12 Oct 1780-9 Apr 1858)
Muriel Agnes Walker (Bef 1774-Bef 1820) = James Orr (Abt 1770-Abt Jan 1820)
  1. From mary Ann: Henry and Jemima [Cobb] left CT around 1742. In 1755 they appeared on the tax rolls of Orange County, NC (Now Caswell Co. NC). Their son Noah married Samuel Walker's daughter, Elizabeth on 4 Dec 1766. We have the marriage date from a book used to write the Cobb family records. (The record was found in Bible Records of Rockingham County, North Carolina (Madison NC: The Society,1985, Volume 2; page 31,32. They make a mistake while transcribing, recording Walker as Waeher and suggesting it was the name Ware - "Elizabeth Waeher was born the 3 day of May 1749 ("Waeher" could be pronounced "Ware")". So we now know that Samuel was there by 1766.