Person:Samuel Semple (3)

Samuel Semple, Jr., Yeoman
b. abt 1694 Waterford, Ireland
  1. Elizabeth SempleABT 1680 - Bef 1747
  2. Sir Francis Semple, of Belfast and EdinburghBet 1680-1690 -
  3. Cunningham Sempleabt 1685 - aft 1723
  4. Samuel Semple, Jr., Yeomanabt 1694 - 1776
  5. Jean SempleBet 1694-1700 -
  6. John SempleBet 1694-1700 - Bet 1758
  • HSamuel Semple, Jr., Yeomanabt 1694 - 1776
  • WSusannah Wilkinsabt 1690 - 1753
m. abt 1711
  1. Elizabeth Sempleabt 1718 - 1780
  2. Capt. Samuel Semple, III, ASST QTR MRabt 1725 - 1808
  3. Moses Samples, Sr.1730 - 1824
  4. James SempleBet 1730-1750 - abt 1799
  5. Hannah Sampleabt 1731 - 1814
  6. Sheriff Robert Semple1733 - 1808
  7. Susanna Samplesabt 1741 -
  8. William Sempleabt 1742 -
  9. Sarah Samplesabt 1743 -
  • HSamuel Semple, Jr., Yeomanabt 1694 - 1776
  • WAnn Scott
m. 24 Sep 1745
Facts and Events
Name[8][10] Samuel Semple, Jr., Yeoman
Alt Name Samuel Samples
Gender Male
Birth[14] abt 1694 Waterford, Ireland Hereditary Sempill Lords of Blackburn, Kirkhouse, and Long Dreghorn & Clan Sempill
Marriage abt 1711 Irelandto Susannah Wilkins
Immigration[7] 24 Aug 1729 New Castle, Delaware, United StatesSamuel's brother John Semple was on this list of immigrants
Property[10] 4 May 1741 Sussex, Delaware, United StatesAnderson Parker sells land to Samuel Samples.
Property[10] 7 May 1745 Sussex, Delaware, United StatesSamuel Samples conveys his land to Thomas Massey.
Marriage 24 Sep 1745 Sussex, Delaware, United StatesLand was granted to Anderson Parker, Esq. in the County of Sussex, State of Delaware from a warrant dated at Philadelphia on the 14th day of February 1739. Anderson Parker then sold this land to Samuel Samples of Sussex County, Delaware, yeoman, on the 4th day of May 1741. Samuel Samples then conveyed the land to Thomas Massey, yeoman of Sussex County, Delaware on the 7th day of May 1745. On the 24 day of September 1745, Samuel Samples married Ann Scott in Sussex County, Delaware.
to Ann Scott
Property[13] 30 Oct 1756 Frederick, Virginia, United StatesSamuel Sample is a recipient of a Lord Fairfax Land grant of 425 acres.
Property[13] 1759 Frederick, Virginia, United StatesName appears on the Rental Rolls
Property[10] 1761 Sussex, Delaware, United States
Property[11] 17 Feb 1761 Augusta, Virginia, United StatesLand on head waters of Linville Creek, and at the great Spring on head of South Branch of Linville Creek, sold by Jeremiah (Jere) Harrison and Catherine to Samuel Semple.
Property[13] 1764 Frederick, Virginia, United StatesName appears on the Rental Rolls
Property[2] 24 May 1769 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United StatesAccording to the book of field-notes as identified to be in the handwriting of Colonel Alex. M'Lean, deputy surveyor, being field notes, entitled "Samuel Semple's land, Samuel Semple already owned land within the land tract owned by Thomas Penn and Richard Penn before the Survey of 24th May 1769
Occupation[4] abt 1770 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United StatesA noted Pittsburg lawyer
Will[9] 13 Jun 1776 Augusta, Virginia, United StatesSamuel Semple's Last Will & Testament
Death[14] 20 Aug 1776 Augusta County, Virginia

Samuel Semple (Samples) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

  • Morton, Oren Frederic. History of Pendleton County, West Virginia (74302)
Thomas Gragg was probably born about 1715, in Northern Ireland. Thomas Gragg came from Ireland with his sons, Henry and William and was of Scotch ancestry.
Thomas Gragg's will, dated April 1773, Augusta County, Virginia, named his wife, Elizabeth and children: Ann, Mary and Elizabeth - sons Henry and William were not mentioned in the will. Thomas married Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Semple. Thomas apparently died soon after the making of his will, as appraisers for the estate were appointed 17 August 1773. Mary, daughter of Thomas, was bound out to her brother, William in 1775. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas, was bound out to her brother William in 1780. The first mention of Thomas in Augusta County, Virginia, court records, was 16 August 1758 - "Thomas Gregg's bond with Samuel Sample as administrator of William Woods estate." On 16 February 1764, Thomas bought 140 acres of land from Samuel Semple, on Dry Branch of Linville Creek. The area, in which the Thomas Gragg family lived, is about three miles north and west of Harrisonburg, Virginia.
The Gregg Family History Project Website

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records: (Note: some records may be for another Samuel Semple)

Note: Samuel Stewart lived next to my ancestors (Robert and Sarah Patterson) in Sussex Co., Delaware (on the Broadkill River) during the 1720s and 30s. Between 1738 and the early 1740s, both the Pattersons and the Stewarts (plus other families such as Harrison, Black, Cravens, Hood, Semple/Sample, etc.) moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia (on headwaters of Linville Creek) near modern day Harrisonburg, Virginia (Rockingham County, Virginia). In 1748, Samuel’s oldest son David left Va for the Yadkin River valley of North Carolina. Soon thereafter, Samuel, his wife Lydia, and the rest of their family followed David. In the late 1750s, my ancestors (the Pattersons, Blacks, and other families like the Harrisons, Cravens, Ponders, etc.) moved from Va to the border region of North and South Carolina around Kings Mountain, on Clarks Fork of Bullocks Creek (modern day York Co., SC).
Source: Wes Patterson
  • Page 287.--17th November, 1758. Benj. Copland's estate settlement, by Ann Ralston (late Anne Copland). 19th March, 1755, former account. John Shaw's note (he ran away). Paid Thos. Pointer for one-half year schooling of Jacob and Mary Copland £1. Credits since 23d September, 1757--To Hannah Copeland, Sarah Copeland, Anne Ralston, David Ralston, Samuel Semple, Thomas Gregg, Samuel Hull, Robert Patterson, Edward McGeery, David Berry, Daniel Henderson, Peter Trader.
Samuel Semple Creditor
(Note: Samuel married Benjamin Copland's daughter Hannah in 1761)
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 17, 1761. - (462) Rebecca, wife of Abraham Hite--Commission for private examination. James Carr--hog and cow mark and horse brand recorded. Saml. McCune--same. Saml. Samples--same.
  • Page 184.--14th August, 1762. Arthur Johnston's estate sold, settlement by Margaret Gragg, late Johnston, executrix. Recorded, 19th August, 1762 Sold viz: To David Williams, Israel Young, Robt. and Wm. Gregg, John Magill, Michael Warren. Paid Samuel Samples, Charles Campbell, Adam Stevenson, Robt. Moore, John Cathern, James Allen.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER, 1765 (D). - Daniel Harrison's answer states that: Claims that orator is still in his debt. Account follows: Downes's fees--William Carrel, David Johnson, James Scott, John Dunbar, William Longin, Mathy Thomas, John Griffeth, John Megil. Adam Bracen Righ's book (boock)--Alen Sculps, Alen Jackson. John Bumgardner's book--Jonathan Duglis, Aorgin Jones, John Crage, Thos. Dwode, Ben Inman Gouge, John Harrison, Henry Netherentine, Samuel Lonard, Renell Macdannel, Jeremiah Orsburn, Jr., Samuel Pattron, James Rutledge, Samuel Samples, Edward Shankling, Hugh Duglis, Wm. Ewing, David Crage, John Griffeth, James Gray, Reuben Harrison, Samuel Henderson, Francis MacBred, Richard Marling, John Phillips, John Pattron, Valentine Seveor, Mathew Ship, John Walker, Thomas Holing, Mung Price, Hugh Camel, John Davis, Jacob Glashe, John Holmes, Joell Hornback, Thomas Loin (Lain), Peter Mate, John Orsburn, Josiah Parrent, Edward Rutledge, James Scot, Mathous Sulcer, Richard Tictum.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1766 (A). - John vs. Samples.--Know all men, &c., I, Robert Samples, of Augusta, farmer and holder, &c., unto William English, of Augusta, bricklayer, &c., 17th December, Annoque Domini, 1763. Conditioned to pay in horses, mares or cattle, £17, 10. Test: Samuel Hull, Samuel Sample. Endorsed, 17th May, 1766, to Andrew Johnston. (Signed) William (mark) English.
  • Vol. 1 - 1768. - Writ ad quad damnum on petition of John Hinton. Jury as follows: David Ralstone, Andrew Ewin, Henry Ewin, Benjamin Kinley, William Ewin, Jacob Copelin, Thomas Bryan, Michael Waren, Samuel Sampels, John Bryan, John Brown, Cornelius Brian. Signatures of all and George Skilleron (Skillem).
  • Page 104.--19th April, 1773. Thomas Greeg's will--To wife, Elizabeth, the land purchased from Saml. Samples; to the children; executors to make a deed to George Davis for 140 acres; to my three children, Ann, Mary, and Elizabeth. Executors, Daniel Smith and Andrew Erwin. Teste: John Warren, Samuel Samples, George Davis. Proved, 17th August, 1773, by oath of George Davis and affirmation of Jno. Warren. Executors qualify with John Henton.
  • Page 421.--13th June, 1776. Samuel Sample's will--To wife, Ann; to son, Samuel; to son, Moses; to sons, a division; to son William's son, William, an equal legatee; to son, Robert; to grandson, Thomas Randall. Executors, sons Robert and Moses. Teste: Andrew Erwin, John Brown, Mary Black. Proved, 20th August, 1776, by Erwin and Brown. Executors qualify.
  • Page 455.--5th September, 1776. Samuel Samples' estate appraised by Leonard Herring, Henry and Andrew Ewin--Remainder of the time of Edward Walker.
  • Page 132.--Vendue bill of Samuel Samples -- Jacob Caplin, John Chasm, Elihu Messexs, James Floyd, Wm. Greagg, John McVey, Wm. Pettijohn, Wm. Perrigin, Margaret and James McVey, Felix Sheltman.
Sgt. John McVey was born between 1737 and 1727 in Scotland. He served in the military between 1755 and 1760 in American Colonies for the French and Indian War. He was listed as poor and delinquent on Col. Smith's tax list in 1766 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He served in the military in 1777 in Virginia. He was at the Samuel Samples vendue sale in 1780. He had an estate probated on 13 Jun 1817 in Ardery, Bath Co., Kentucky. He died in 1823 in Virginia or Kentucky. He was a soldier, farmer, and millwright in Greenbrier Co., Virginia.
  • Page 136.--Settlement of Samuel Samples' estate--Paid heirs of Thomas Gregg, deceased.

Will of Samuel Sample

Augusta County, Virginia, Microfilm Reel #44.S9

I Samuel Sample of the County of Augusta in the Colony of Virginia do this thirteenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy six make this my last will and Testament. Viz, I give and bequeath unto my well belove wife Ann Sample the bed and Bed Cloathes the Chest her choice of the Pots and a little skillet her spinning wheel with half the furniture of the dresser (?) all which shall be her sole Property and at her disposal at her decease following. Viz, to have to Cows for her use in trust during live then to revert as aforesaid and for the subsistance during life to have yearly Twenty Bushels of Wheat five bushels of Indian Corn and two hundred Weight of Pork to be provided and taken to her at the Expense of the other Legatees she residingin in a Convenient distance otherwise to have cash given her yearly in the Value thereof towards Providing for her self.S9
To my son Samuel I give my Large Bible, to my son Moses my blue broad Cloth Coar, the resto fo my Cloaths whit my other Personal estate to be equally divided among my sons, including my son William's son and an equal Legatee in this as also in Real estate which I allow to be appraised by a Competent number of Judicious Men and my son Robert to have the first Choice of it at five pounds less that the Appraisement or on his refusal any other of my sons to have it allowing five Pounds above his equal divident of the appraisement. And to my Grandson Thomas Randall I give the sum of five shillings any more at the discretion of my sons. I do hereby apoint my sons Robert and Moses Samples Executors of this my last Will and Testament disannulling of all other Wills and Testaments Legacies or bequeaths at any time heretofore made by me Ratifying and Confirming this and no other as my last will and Testament In Witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and year written.S9
Samuel (his X mark) Sample
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of us Andrew Erwin, John Brown, Mary BlackS9
At a Court held for Augusta County by Authority of the Common Wealth of Virginia August the 20th 1776 This last will and Testament of Samuel Sample dececd was Proved by the Oaths of Andrew Erwin and John Brown two of the witnesses thereto and Ordered to be Recorded and on the motion of Robert and Moses Sample the executores therefor Obtaining aforesad (?) therefore in due form they having with Security entered into an Acknoledged this their Bond According to Law.S9
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    It has sometimes been stated that George Croghan and William Trent were brothers-in-law. How they became so is not clear. William Trent's only sister, Mary, married Nathaniel French, of Philadelphia. Trent himself married Sarah Wilkins, possibly a daughter of one of the Indian Traders of that name. Croghan 's nephew, it will be remembered, was Doctor John Connelly, the Loyalist. Connolly was the son of John Connelly, Sr., a native of Ireland, and of Susanna Howard, sister of Gordon Howard, one of the early Indian Traders of Lancaster County. She first married James Patterson, the Trader, and after his death. Dr. Thomas Ewing, of Lancaster. John Connolly, Sr., was her third husband. Doctor Connolly, their son, married Susanna Semple, daughter of Samuel Semple, the innkeeper of Fort Pitt, who furnished Washington such good entertainment in 1770. If Croghan's wife was a Wilkins, and sister to William Trent's wife, it is possible she also may have been a sister to Samuel Semple's wife, the mother of Susanna Connolly; and this would have made Connolly Croghan's nephew, by marriage. The name of Croghan's own daughter, as shown by his will, was Susanna; which was also the Christian name of Connolly's mother, as well as that of his wife. But it is difficult to see how Croghan could have been a brother-in-law to Trent, who married Sarah Wilkins, and also to John Connolly, Sr., who married Susanna Howard, the widow of Doctor Ewing, unless, indeed, Sarah Wilkins and Susanna Howard may have been half-sisters, and one of them Croghan's wife's sister.

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    By George Dallas Albert
    Semple, David - HANNASTOWN
    Semple (Sample) Sam - PITT

  4. Reuben Gold Thwaites, Louise Phelps Kellogg. Documentary History of Dunmore's War, 1774: : Compiled from the Draper Manuscripts in the Library of the Wisconsin Historical Society and published at the charge of the Wisconsin Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. (Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Historical Society, 1905), Page 42, 1905.

    Page 42. Dr. John Connolly was born in Lancaster County, Pa., about 1750. He was well connected, and married a daughter of Samuel Semple, a noted Pittsburg lawyer.

  5.   John S. Van Voorhis, A.M.M.D. The Old and New Monongahela. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Nicholson Printer and Binder, 1893), Page 240, 241.


    Page 240 - John Sample had three brothers and one sister: their names were William, Alexander, Samuel and Mary. Mary married Admiral Graves, a resident of north of Ireland, and was connected with the royal family. John Sample was second cousin to George the third. Admiral Graves was commander-in-chief of the marine forces of England, being appointed by the king on account of his connection with the crown through his wife. Admiral Graves was sent from England with a large fleet in

    Page 241 - the time of the revolution to relieve Cornwallis at the battle of Yorktown, but he arrived one day too late, as Cornwallis had been taken by General Washington. Admiral Graves returned with his fleet to England, He was owner of old Castle-Dawson with its elegant parks and hunting grounds.

    John Sample's wife's maiden name was Margaret Whiteside, a resident of Belfast, Ireland. Her brother, James Whiteside, was Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, the highest gift of the queen. He was a nobleman. At the age of 16 Margaret Whiteside married a young man named William Thompson, also a resident of Belfast. They had three children, John T. , William T. and Mary. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson immigrated to America while their children were quite young and settled in Philadelphia, where Mr. Thomipson died not long after his arrival. In a few years after his death his widow married John Sample, of the same city. He was a merchant. The issue of this marriage was seven children, viz: Ann, Margaret, Sarah, Eliza, Alexander, Jane and Martha. John Sample died in Pittsburgh, Pa., in 1829; his wife died in 1850, in Kentucky, whilst on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Martha Wheeler. Jane married Rev. G. M. Hair, both of whom are deceased. Eliza married Rev. Samuel Hair, whose death is noted elsewhere. His wife, at this date (ISOS") is still alive, and resides at No. 4417 Lake Avenue, Chicago. Martha married John T. Wheeler, now deceased; his wife survives him and resides in Chicago. Alexander was long a resident of Steubenville, Ohio, where he was regarded as one of the most distinguished dentists in that profession.


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    Thomas Graves (Royal Navy officer) married Mary Sample. Was with his cousin at the Battle of the Chesapeake. The battle was tactically inconclusive but strategically a major defeat for the British, since it prevented the Royal Navy from reinforcing or evacuating the blockaded forces of Lieutenant Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia. Cousin Thomas Graves, 1st Baron Graves also Failed Cornwallis at Yorktown.

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    • William Gilmore - Sarah Hannah, 1778, Arthur Scotts, Jr. - Ann Hamilton, 1788, The Union of Four Families (1932) by Elizabeth Gilmore, pp.174-79:
      "…Calvin Hamilton of Gettysburg, deceased, a descendant of John Hamilton who landed at New Castle, Delaware, 24 August 1729, said his ancestor, John Hamilton, came over with his uncle Hance Hamilton."..."The descendants of John Hamilton, who came over with his uncle Hance Hamilton in 1729, have an old Bible which has written on the flyleaf, 'We landed at New Castle, Delaware, 24 August 1729.' 'We were the one hundred and forty families led into the Manor of the Masque by Hance Hamilton…" John Simple [Sample] is on this list.
  8. Patrick Hogue (Samples). The Samples / Semples Family.

    6th great grandparent

    Hereditary Sempill Lords of Blackburn, Kirkhouse, and Long Dreghorn & Clan Sempill

    A Yeoman would not normally have less than 100 acres (40 hectares)

    In social status is one step down from the Landed Gentry, but above, say, a husbandman.

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    1761. ____ Deed. William Reynolds of Worchester County, MD, yeoman, to James Reynolds of Green Branch in Broadkill Hundred, yeoman, part of a 218 acre tract called "Good Luck" which was granted to Anderson Parker, Esq of county aforesaid by warrant dated at Philadelphia, 14 Feb 1739. Sold by Anderson Parker to Samuel Samples of Sussex County, DE, yeoman, 4 May 1741. Samuel Samples conveyed to Thomas Massey, yeoman of Sussex, 7 May 1745. Thomas Massey conveyed same to William Reynolds, first aforesaid on 2 May 1756, 100 acres adjoining the remainder of the tract called "Part Good Luck" conveyed by the sd William Reynolds to Joseph Okey, Richard Reynolds and Henry Reynolds. Wit: Jacob Kollock, Jr, Burton Waples. Ack: 6 May 1761. (Sussex County Deed Book I, p 321 as cited in "Land Records of Sussex County DE, 1753-1763" Brewer, p 136.) [Note: In 1764 William Reynolds, of Sussex yeoman, sold to Beede Becket, of same, laborer, part of "Good Luck" (see Sussex County Deed Book K, p 60, and cited in Land Records of Sussex County, DE, 1763-1769" Brewer, p23.]

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    page 456

    *Vol. 2 p.456 - Page 444.--1767-1768: Processioned by Robt. Cravens and Jeremiah Harrison: For Daniel Smith, for Lennard Herren, for Samuel Sample, for Thomas Harrison, for John Harrison, for Wm. Snaddone, for John McClure, for Saml. Briggs, for John McGill, for John Fowler, for Saml. Hemphill, for Jeremiah Harrison, for William Gregg, for Pat. Guin, for Jno. Cravens, for Robt. Cravens, for Daniel Love, for Daniel Harrison, for John Brown, for David Ralston, for John Hinton, for Vaulintine Saveyer, for Francis Hughes, for Alex. Harrison, for James Fowler, for Edward Shanklin, for Jennett McDonald, for Alex. Miller, for Jno. Hardman, for Henry Ewen (Erven), for William Ervin, for Andw. Ervin, for Walter Crow, for Michael Waren, for John Curry.

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    During the same second half of the 18th century there was a James and Sarah Sample in Frederick County, probably the son and daughter-in-law of Samuel Sample, who first appears in the 1750's when he received a Fairfax grant of 400+ acres in Frederick Co.

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    GENDER: Male
    BIRTH: 1694 - Waterford, Ireland
    DEATH: 1776
    PARENTS: FATHER: Samuel Semple

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    James Shanks, father of Holden Shanks and James Shanks, Jr., lived in Augusta County, Virginia and North Carolina. Both sons born in Augusta County, and both were in the Revolutionary War from North Carolina. James Shanks, Sr. died in Green County, Tennessee.

    Holden Shanks married 1st, Elender Sample in 1784. They had five children. (See copy from Shank’s Bible, below.) He married 2nd, Jane Campbell in 1797. Elender had only been dead a short while and he had three children: Adam C. Shanks, Pegg Shanks, and Sally Shanks.


    Holden Shanks, born March 22, 1757
    Elender Shanks, born Dec. 6, 1758


    Martha Car. Shanks, born Sept 1785
    Jane Crothers Shanks, born Dec 3rd, 1787
    Moses Sample Shanks, born July 9th, 1789
    James Shanks, born June 9th, 1791
    Elender Shanks, born June 18th, 1795

    This Bible record was copied by Mrs. Z. R. Peterson for the DAR from the Henshaw family at Waco, Texas. It is recorded in files from the Michigan Book Bible Records.

    Early Tennessee Taxpayers, Washington County 1787, No. 680
    Holden Shanks – 1 white poll

    Greene County, Tennessee Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1785-1796. Page 409

    One other from John Gibson to Holden Shanks dated August 10th, 1795 for two hundred and twenty six acres of land was duly sworn. Proven by oath of David Russell and admitted to record.


    Samuel Sample, Augusta County, Virginia, will dated 1776. Wife’s name Ann - - - -.

    Moses Sample, born 1736/37, son of Samuel and Ann Sample, was in the Revolutionary War from Augusta County, Virginia. As a patriot, he furnished supplies. He married Ruth Wood, daughter of William Wood. Moses Sample died Jefferson County, Tennessee in 1824. The children of Moses and Ruth (Wood) Sample were:

    (1) Elender Sample, b. 6 Dec 1758, m. 1784, Holden Shanks
    (2) Ruth Sample, m. Samuel Norwood
    (3) Polly Sample, m. Mr. Kirkpatrick
    (4) Agnes Sample, m. Mr. Kirk
    (5) Ann Sample, m. Mr. Blackburn
    (6) Elizabeth Sample, m. Jacob Crider
    (7) Matthew Sample
    (8) William Sample
    (9) daughter married a Mr. Roberts

    William Woods, father of Ruth Woods, who married Moses Sample, died 1779 in Augusta County, Virginia.