Person:Robert Bartlett (1)

Robert Bartlett
b.27 May 1603 England
m. 6 Oct 1589
  1. Lydia Bartlett1590 - 1612
  2. Ruth Bartlett1591 -
  3. Mary Bartlett1594 -
  4. Edith Bartlett1595/96 -
  5. Martha Bartlett1598 -
  6. Richard Bartlett1600/01 -
  7. Robert Bartlett1603 - 1688
  8. John Bartlett1605/06 -
  9. Elizabeth Bartlett1607/08 -
  • HRobert Bartlett1603 - 1688
  • WMary WarrenAbt 1610 - Aft 1678
m. 28 Mar 1634
  1. Benjamin BartlettAbt 1625 - Abt 1691
  2. George BartlettAbt 1632 - 1669
  3. Rebecca BartlettBef 1634 - Aft 1657
  4. Sarah BartlettAbt 1634 - 1680
  5. Mary BartlettAbt 1634 - 1692
  6. Joseph BartlettAbt 1638 - 1712
  7. Elizabeth BartlettAbt 1643 - 1712/13
  8. Lydia Bartlett1648 - 1691
  9. Mercy Bartlett1649/50 - Aft 1668
  10. Mary Bartlett1651 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert Bartlett
Gender Male
Birth? 27 May 1603 England
Christening? 27 May 1603 Puddletown, , Dorset, England
Alt Marriage 22 May 1627 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Warren
Marriage 28 Mar 1634 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USAto Mary Warren
Death? 5 Nov 1688 Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Burial? Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
Ancestral File Number 4JFP-SL

From The Bartlett Manuscript by J. Alonzo Mahews

"Robert Bartlett, the fist of the names in America was born in 1607, in Sussex, England, and was no doubt a descendant of William the eldest son and heir of Stopham. He came of the the ship "Anne" [sic] the second after the Mayflower in 1623 when he was twenty-seven years old. (Date change). His name is inscribed with one hundred others, on a shaft at Hartford Center Church, the oldest in the state of Massachusetts, as one of the first settlers of Hartford. He married Mary, daughter of Richard Warren, one of the signers of the compact for the Mayflower. His son Benjamin was born in 1656, and married Sarah, daughter of Lane Brewster, who was a son of Elder Brewster one of the Pilgrim Fathers who came over on the Mayflower and had several children...."

From The Society of Descendants of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, Mass. web page

The ancestry of Robert Bartlett is still unproven. In 1959, John G. Hunt, B.S.C., of Arlington, VA wrote an article which appeared in The American Genealogist (Volume 35, page 214). Mr. Hunt's article, entitled Possible origin of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth suggested that Robert Bartlett "may well have been that Robert Bartlett baptized in 1603 at Puddletown."

In 1979, Paul W. Prindle, F.A.S.G. expanded on the work originated by John Hunt. Mr. Prindle's article, which appeared in The American Genealogist (Volume 55, page 164), was entitled The Probable Ancestry of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth. In this article Mr. Prindle identifies Robert as being the son of Robert & Alice (Barker) Bartlett, who was baptized 27 May 1603 at Puddletown, County Dorset, England.

The main line of the Bartlett Family in England originated in Stopham in County Sussex. The family lived there since the days of William the Conqueror. Prior to the articles above cited, it was believed that Robert came from Sussex because the fireback, used in the house he built, was thought to have come from the Sussex Ironworks. This fireback has recently been discovered to have come from the Saugus Ironworks in Saugus, Massachusetts. Ongoing work in England has lead to the belief that the Puddletown Bartletts are a branch of the Bartletts of Sussex.

Robert Bartlett came to Plymouth Colony aboard the ship "Ann" in July 1623. Among the other passengers on this ship were his future wife, Mary Warren, daughter of Richard Warren.

Richard Warren had preceeded his family to New England, arriving on the "Mayflower" in 1620.

Robert Bartlett and Mary Warren were married in Plymouth in 1628. The young couple built their home south of the Warren estate between Eel River and the Pine Hills. There they raised their family of eight children, our ancestors.

He came to Plymouth in 1623 and was one of the first purchasers of land in Dartmouth.

From Savage's Genealogical Dictionary

ROBERT, Plymouth, came in the Ann, Ju]y 1623, m[arried]. 1628, Mary, d[aughter]. of Richard Warren, had Benjamin; Joseph, b[orn]. 1638; beside six d[aughter]s.; Rebecca, m[arried]. 20 Dec. 1649 William Harlow; Mary, m[arried]. 10 Sept. 1651, Richard Foster, and next, 8 July 1659, Jonathan Morey; Sarah, m[arried]. 23 Dec. 1656, Samuel Rider of Yarmouth; Elizabeth m[arried]. 20 Dec. 1661, Anthony Sprague, of Hingham; Lydia, b[orn]. 8 June 1647, m[arried]. James Barnaby, and next John Nelson, of Middleborough; and Mercy, b[orn]. 10 Mar. 1651, m[arried]. 25 Dec. 1668, John Ivey of Boston. He was of the first purch[aser]. of Dartmouth, and d[ied]. 1676, aged 73; and his wid[ow]. m[arried]. 24 Oct. 1692, or 1699, Thomas Delano. Unhap[pily]. both y[ea]rs. are giv[en]. in Winsor's Hist[ory].

... Of this name Farmer found, in 1834, sixteen gr[aduated]. at Harv[ard]. eight at Yale, and thirty-one at the sev[eral]. other coll[eges] of N[ew]. E[ngland].

From the Bartlett Society

Over the years many accounts of his ancestry have been brought forth, based on the flimiest of evidence. None have accurately accounted this gentleman's pedigree and it reamins today still a mystery.

He may perhaps be the Robert Bartlett bap. 27 May 1603 at Puddletown, Co. Dorset, England. If so, he would be the son of Robert and Alice (Barker) Bartlett. He d. in Plymouth, betw. 19 Sep 1676 (the date of his will) and 29 Oct 1676 (the date his will was proved).

Robert Bartlett arrived on the "Anne" in 1623 and received one acre in the 1623 Division of Land. He was in the [earliest] 1633 list of Freemen. On 1 Jul 1633 Mrs. Warren and Robt. Bartlet were to mow where they did last year, implying a marriage to Mary by 1632 or earlier. He m. after 22 May 1627, perhaps in 1629 Mary Warren, b. England ca. 1610; d. Plymouth 27 March 1683 in 73rd yr.; daughter of Pilgrim Richard Warren and his wife Elizabeth.

On 27 Jun 1659 Robert Bartlett took a lease for 10 years of the lands of his late son-in-law Richard Foster. On 4 Mar 1673/4 Mary Bartlett the wife of Robert Bartlett acknowledged that she had received full satisfaction for her share of the estate of Mistris Elizabeth Warren Deceased. On 14 Jul 1670 Robert Bartlett, wine cooper of Plymouth deeded land to son in law James Barnabey, cordwainer and dau. Lydia Barnabey his wife. The will of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, dated 19 Sept. 1676, proved 29 Oct. 1676, gave all his estate to his wife to dispose among his children. On 6 March 1676/7 letters of administration were granted unto Mary Bartlett and Joseph Bartlett to administer the estate of Robert Bartlett, dec. On 13 Feb 1677 (with acknowledgment dated the same day) Mary Bartlett widow of Robert Bartlett deeded all the estate to her son Joseph Bartlett. In 1683 (no date mentioned) Benjamin Bartlet Sr. of Duxborough and Joseph Bartlet of Plimouth, yeoman, confirmed that their father Robert Bartlet of Plymouth in his will made a bequest to William Harlow Jr. of Plymouth his gradson, 50 acres of land in Plymouth and that their mother Mary Bartlett now deceased did during her widowhood affirm the gift.

Robert was a Cooper (barrel maker) and both he and Mary came to Plymouth on the ship Ann in 1623. He probably died in Manomet and was buried in Plymouth Burial Hill Cemetery.

Baptism: 27 May 1603, Puddletown, Dorsetshire, England (?)

From Mayflower Descendant

Vol. 3, p. 106... in the five deeds signed by him after that date [1654] he is called either "cooper" or "wine cooper". He was evidently a man of good standing and highly respected, but was never dignified by the title "Mr.," and his public services were limited to occasional duty as a member of the grand jury, frequent service on trial juries, and several terms as surveyor of highways.

... in the tax lists of 1633 and 1634 his rate was nine shillings.

From The Bartlett Society newsletters

About 1628 Robert Bartlett and his new bride Mary Warren settled on the south side of the Eel River in Pymouth. Robert's original one acre plot, granted to him when he arrived on the Ann in 1623, was on the south side of the Eel River. In the First Division of 1627 each of the colonists was granted 20 acres of good land, "to be laid out five acres in breadth and four acres in length". Robert Bartlett, being single, received 20 acres, south of the Eel River. The Warren family, with two adults and seven children, recieved 180 acres. The land they were awarded, either by chance or by choice, was again on the south side of the Eel River. The Eel River's outlet into Plymouth Bay is still known as Warren's Cove.

Richard Warren died in 1628, leaving all his property and seven children in the capable hands of his widow, Elizabeth Warren. That same year Robert Bartlett married their eldest daughter, Mary Warren. The wise Widow Warren made a wedding gift of 20 acres of her land to the young couple, bringing their total holdings to 41 acres. They built a home near Warren's Cove, between the Eel River and the Pine Hills. Their home site, a plot 100X100 feet, with its stone monument, is now owned by the Bartlett Society.

Over the years Robert and Mary and their youngest son Joseph continued to accumulate land south of the Eel River. Joseph married Hannah Pope sometime after 1661/2... Her father Thomas Pope sold all his land in Manomet to Joseph Bartlett for the sum of 4L 10 sh. In 1853 Francis Bartlett wrote that Robert Bartlett and his family "probably owned the whole domain of the second parish of Plymouth called Manomet Ponds." One of the larger ponds is still called Bartlett Pond. In 1660 Robert and Joseph built a comfortable new home on Brook Road in Manomett...

One of the oldest and most remarkable mementos of our Bartlett heritage was destroyed by fire the evening of March 8, 2005. The Bartlett House at 34 Brook Road in Manomet, built by pilgrim Robert Bartlett and his son Joseph in 1660, burned to the ground. The house, a gambrel roof cape, was the oldest in Manomet and one of the oldest in Plymouth. It had been continuously occupied by descendants of Robert Bartlett since its construction 345 years ago.

... there is still a vacant plot of 27 acres between Bartlett Pond and Brook Road that remains in the family. It has been used as a pasture since colonial days, and is still known as the Bartlett Pond Pasture.

DNA Analysis

There are about ten distinct groupings of Bartlett families in America, of which the descendants of Pilgrim Robert is only one, or possibly two. But there are a number of Bartletts wo have been DNA tested and whose profiles match that of the pilgrim, but whose earliest known ancestors lived in Virginia, North Carolina, New York, etc., mostly during the 1700's. We now know they are descended from Robert Bartlett, but by what route we have as yet no clear idea.

BARTLETT, Robert, came in the "Ann" July, 1623; a cooper; shared in the division of cattle at Plymouth on May 22, 1627 [Plym. Col. Rec., 12:12]; freeman at the time of the incorporation of Plymouth in 1633 [Plym. Col. Rec., 1:4]; m. after 22 May 1627 (probably in 1628) Mary Warren (Richard and Elizabeth ______), b. about 1610 in England, d. a widow Mar. 27, 1683, aged 73 years [Plym. Ch. Rec., 1:250]; Mary's "marriage portion" was confirmed to him Mar. 7, 1637 [Plym. Col. Rec., 1:54]; d. 1676, aged 73 years. His will was proved Oct. 29, 1676, and bequeaths his whole estate to his widow. Administration of his estate was granted Mary and her son Joseph on Mar. 6, 1677 [Plym. Col. Rec., 5:220]. One source says that Hannah, widow of Robert Bartlett and daughter of Richard Warren, m. (2) Oct. 24, 1692/99 Thomas Delano (Philip and Esther Dewsbury), who had m. (1) Mary Alden (John and Priscilla Mullins); as Richard Warren of the Mayflower had no daughter Hannah, this is probably a reference to Mary, who would have been quite advanced in years at the time of this second marriage.

Robert Bartlett October 29, 1676 Plymouth Colony Wills 3(2):87

  1. P250

The Inventory of Robert Bartlett The Inventory of the estate of Robert Bartlett exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the 29th of October 1676 on the oath of Mary Bartlett widdow

L s d

Impr: his wearing Clothes 05 00 00

Item 2 bedds 2 bolsters and 5 pillowes 3 paire of blanketts 2 Ruggs 08 00 00

Item 5 paire of sheets and 3 paire of pillowbeers 05 06 00

Item 4 Napkins and a smale Table Cloth 00 06 00

Item 1 bed and bolster and a paire of blanketts and 2 Rugg and 5 paire of sheets 06 00 00

Item homspon Cloth 33 yards 05 00 00

Item silver mony 3L 03 00 00

Item 3 Iron potts and an Iron kettle a skillett a frying pan 01 05 00

Item pewter and spoones 00 08 00 *

Item one skillett and warming pan 01 00 00

Item 2 hakes 2 paire of pothookes and a spitt a paire of tongues and a driping pan 01 00 00

Item 4 Chests 01 00 00

Item bookes 00 07 00

Item 2 dwelling? houses and a barne vpland and meddow 100 00 00

Item meate Cattle 2 oxen 05 10 00

Itemm old Cart and wheels and a plow & Chaine Copprings and staple bolts and shakells donge forke pitch forkes syth and siekle 01 00 00

Item Cart Rope and horse Geires 00 05 00

Item 7 meat Cattle 12 00 00

Item 3 horse kind 1 mare 03 00 00

Item 2 smale swine 00 06 00

Item old lumber 01 05 00

Item an old saddle and a panell 00 10 00

Item debts due from the estate 01 17 00

Item debts due to the estate 06 11 06

Taken by vs Ianuary the 24th 1676

Ioseph Warren

Thomas Faunce

Plymouth Colony Wills, Vol. III part 2, f. 87.

  • [Probably 08, but could be 01.03.00.]

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The Anne and The Little James (1623)
The Anne and the Little James left England together, and arrived a week or so apart in Plymouth. Most of the passengers were probably on the Anne, as the Little James was smaller and carried mostly cargo.
Sailed: May(?) 1623 from an unspecified port in England under William Peirce (Master Anne), Emanuel Althan (Captain Little James), and John Bridges (Master Little James).
Arrived: 10 July 1623 (the Anne) and about 10 days later (the Little James) at Plymouth, Massachusetts
Previous Vessel: Weston's ships (Swan, Charity, Sparrow) (1622)
Next Vessel: Jonathan (1623)

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