Person:Elizabeth Walker (11)

m. Bef 1573
  1. Dorothy Walker1573 -
  2. Elizabeth Walker1583 - 1673
  3. Ann WalkerEst 1585 -
  4. Mary WalkerEst 1587 -
m. 14 Apr 1610
  1. Mary WarrenAbt 1610 - Aft 1678
  2. Ann WarrenAbt 1612 - Aft 1675/76
  3. Sarah WarrenBef 1613 - Aft 1696
  4. Elizabeth WarrenEst 1615 - 1669/70
  5. Abigail WarrenAbt 1619 - Aft 1693
  6. Nathaniel WarrenAbt 1624 - Bef 1667
  7. Joseph Warren1627 - 1689
Facts and Events
Name[1] Elizabeth Walker
Gender Female
Christening[6][7] Sep 1583 Baldock, Hertfordshire, England
Marriage 14 Apr 1610 Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, Englandto Richard Warren
Immigration[2] 1623 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesarrived on ship "Anne"
Death[1] 2 Oct 1673 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Burial[4] 24 Oct 1673 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

Elizabeth (_____) Warren arrived on the Anne in the summer of 1623 with her daughters Abigail, Anna, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah. The couple had two sons in New Plymouth, Nathaniel and Joseph. .... She has the unique distinction of having a law passed giving her "Purchaser" status (shareholder in the land ownership benefits of the colony) after her husband's death. She died in 1673 over ninety years old, "having lived a godly life, came to her grave as a shoke of corn fully ripe." (Plym. Colony Records, vol. 8 , p. 35)

From the Bartlett Society

Richard Warren died in 1628, leaving behind his wife, Elizabeth and seven children... Elizabeth Warren raised the children and managed the family's business affairs. All the children survived to adulthood, married and had large families. She died in 1673, above 90 years of age, a highly respected and admired member of the community. The descendants of Richard and Elizabeth Warren include such notables as Civil War general Ulysses S. Grant, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Alan Shepard, Jr....

Elizabeth Warren's parents and birthplace were unknown until Edward Davies discovered the missing pieces of the puzzle in December 2002. He found the will of Augustine Walker, dated April 1613, in the records of the Bishop of London;s Commissary Court, Essex and Herts, in which he mentions "my daughter Elizabeth Warren wife of Richard Warren," and "her three children Mary, Ann and Sarah". We know that the Mayflower passenger's first three children were named Mary, Ann and Sarah, making it a near certainty that Richard Warren of the Mayflower married Elizabeth Walker in Great Amwell, Hertford on 14 April 1610. The marriage record had long been known but no way had been found to tie it to the Mayflower passenger. Additional research is being sponsored by to see if anything further can be learned about the Warren and Walker families in England.

The 22 May 1627 Division of Cattle names Richard Warren, wife Elizabeth Warren, Nathaniell Warren, Joseph Warren, Mary Warren, Anna Warren, Sara Warren, Elizabeth Warren and Abigail Warren.

At the 7 March 1636/7 court it was agreed that Elizabeth Warren, widow, the relict of Mr. Richard Warren, deceased, was to be a "Purchaser" as she had performed the bargain after her husband's decease, and also for confirming the land formerly given by her to her sonnes in law Richard Church, Robert Bartlett and Thomas Little in marriage with their wives, her daughters.

In a codicil to his will dated 16 July 1667 Nathaniel Warren mentions his mother Elizabeth Warren. On 4 March 1673/4 Mary Bartlett, the wife of Robert Bartlett acknowledged she had received full satisfaction for her share of the estate of Mistris Elizabeth Warren, deceased; and John Cooke in behalf of all her sisters testified to the same. The court settled the remainder of the estate on Joseph Warren.

From Mayflower Descendant

In the tax lists... dated 2/12 January, 1632/3 and 2/12 January 1633/4, she was taxed twelve shillings and nine shillings respectively, to be paid in corn at six shillings per bushell.

... 1633, in the orders about mowing grass, Mrs. Warren and Robert Bartlett were assigned the place where they mowed the previous year, and "the marsh adjoyning, as high as Slowly Howse."

Widow Mary RIng, in her will... gave "unto mrs Warren one woodden cupp wth a foote as a token of my love."... Widow Warren's servant Thomas Williams was before the Court... 1635... for profane and blasphemous speeches.

... 1635/6, she was sued by Thomas Clarke for L15 damages, for a boat loaned to her and lost in Eel River in an extraordinary storm. The jury found for defendent but "for other considerations," which are not mentioned in the record, they awarded Clarke thirty shillings.

... 1652/3, Mrs. Warren became one of the purchasers of the tract of land which afterwards became the town of Dartmouth.

Mrs. Elizabeth Warren... lived to see at least seventy-five great-grandchildren. It seems impossible that her funeral should have been delayed for twenty-two days, and it is probable that there is an error in the record of her death...

"Mistris Elizabeth Warren and aged widdow aged above 90 yeares Deceased on the second of October 1673 whoe haveing lived a Godly life Cam to her Grave as a shok of Corn fully Ripe shee war honoralbey buried on the 24th of October aforesaid."[4]

No will or inventory of her estate, is known, the only record concerning the settlement of the estate being an order of the General Court...

"Mary Bartlett the wife of Robert Bartlett Came into this Court and owned that shee hath received full satisfaction for whatsoever shee might Claime as Due for the estate of Mistris Elizabeth Warren Deceased ; and John Cooke in the behalfe of all her sisters testifyed the same before the Court ; and the Court Doth hearby settle the remainder of the said estate on Joseph Warren to bee by him Injoyed without further mollestation or Disturbance from any of them."

The Anne and The Little James (1623)
The Anne and the Little James left England together, and arrived a week or so apart in Plymouth. Most of the passengers were probably on the Anne, as the Little James was smaller and carried mostly cargo.
Sailed: May(?) 1623 from an unspecified port in England under William Peirce (Master Anne), Emanuel Althan (Captain Little James), and John Bridges (Master Little James).
Arrived: 10 July 1623 (the Anne) and about 10 days later (the Little James) at Plymouth, Massachusetts
Previous Vessel: Weston's ships (Swan, Charity, Sparrow) (1622)
Next Vessel: Jonathan (1623)

~60 (Full List)
Families of earlier immigrants: Patience and Fear Brewster - Elizabeth (Walker) Warren and daughters - Hester (Mathieu) Cooke and her children - Bridget (Lee) Fuller - Margaret Hicks and her children - Wife and daughter of William Hilton - Frances Palmer - Joshua Pratt - Barbara Standish
Other Passengers: Anthony Annable (and family) - Edward Bangs - Robert Bartlett - Mary Bucket - William Bridges - Thomas Clark - Christopher Conant - Anthony Dix - John Faunce - George Morton (and family) - Godbert Godbertson (and family) - Timothy Hatherly - Edward Holman - John Jenney (and family) - Manasseh Kempton - Experience Mitchell - George Morton (and family) - Ellen Newton - Oldham, John, his wife and sister - Christian Penn - Abraham Pierce - Nicholas Snow - Alice (Carpenter) Southworth - Francis Sprague - Stephen Tracy, wife, and daughter - Ralph Wallen

Resources: Primary Sources: Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation - Mourt's Relation - Pilgrim Hall (wills and other contemporary documents)

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